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Between Master and Disciples

Master the Mind to Fully Manifest Buddha Nature, Part 2 of 3 Mar. 3, 2005

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So, everything you do in life, do not think that it is a small thing. You just do your small things perfectly, and the world is perfect. Because, the world is made up of all these small particles of things.

That’s why Buddha confessed that He’s only human like everybody else, and He became Buddha, and everyone else, all His disciples, will also become Buddha. But that’s it. It’s just like in a university, one smart student is picked, chosen by a professor, to help him sometimes with the homework, and to explain some subject when the professor is not there. That happens in university sometimes, so you know it, all right? It is good, but even then it’s so rare!

Remember, only three? No, now four. One more from France. And now one more from Finland, and one more from Austria. Oh, Estonia! That’s another Buddha, the only one female, and the whole is a male kingdom, look at that! (Wow!) