Viacdielny seriál o starodávnych predpovediach o našej planéte

Viacdielny seriál o starodávnych predpovediach o našej planéte: Proroctvo Zlatého veku, 175. časť – Proroctvo o pravom Spasiteľovi od Seishi Onisabura Deguchiho (vegetarián)

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“Small-scale Savior advents were in the past, but large-scale true Savior advents are now...” “As a result, the great Judgment, the general cleaning, and the great washing of malicious demons and evil entities has started...”

In our last episode, we contemplated Seishi Onisaburo Deguchi’s prophecy that the World Savior would have the extraordinary mission of saving countless beings by manifesting in various Saintly forms over the ages. We were able to connect Seishi’s words with what we know about Supreme Master Ching Hai, who is surely the very Savior spoken of in his revelations.

I do anything or I incarnate anywhere, it’s all because of the working together with the universal plan and the karmic pattern of the world in that specific time. (Yes, Master.)

(Does that mean that no matter what profession you are, you’ve always been here to save the souls and bring them back to Heaven?) Yes, and to leave some traces of blessing from the Divine to prepare humans and others for higher evolution. (I understand.) To help to raise their consciousness. Even to teach openly or not. But most of the time on this planet, it has never been such a big and wide and broad teaching like this time. Mostly, for example, the teaching – just a region or some maybe couple of hundreds of thousands of disciples, for example, but never the whole world like this.”

After countless lives, all dedicated to saving souls through a myriad of ways, the time has come today for the Savior to do the unprecedented: a final great Salvation on an unparalleled scale.

“Small-scale Savior advents were in the past, but large-scale true Savior advents are now...”

“Many Masters come and go from the Fifth Level, and cannot do much. They can only help a group of people of their own disciples. But to lift the whole world and to save the whole planet, it is another matter.”

“As a result, the great Judgment, the general cleaning, and the great washing of malicious demons and evil entities has started...”

It’s the Final Judgement time. Everybody knows that. But because of the leniency of Heaven, we are still here. But many, many disasters to warn humankind. Just to give them the last ever chance to U-turn, to repent, to get the blessing to all be liberated.”

All this is just cleaning and warning, but humans, if don’t change, then it’s going down.

“I ordered 2,000 plus strong to drag them all out. ‘Drag them, these bad invisible beings to hell as well. This planet is not for you. It’s not for these zealous and bad demons, and ghosts. It’s for the living beings only. All troublemakers must go, go, go, go, go.’

Another line is: ‘This is Final Judgment time. Some of those who die in pandemic are also long-term demonic workers.’ (Oh, wow!) ‘They’re torturers of innocents.’ (Yes, Master.) Not all of them are possessed by demons.

‘After the possessed bodies die in disasters or diseases, zealous demon spirits dragged to hell.’ Those who are coerced, forced, or are threatened to cooperate with the zealous demons and made into one of them, but they are coerced and they repent, ‘will be saved by Tim Qo Tu to safe New Realm.’”

“The Spirit of Mizu [Savior] has the role of investigating the good and evil of the gods.”

“The Third Level god, he was jealous. I replaced him already, so, it’s better now. But at that time, he was like in competition with me. He’s worried that I gain so much. I said, ‘Why’d you do this?’

He (a demon) works directly with the Third Level god. (Yes.) He said, ‘We didn’t want to do it, but all the Shadow Worlds are losing souls all the time. And then soon, what would happen to us? We will have no more souls, no more citizens.’ I said, ‘You don’t have to, or you change. You follow me and all the souls will be in Paradise. (Yes.) You can reign forever. I don’t compete with you.’ But he said, ‘Then we don’t have the power over the 93.9 worlds.’ Oh, such a greed. (Wow.)

I told that being, ‘You have to change. Otherwise, I have to dethrone you. You have a choice.’ He still didn’t want, so I said, ‘OK, you must go.’ (Yeah. Good.) ‘Go and live with maya. There you get on well with each other.’

I’ve no sympathy. They can stay there forever. Truly. Because they have been wreaking misery and suffering on many worlds already, long, long ever, you cannot even count. (Wow.) They can stay in hell, locked forever. Whoever this time doesn’t repent, then will be locked forever. (Yes, Master.)”

The Divine work of drastically washing and cleaning the whole world is, in fact, neither easy nor glorious. In fact, to be entrusted with such a task, the Savior must have exceptional humility along with mighty Power. As Seishi Onisaburo Deguchi said:

“Humans cannot be of service to the true God unless they have such a frame of mind as to clean the lavatory with delight.”

“At that time I had no disciples. Any temple accepts me, I am the disciple of that temple, clean the toilet, clean the wall, clean the hall.”

“You clean the restrooms, just like me. I grew up cleaning toilets. Yes, I cleaned restrooms when I was learning in India. Later, when I was with the monks, I still cleaned the restrooms.”

“After we had meditated, Master called us again and told us that this was a good day, and we should go to a certain place at 2:00 PM. and meditate until 9:00 PM. This was unusual, and we would never have expected what happened next. She called us after about four hours and said we had meditated enough. Upon returning to our rooms, we noticed that something was different. One of the senior monks came out and asked what was going on — someone seemed to have taken a shower in his bathroom. We then realized that what had actually occurred was that Master had come and cleaned all of our bathrooms!”

