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Proroctvo Zlatého veku, 168. časť – Proroctvo o pravom Spasiteľovi od Seishi Onisabura Deguchiho (obhajca vegánstva)

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“Haya (Kamu) Susanoo no Mikoto is the Spirit of Mizu, an Angel of Heaven to exterminate evils, and the Savior of this world. This God takes upon Himself the various sins of Heaven and Earth.”

In our previous episodes, we discovered an amazing prophecy from Seishi Onisaburo Deguchi of Japan, that the World Savior would come in our era, and that one of Her tasks would be to abolish meat-eating. This would be a priority for the Savior, as part of Her Mission to clean up humans’ “filthy” ways of living. Seishi foretold the following:

“To change this evil world into an eternal and Divine kingdom, God has sent down the Spirit of Mizu [Savior].”

In Seishi’s prophecies, the True Savior is also called “the Spirit of Mizu.” “Mizu” in Japanese means “Purity” and “Water,” and Master’s name “Ching Hai” in Chinese means “Pure Ocean.” Thus, “Mizu” and “Ching Hai” are two names in different languages but carry the same meaning.

‘Ching Hai’ is actually not just my name. It’s a name given, and it symbolizes the Pure Ocean of Love. That is in your heart, in everyone’s heart, in all beings’ hearts. You can see that through all the charitable deeds all over the world, by individuals, by groups, organizations, with or without recognition. The ocean, it tolerates everything. However much water went into it, it still stays, and it still holds. It holds the way it holds all beings under its care. It holds like God holds us in Hiers arms with all love, whether or not we recognize it, whether or not we realize that love or not.”

In Seishi Onisaburo Deguchi’s book “The Divine Signposts,” the Spirit of Mizu is depicted as full of compassion, taking sins from everywhere to redeem souls.

“Haya (Kamu) Susanoo no Mikoto is the Spirit of Mizu, an Angel of Heaven to exterminate evils, and the Savior of this world. This God takes upon Himself the various sins of Heaven and Earth.”

In our era, Supreme Master Ching Hai is the Ocean of Love that accepts the sins of countless beings in order to elevate them. Master indeed is the Spirit of Mizu, the Savior entrusted by Heaven to carry out the Divine Plan of redemption for the trapped beings of the lower realms.

“The Spirit of Mizu is the Savior who redeems the various sins of Earth and hell. With His tears He redeemed the human beings on Earth from their various sins, taking the sins upon Himself instead. In hell He redeemed the various spirits from their sins with His blood; and taking on Himself their sins, He became their Savior.”

“(One day, in the inner realm during my meditation, I experienced Master, Sister Xuechen, and myself having a three-person get-together in Heaven. Master doted on us. It felt like a heartwarming homecoming. Suddenly, however, I saw knife wounds appear on Sister Xuechen’s legs. To rescue the livestock industry and fishery personnel in hell who have repented, she was taking on their leg-knifing punishment. One slash wound after another emerged on her legs. Her face was covered with fleshy lacerations from whiplashing. Her wrists and ankles bore the red marks of someone who has been tied up and hung upside down.

Sister Xuechen had once made a vow to help Master bear some karma of the world. I knew her as a loyal and devoted practitioner and was distraught to see her being injured so badly. But Sister Xuechen consoled me: ‘It’s all right, it’s not much. Master takes on much more.’

I then turned to look at Master, and saw that Master’s transformation body had undergone a shocking change. She was covered with knife wounds, burn marks, and branding scars. 90% of Her body was burnt. She was oozing a whitish liquid in spots, and much of Her skin was either scalded, charred, or inflamed. Her face, which was smiling only moments ago, was now a mosaic of seared, disintegrating flesh. I lifted Master’s sleeves and saw that Her arms were full of circular branding marks imprinted by iron fire tongs. Her once beautiful mouth had been slit and pulled out of shape by fishing hooks.

Seeing Master taking on such severe hell punishments to save the animal-people and fish-people killers who have repented, who have repented, I was in a state of shock and began to cry in anguish. I felt as if my heart was being torn apart. My shirt was soaking wet from my own tears. Master said to me with infinite compassion: ‘There is no end to the sufferings of this world. As long as sentient beings suffer, I too will suffer.’)”

“As long as there is suffering, as long as there’s no lasting peace, the Master still has to carry on the burden of karma. And all Masters always do it willingly and lovingly, so there is nothing to it.”

