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The nightmares caused by the abortions came to an end due to God’s infinite Grace and Spiritual Practice

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In a lecture aired on Supreme Master TV on September 20, 2021, Master said that abortion and killing hurts the world and brings disasters to people. I have real-life experiences of this.

I’m 61 years old. When I was 23, I had two abortions at the demand of my then mother-in-law. She thought that I was newly married and didn’t have enough financial standing to be able to raise a child.

As a country girl married into an urban family, I didn’t know much and could only follow my mother-in-law’s arrangements. Though I did not feel at peace, I didn’t consider abortion a big deal since I didn’t know or see the fetuses. However, for a few years after that, I felt depressed and very unhappy, as if a big stone was weighing down my heart. I wondered if it might have been due to the bad affinity with my mother-in-law. She raised all sorts of obstacles making life difficult for me. My marriage ended in a divorce.

At the age of 30, I had the fortune of finding Master and becoming Her disciple. Not long after initiation, I was able to fly freely to Heaven and hell. I knew a lot of things and even visited my dead relatives and friends.

I also saw the two babies that I lost — a boy and a girl. They had grown up and had been staying around me. When I was in samadhi, the girl came to me, crying that she was bullied and her nails were ripped, causing unbearable pain. She kept crying, “Mommy, it hurts.” The boy also came, saying that he was starving and suffering very much. He blamed me for not giving birth to him.

I was frightened and anguished. I meditated more and prayed for Master to take care of them and help them. One day, the girl, in a beautiful formal dress, came to tell me happily that Master had taken her to a lotus hall to practice spiritually. The boy also came to bid farewell. He said that he was on the way to be reincarnated in China and that he’d get initiation and practice spiritually after he grew up.

The nightmares caused by the abortions finally came to an end. I’m so blessed to have met Master. She saved my life which otherwise would have been stuck in a cul-del-sac, not being able to move forward or backward to find a way out. One who doesn’t practice spiritually would not be as blessed as I am. Truly, abortion is a no, no, no, for there will be retribution and debt to pay. Ming-Ya from Taiwan (Formosa)

True Ming-Ya, Your story brought tears to our eyes, as we read of the agony felt by you and the aborted children. We are grateful that you have bravely shared this experience of yours so others may learn and not suffer as you and your babies have. Our heartfelt thanks. May the Heavens shine brightly on you, those you love and the kind Taiwanese (Formosan) people, thus bringing much joy and tranquility. In Universal Peace, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master’s loving support is conveyed in this reply to you: “Sweet Ming-Ya, this happy resolution of a past tragedy is due to God’s infinite Grace as well as your deep faith, sincere prayers, remorse, and devotion. Without the Almighty’s compassionate, forgiving power and spiritual practice, we all remain lost in this world. Much Love to you and your precious little ones. I embrace you and pray that the Divine Light within all beings may illuminate the path forward and bring good fortune to you and serene Taiwan (Formosa).”
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