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Reair of The Great Benefit of Having Retreats, Part 2 of 2, April 10, 2019



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So, thank God we can do it now, finally, helping them to go up and be totally free, not just go to somewhere on the Fourth Level, Fifth Level, and stay there, drinking tea for eons and kalpas, like Ganges [River] sands. But go up to Tim Qo Tu Land. They suffered long enough, don’t you think?

Oh man, so hot. It’s not hot? (No. It’s cooler tonight.) Oh really? All right. So, it must be the curry, the Indian, (Yeah.) that warmed me up. It tastes really good. I never ate this, what they call idli. Idli, right? (South Indian food. It’s actually rice and lentil base.) You have written the ingredients. It’s not just that; it’s the way you do it. And when combined with that soup, oh God! (I think this is the best thing happening in my life, Master. Thank You.) Thank you, thank you. Your family, lucky people. You cook for them like that every day? Lucky husband and kids. (I was reciting the mantra when I was cooking, Master.) Oh, you are reciting the mantra, right? No, you have hands, you have good hands. And last time, whatever this little flat and herby thing, what is that? (Vada. Vada, Master.) Normally, I don’t eat these fried stuffs. But it was really good, really good. That was really a nice surprise. I never ate this before. I have like maybe pakora vegetable, but this is special pakora. So beautiful because the herbs in it or it’s because it’s crunchy.

(It’s all from Your garden, Master.) Oh, yeah? (Yeah, the mint is from Your garden somewhere.) Oh, really? Wow! She can find something there. Thank you for your love that’s put into the food. (Thank You for Your unconditional love, Master.) It’s good. It’s your talent. You were sincere maybe, also. (Thank You, Master.) Go home, tell your family that I really am very envious of their position, their luck. (My husband also loves You so much, Master.) Yeah? (Yeah.) Good, good. OK, we continue.

On the scale of 100%, M contributes, if it’s me alone, or together with you, I would contribute 86% of this upliftment of the souls. And you, retreat attendees, contribute 6.1%. It’s not bad already. All of you share together, four thousand something people, each one is one nano comma nananananananano…01 percent or whatever. This is better than nothing! Otherwise, I have only 86%. You contributed during your retreat 6.1% together. Then it’s not bad already. Better than nothing. What do you expect from people like yourself?

But I am grateful. 6.1%, that is multiplying to 731 million, for example. You know, this is a lot. It’s a lot of souls. Otherwise, they would have been still laying in the hell or somewhere else. Very good. So, retreat is good. They thank you also. They always appear and thank me after I do retreat or something intensive, or sometimes, when they are liberated somehow in connection with me. They always appear, a whole jungle of people’s heads, this small, small like that -- men, women, children, old, young, wow, a lot, a lot of them keep moving in front of me. Even when I am not closing my eyes, I also see them sometimes, but when I close my eyes, it’s clearer. They just continue to appear. It’s a lot of millions here. And my vision, when I’m working or when I close my eyes, it is not that big. You can see, but even then, it’s 700-something millions. It’s a lot. It’s just like a summary, but mostly it’s not that many.

So, you contributed 6.1% to whatever it was. Together with me, 86%. So, from 100%, we together get 92.12% of this merit for these poor people, for these damned souls. And then the Original Godses from the whole Realm, They contributed 2.31% because They have very little to do with us, so They cannot contribute a lot. And then Cosmic Benevolent Beings, They contributed also 2.31%. My Reserve Power helped 3.26%. Then that adds up together with the Cosmic Beings and with the Godses, altogether is 7.88%. For that, my Reserve Power, an extra 3.26%. And the Cosmic is 2.31%; the Godses 2.31%; you, already told. I said, “Thank You, Cosmic Benevolent Beings, OU (Original Universe) Godses; all past Buddhas, Saints not able to help.” I wrote here. “Past, present Saints or Buddhas not able to help these souls.” They’re just too condemned, too heavy. They cannot help.

So, we did something. Not bad. Maybe the past and present Saints or Buddhas have no affinity with these souls and we have, somehow, long, long, long eons, kalpas ago, as many as the sands in the Ganges River. That’s why. So, thank God we can do it now, finally, helping them to go up and be totally free, not just go to somewhere on the Fourth Level, Fifth Level, and stay there, drinking tea for eons and kalpas, like Ganges [River] sands. But go up to Tim Qo Tu Land. They suffered long enough, don’t you think? (Yes.) It’s horrible to suffer so long. Even to be hungry ghosts, sometimes, I think of them and I cry. I say, my God, suffering, how much suffering to be a hungry ghost. Just like when you’re hungry and you cannot eat, imagine that. Try one, two days, then you’ll know what it’s like to be a hungry ghost. OK? Truly. So then, when I think of them like that, even if I’m not hungry, I try to eat something quick, so that the leftover, I can pick it and give some of it to them. So, thank you. Thanks all the Gods and Benevolent Cosmic Beings.

What is this? Oh, these are the things that I cannot write down. I just write how long, how much, and now I forgot what it was, how long and how much. I could not write down and I thought I’d write the number only, but then now I forgot what it is. Like I wrote “four months.” Four months for what? Or nine months for what? I should not write it. So, I just thought, “OK. It’s OK, I’ll write just the number how long it takes.” And now I forgot. I just see four months, nine months, three weeks, something like that. Never mind about that. What we don’t know won’t hurt.

