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The Golden Thread of Wisdom That Lights the World, Part 2 of 4 - The Gift of Being Human

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In this episode, we will see how we should be grateful for our human body, as it offers a rare opportunity for spiritual advancement. Supreme Master Ching Hai also spoke of the priceless value of the human body in a lecture in Kaohsiung, Taiwan (Formosa) on May 9, 1989. “We are such small humans, yet the whole universe is within us. Can you believe it? Therefore, it’s correct to say that the human body is very precious. If we don’t know that we are so precious, it would be too pitiful. In the Bible, it is said, ‘What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul?’” Universal White Brotherhood: The Two Paths and The Ascending Way. “Pay attention to the smallest flicker of Light to find the unknown paths of Life. Hidden within are the Divine joys, descending from Heaven. The Earth is a place of Divine treasures, from which you benefit daily.” Spiritualism: The Body Is the Temple By Edgar Cayce. “Thy body is indeed the temple of the living God. Where in thy body, then, is the door through which - when ye open it - the Christ may come in, the Christ-Conscience? He is the Son of righteousness. He is the Sun of thy soul. He is the Maker, and thus through that awareness ye may make thy whole purpose one with Him - in thy sincerity.” Confucianism Analects: “Confucius said, ‘A gentleman with lofty ideals and a man of benevolence will never seek to live at the expense of injuring their virtue. They will even sacrifice their lives to preserve their virtue.’” Sant Mat Spiritual Gems By Hazur Maharaj Sawan Singh Ji (vegetarian): “His is a difficult task, for He gets no support from parents. The parents (Kal and maya) do not wish the entrant (Soul) to enter the University of Spirit (Tenth Gate or Third Eye) – what to say about contacting Nam. The parents (Kal and maya) allure him with easy temptations and create worries, sickness, and other adversities to confound his intellect. Their function is to keep the soul away from Nam. Slowly the entrant grasps the new position, and slowly the entrant realizes the true worth of his parents. Slowly he begins to dissociate from them, and slowly he takes the Guru as his real benefactor, and slowly he leaves the nine portals and makes his approach towards the tenth – to make contact with Nam and work on Nam.”
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