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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 91 - Lord Kalki Avatar (vegetarian) and the New Satya Yuga

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Lord Kalki said:“My mission will be to eliminate the wicked Kali, with the help of My four brothers. O demigods, your expansions should also take birth on the earth to assist Me in My mission.” Similar to Lord Kalki’s four brother helpers, Supreme Master Ching Hai once revealed that She has four pillars of peace – saintly individuals who have been assisting in Her mission, even by sacrificing their lives, to bring the world closer to the Golden Age. “There are four people who sacrificed for peace, to help me out. To help the planet, actually. Like, if you want to succeed in some battle, taking down some of the citadels, then it’s better to have some insiders and outsiders, both together working. “At that time (when Kali Yuga ends), the Supreme Personality of Godhead will appear on the earth. Acting with the power of pure spiritual goodness, He will defend the Dharma (True teaching) and rescue the eternal Religion.” Here, the “eternal Religion,” Sanatana Dharma, refers to the way of spiritual life toward liberation. As we read a little further in this Bhagavata Purana, we find a description of the “transcendental knowledge” that the Kalki Avatar inherits when He came to Earth. Along with moral precepts, those teachings include meditation on the inner Heavenly Sound current, which is exactly what Supreme Master Ching Hai teaches. “[The sage] Suta Gosvami said: O brahmana, first the subtle VIBRATION OF TRANSCENDENTAL SOUND appeared from the sky of the heart of the most elevated Lord Brahma, whose mind was perfectly fixed in spiritual realization. One can perceive this subtle vibration when one stops all external hearing. By worship of this subtle form of the Vedas (Knowledge), O brahmana, mystic sages cleanse their hearts of all contamination caused by impurity of substance, activity and doer, and thus they attain freedom from repeated birth and death.”
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