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Khordad Sal - der gesegnete Geburtstag des iranischen Propheten Zarathustra

Sprache:Persian (Farsi) (ففارسی)
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Zoroaster Spitama, who was called a prophet or messenger of God, lived on the steppes of Inner Asia. He was in communion with God, whom he called Ahura Mazda.

Zoroaster tried to awaken His people to a positive outlook on life; a life of righteousness, compassion and remembrance of highest God of all creation. Thus, the message He preached became known as the Religion of Good Conscience, or the Good Religion. Zoroastrianism is widely considered to be the first example of a monotheistic religion, highlighting a cosmic and ethical dualism. Furthermore, the principles of Zoroastrianism lead many to believe it is the world’s first ecological religion as followers believe in the purity and goodness of God’s creation and therefore try to preserve and take care of its natural beauty, such as rivers, lakes and trees.

Zoroastrians celebrate Zoroaster’s birth anniversary six days following the Spring Equinox, which in Persian culture is called Nowruz, the start of the New Year. According to Zoroastrian literature, the birth of Zoroaster was a miraculous one. Before His birth, His mother was visited by angels. When He was born, His face was shining, and all of nature, the trees, rivers and flowers, rejoiced. He did not cry like a normal child, but made a delightful sound of laughter.

Zoroaster received revelations through direct inner contact with Ahura Mazda, and angels called Amesha Spentas. He was told to protect and care for all the animals, and to keep the sacred fire, that is, the inner light of God. Another symbol of Ahura Mazda is the winged disc or sun.

Zoroaster wrote down poetic hymns in a collection called “Gathas,” the Hymns of Zoroaster. “I recognize Thee, O Mazda, in my thought, that Thou the First art the Last – that Thou art Father of Vohu Manah; when I apprehend Thee with mine eye, that Thou art the true Creator of Right, and art the Lord to judge the actions of life.”
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