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Selections from "The World’s Advance Thought" – a Periodical by Lucy A. Mallory (vegetarian): On Love, Part 2 of 2



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“Love is all sufficient to itself. Love makes perfect. When Love has become conscious in us, then is life joyous in all its expressions. Keep the mind filled with kind, loving thoughts and you will never be burdened. The Angels of the Lord will bless you! The difference between an Angel and a devil, is that the Angel makes a Heaven out of a hades, and the devil makes a hades out of a Heaven.” “Love knows. Love satisfies. Love yourself: Love is a Reformer. Love is the Creator. Love overcomes death. Love prevents old age. Love transforms all enmity. Love makes things intelligent. Love is the Door to Happiness. Love has a Universal Language. Love is Spiritual Understanding. Love never fails in any purpose. Love purifies everything it touches. Love is clairvoyant and clairaudient. Love things, and they will be beautiful. Love transforms all discords to Harmony. Love is a sure wrinkle eradicator (no charges). Love dissolves the veil between this world and the Spirit World.” “God now materializes to human comprehension. This is the Day of Judgment when the world begins to pay. When the killing ceases, contagious diseases will cease. God is the Triune-Light-in-One: the Light of Love, the Light of Intelligence, and the Light of Day. The opposite, or God's Shadow, is the triune-darkness-in-one: the darkness of hatred, the darkness of ignorance, and the darkness of night. Virtue grows and thrives in the first, and criminality in the last. Where Love rules, God rules; where hatred rules, the Shadow reigns. Where Wisdom is; God is there; where ignorance prevails, the Shadow is on top.” “There is a Glorious Time coming soon. The Lord is over all, and all disorder must now come into Heavenly Order! Keep a cheerful heart, and be quiet, and Heaven will be in control!”
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