“(All the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of Heaven were also weeping in agony over Master’s unfathomable suffering. I have heard on Supreme Master Television Master promising the people involved in the livestock-animal-people-raising and fishing industries that if they repent, She will certainly save them, but I did not know that She would have to suffer for them in the Incessant Hell to do so.)”

“Dear all animal meat business persons, groups, and livestock factory owners: […]

Please U-turn now. No one there will be helping you if you are in hell. Repent now when you still have a chance. Make it over. Begin a new life. I promise to intervene with Heaven on your behalf. I will be there to help you. I have enough power, but you must U-turn and repent.

“(Livestock farmers often use red-hot iron tongs to brand cow-people and pig-people without anesthesia. To liberate the repentant cow-people and pig-people branders from hell, Master has to endure Herself the same excruciating pain. As for the repentant souls who used fishhooks to fish when they were alive, whether as a hobby or for profit, Master also has to have Her mouth punctured and disfigured in hell to save them.

It is stated in Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva’s Sutra: ‘Father and son, or close relatives, all are on distinct paths. Even if they meet, they will not be willing to pay for each other’s sins.’ Thus, as tightknit as fathers and sons are, they dare not, or will not, take on the tortures of hell for each other. A Master, on the other hand, is the true ‘Father of Mercy,’ who treats all sentient beings as His own flesh and bone. If one repents and U-turns, Master will save him or her without regard for Her own suffering. Not only that, but Master is forever downplaying Her sufferings as if they are nothing. That is unconditional, fearless True Love! Master is the eternal Parent of all beings, always waiting anxiously on the other shore for Her lost or wayward children to return. The tears She has shed for the sinning and suffering sentient beings of the world would certainly fill more than the four oceans!

I bow in deep gratitude to the Ultimate Goddess of Mercy, Supreme Master Ching Hai. I pray that all who are involved in killing will turn around quickly. I also pray that all will hurry up and lay down that piece of meat, be vegan, do good, and choose the right path away from hell.)”

“Thanks to this God, [the Savior, Spirit of Mizu], people escape the severe punishment from Heaven.”

“(On the evening of May 16, 2021, as I sat down to the day’s world prayer session, I saw in the inner realm a very dark cyclone appear high above Earth. It resembled an expansive dark storm cloud during a hurricane. It is known as ‘Heavenly Judgment,’ and it was about to unleash dreadful punitive disasters on humankind. ‘Heavenly Judgment’ tore into Earth with a vengeance. As the gusts hit us, our bodies were torn into pieces, but we would regenerate and continue to fight. I saw Master take hold of a sacred spirit sword and fly straight towards the cyclone, saying to me: ‘You all help me from below – supplement my strength!’ With a sacred sword gifted to me by Master previously in hand, I followed Her into the sky to lend Her support. The three of us attacked left and right and up and down with our swords like kung fu masters in a mythological drama. We were quite a force! After battling for about one-and-a-half hours Earth time, the dark cyclone finally became much smaller. Although it was still there, it is now much more benign. Such is the power of our karma – capable of generating incredibly powerful negative forces detrimental to our world. We are fortunate to have Master constantly safeguarding our planet, thus lessening the effects of disasters.)”

“I have to do other work. (Yes, Master.) And some work you don’t even know. So I need to stay stable, at least reasonably stable. (Yes, Master.) Otherwise, if I don’t meditate, it would be worse. (Yes, Master.) (Understand.) That the whole world would die. Well, almost the whole world would die.

“(During the daily world prayer session, I had another inner experience in which Master made a major sacrifice for the planet. After shouldering our world’s grave collective sin, Master collapsed in excruciating pain. Her eyes were tightly shut, and She was on the verge of death. She lay motionless, without even a last vestige of strength to struggle. After a while, to my surprise, Master was being put into a transparent crystal coffin.

By putting Herself through a dying state, Master was delaying the end of the world as best She could. This represented a kind of conditional exchange in the spirit world, but it was not clear how Master’s physical body would be affected. In a short span of time, Master had repeatedly sacrificed Her spiritual body to suffer the world’s karma to earn time to allow the still slumbering people to repent. It means that the world has entered an extremely perilous stage.

I wish all would cherish the opportunities Master-Jesus is affording us through Her sacrifices of Mercy and repent sincerely to avert the grim situation facing our planet.)”

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