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Selections from "The World’s Advance Thought" – a Periodical by Lucy A. Mallory (vegetarian): Evolution of Life, Part 1 of 2

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“The Spirited Monthly Newspaper – The World's Advance Thought” was a monthly periodical founded by Lucy A. Mallory in 1886. The paper’s motto was “Love is the way, the truth, and the life.” Mrs. Lucy Mallory contributed her own spiritual writings as well as the inspired contributions of others. Through this uplifting publication, Lucy Mallory highlighted themes that emphasized the “inner light” of the human being. She also advocated vegetarianism for its loving kindness to other beings. She once said, “Vegetarianism is becoming worldwide. We are not speaking of forced vegetarianism – that doesn't count. We are speaking of vegetarians who have adopted the humane diet because of a sense of justice to animals.” And also, “The animal is not soulless; it has the seeds of all human principles. Through the lower forms of life these seeds are dormant. Every human principle is there, but unborn, save the vital, the astral and the instrumental.” We now share with you selections from the periodical – “The World’s Advance Thought.” “Soul Communion is the unabridged Fountain of Wisdom, and those who enter this Sanctuary of Life will be blest with that which unfolds the Immortal Consciousness, where death is unknown. If the peoples of all the nations would unite in observing Soul Communion, Universal Peace would be established in the being of all and in the World Consciousness.” “Everything is moving Godward. We get according to our capacity to receive. The Spirit of Love leads directly to Heaven.” “The observance of Kindness to Animals is the greatest movement for the progress of the whole world. Everything, animate, and that which we call ‘inanimate,’ has life-force. This is why we are attracted to some things and persons and not to others.” “Spirit communication is a Fount of Golden Suggestions. To the aspiring and thoughtful they are a treasury of infinite possibilities and value. God is the Unselfish, Altruistic, Wise and Loving, Constructive Principle in Humanity; the devil is the ignorant, selfish, hateful, vicious, destructive lack of principle in Humanity.”
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