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Purpose in the Life Experience: From “Christ Consciousness” by Edgar Cayce, Part 1 of 2

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Internationally known clairvoyant Edgar Cayce was called “the sleeping prophet” due to the seemingly “deep sleep” he entered before he started a prophecy. He performed some 22,000 readings over four decades, from 1901 to 1944. Of these readings, more than 14,000 were recorded, ranging on topics such as reincarnation, oneness, the Akashic records (a library of all human events), ancient mysteries, universal laws, and the importance of meditation and prayer. Today, we will dive into Edgar Cayce’s profound elaboration on the purpose of our human existence on Earth, as he helps us to understand, or remember, that the Christ consciousness is something tangible and much closer to us than we can imagine – because it is within our own selves. We will also explore the alignment of our Earthly three-dimensional being. 
“Question: What is the main purpose of this incarnation? Answer: To glorify the Christ-Consciousness on the Earth - in the lives of those with whom ye come in contact, and to live the same thyself. Thus, the needs that this entity, as well as every entity (but this entity in its activities especially), be acquainted with, and walk of it in the way of life as manifest in the Christ.” 
“To be a channel of blessing to others is that purpose for which each soul has come into conscious activity in a material world. Thus, as you exercise these in relationship to the problems, you become strengthened to meet - physically, mentally, spiritually - those purposes He has given as to thy way of life in this material experience.” 
“Remember, MIND is the builder. Just as Father, Son, Holy Spirit; body, mind, soul. Then the Master - as the mind - is the way, is the how, that one becomes aware through application, through administration of the hopes, the desires, the faith of the soul itself. For, mind is of body and of soul, and when purified in the Christ-Consciousness it lives on and on as such.” 
“Remember, then, that all are tried as in the fires of self. For He has not willed that any soul should perish, but has with every temptation, every trial, prepared a way of escape. And they that are His, He will not allow to be tempted beyond that they are able to bear. Each soul, then, should gain this consciousness; that in HIM is the light, Him referring to that One that has been given into the world to become the Savior, the Redeemer of the world.”
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