OK then, thank you. (Thank You, Master.) I thought you would like to hear. So, now you heard. So, we meditate, OK? You’re happy? (Yes, Master.) Anything good you want to tell me, like experiences, or good questions, or something good? Today we can talk. If not, then we meditate. You want to talk? Oh, you? OK.

(Up by my tent, there was this big bird.) You saw a big bird outside? (Yes, and he was running around, and he went up the tree and he was looking at me. Then I had a big spider in my tent, too. Very big one like this. Yes, and a bunch of little lizards, some way up on the farthest.) They make you happy or something? (It does, the wildlife, they make me happier.) Oh yeah? Even the spider and the lizards? (Yes.) They’re special, right? Maybe, maybe they are special, that’s why. Everything is special here now. Yeah.

(Are we Your disciples probably before, when You were a Master, we also were there with You? Were we Your disciples?) Were you my disciples before? (Before, yes, when You were a Master before as well?) Who are “we” specifically? You? Oh, let me see. No, sorry. But some of the Taiwanese (Formosan) have been two times and couldn’t go up very far. I said, “This time, you must.” No need to be disciples before; maybe relatives, maybe friends, maybe concubines when I was king or something. There are some, some like that. Or maybe former husbands, wives, children. I’ve been here a long time. I’m old. A lot of relatives and friends and concubines, husbands, or wives. Shakyamuni Buddha had only 500; I had probably 5,000, 500,000 in some formerly, depends on the size of the country. And adding together, it’s so many. And from that, we have many extended relatives or children. Oh, a lot, a lot. My family is big, big. Maybe you were one of my relatives before, sister or something. Maybe that’s why your food tastes good to me, familiar. Habit, used to it already. Anyway, thank you. No need to search for the past. The present is good enough.

I’m telling you, even my present time here, I’m so busy already, how? It’s just incidentally, accidently that I sometimes had to know the past or see the past lives; otherwise, I’m not interested; I’m not really interested. It’s just sometimes, it appears to you in your vision or to your knowledge that somebody reported to me, then I know it; otherwise, I’m not interested. Or somebody asked me a question about whether or not I have anything to do with their country, then it comes out. I’m not interested; too many lifetimes and too much work. If you remember all that, you have no time for meditation, eat, sleep, looking for Master, reciting mantras, walk, sleep, eat; nothing. It’s still not enough to see all the Akashic records of your lifetimes on Earth or even on the other planets in our galaxy; a lot, a lot, a lot. But whoever came, I guess has affinity somehow, either acquaintances, or disciples, or relatives, friends. Enemies also a lot, and mostly stick around nearby to make trouble. That’s the price. I don’t blame them. It’s just very difficult to work with sometimes. They are very obstructive. It’s just like you want to rescue two, three people at the same time from the water, and then one of them keeps clinging to your throat or clinging to your arms. Just don’t let go, and it’s so difficult to take them all up. Already difficult many people with you, and they stick to your arms, or bite your arms, or wrap around your throat, something like that.

So, it’s not so easy to be a Master. In case you want to be one, be prepared. Your life as a family member already has enough trouble, not always smooth. With the moods and affection, and all kinds of personality conflicts in the family. And if you become a Master, you have a bigger family and more egos around, more conflicts; difficult. It’s doable; it’s just sometimes very suffocating, very suffocating and exhausting. Like you want to walk uphill, and people are rolling stones down your path, at the same time. It’s like that. It’s, physically speaking, very difficult. But mentally, spiritually, emotionally speaking, it’s still more difficult to prove. Any more questions?

(Master, I just wanted to offer my help with the dogs in the next few days if You want it.) No, thank you. It’s all right. (OK.) It’s all right. I just pray for my luck. It’s just like yesterday, I first came and they all like want to jump on me, that’s all, and the attendants. Today, it’s more relaxed now. Some days, it’s worse, some days, not. Or maybe some of the people are already gone and it’s less trouble. People who come, also bring trouble, not just the people who live around; they’re just adding on. More empowered, like an alliance. People, they have alliance with the groups of other people or some other race, even though they are not in the same country, they have their own connection everywhere, like a web. And when they come together, it’s more powerful; either destructive or constructive, it’s more reinforced. And sometimes, it’s very tiring, very suffocating. But what to do? No solution.

I just bear it. I do what I can. Not always possible to resolve everything, to dissolve everything. That’s the job. That’s the price to pay. I don’t see any Master, real high Master who has to work alone, not relying on anyone, or past Masters or Buddha or anything. I didn’t see any of them fare very well since the time at the beginning of the world. They didn’t fare well. It just looks like, maybe. Some look like, but some are very obviously not well.

Even if you, for example, you are a successor like in some big tradition and the Master was still alive, and you’re like a successor and all that, you still need to suffer a lot. Even the past Master may be helping you, but you still suffer a lot. That’s normal; it’s normal. Just some suffer more, some suffer less; some suffer physically only, some suffer all around. Physically suffering is obvious; everyone can see and maybe you have sympathy. But inside suffering is difficult for anybody to even see, or to sympathize with you, or help in any way. Very difficult to find unconditional people. If they were unconditional, I would be lighter. But they’re not; they’re just so very conditional. It’s not good, but I am stuck. I don’t have high level people come and helping me; very, very rare, and not for this job. It’s just the price to pay, cannot avoid. No problem.

All right, we meditate then. If no more opinions, meditate. Turn off the light, tuck, tuck.

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