“Every day I cleaned the yard and I wiped the steps, the staircase, and was feeling very happy that I am cleaning the steps, the footsteps of the saints, cleaning the dirt from the foot of the saints. I was very happy to do that. In any ashram, if I have a chance to work, I always feel very happy, feel privileged and feel lucky. Feel something inside, that’s not obligation. Feel very, very willing, do it with love, and with appreciation.”

In the allegorical stories Seishi told, a Goddess named Kin-Katsu-Kane-no-Kami appears in golden light from head to toe, yet She is called “the God of Lavatories” for the sufferings and tribulations She had undergone since She was abandoned in a lavatory. With Her ascetic practices over, She manifested Herself in the physical world to carry out great Divine work.

(Master, You’ve had so many missions on various planets. Why is it that You did not delegate to anyone else, but took on these missions personally?) You mean come down here? (Yes, You personally came.) Because they are not me. They’re not me. They don’t always want to volunteer to go down here.”

“If you ask any Heavenly beings, whether or not they would like to come here just for a few days, for fun, they will shake their head. (Yes.) They don’t like it. They look upon our world like a septic tank. (Yes.) And the things we eat here, even very delicious and we think it’s wonderful and all that, for them it’s like garbage.

Similar to some Masters. They have to really forget Heaven in order to stay on Earth. They really have to forget Their status in order to be a human. So, a lot of pressure.”

“Besides, people these days are enthusiastic about aiming higher for better positions, but they must be able to enjoy beautifying dirty places if they are ever selected to serve God. Otherwise, it would be utterly impossible for them to be entrusted with the Divine work of drastically washing and cleaning the universe.”

“We use both physical and spiritual strength to beautify our life, and to beautify wherever we go, whether it’s the hell, whether it’s the Earth, whether it’s Heaven, we make all into Heaven. That’s our job. That’s the way we have to be. I think that’s the way of a saint.”

“(Tonight in the worldwide meditation, I noticed that all those who participated in the meditation were connected together by lines of light energy. This concentrated energy covers the entire Earth and gradually becomes more extensive, more powerful and brighter. And this is the energy of the Master Power that is uplifting and purifying the world.

In this meditation, I saw two big vertical light channels standing on Earth. One was the energy of our supplications (requests) for uplifting the world, which was going up and was connected to the Higher Heavens and Worlds. The other channel was for bringing down the help of Heaven to save the world. In this channel, there were various medicines, vaccines, new inventions, and new foods to replace animal products, that were floating in the Light and coming down to Earth in order to bring about the vegan world. I hope that this meditation manifests World Peace as soon as possible.)”

“Giving joy and peace to all in the universe forever, the Savior builds a spiritual Kingdom leading to the Divine bliss and blessings on Earth...”

I have created a special area, a special spiritual land for all of you and whoever, under the wings, under my wings. (Thank You, Master!) The Fifth Level is only a station that you go to, and then you’ll be whisked to a very special area beyond, better than the Fifth Level. (Wow!)

It’s not the Original Universe but it’s very special. Beyond and above the Fifth Level, better. Special place. And we will be happy together there forever. (Thank You, Master!) Just be helpful to the world, do your best, unconditionally, then you will get there, with me. (Thank You, Master.)”

(Master, about this place that You created, where is it, exactly?) It is between the 11th Level and the Ihôs Kư, in that buffer zone. And lots and lots and lots of souls, who have been so-called rescued by Tim Qo Tu, since time immemorial. Since a long time, they all went up there, the worthy ones. And it is better than any other universe, OK? (Thank You, Master.)”

(Could Master talk more about the New Spiritual Realm? How is it? And how people are? And what do they do there?) Oh, I don’t know how to describe it in our language, actually. Wait until you get there, then you’ll know. They’re so free, so blissful, and there’s nothing we can talk about it. (Yes, Master.) Even the Fifth Level, cannot say already. Just say they’re brilliant with Light and they’re so incredibly beautiful and so free. They just exist. And they do what they want to do. (We’re excited to find out, Master.) Yeah, yeah. Not so long anyway, our life. Just a few decades. So, be patient, man, patient.”

All beings on this planet, as long as I live, as long as your Master lives, She will uplift them all to the New Land, but gradually; depends. But at least they’re liberated. They’ll be liberated in any case. Then they will go to the New Land, finally.

You see, the ones who will be uplifted to the New Land are the virtuous, the repentant, the charitable, the true religious followers, and the followers of your Master, of course, in their hearts. And not all are officially initiated; not all can make it. But if they’re sincere in their hearts and if some sinners they repent, they can also go.”

We are deeply grateful to Seishi Onisaburo Deguchi for his outstanding and truth-filled prophecies, that have cautioned us about the dangerous waters we now tread while pointing us to the only ship of salvation.

The time for God’s Kingdom has come, and the True Savior has appeared as the Merciful Supreme Master Ching Hai! With infinite gratitude for Her Loving Presence, and for the honor to be born in the same pivotal era, we sincerely wish that by Her Grace and Guidance, all beings shall live in harmony and happiness forever. May the peaceful vegan world of our prayers manifest as soon as possible!

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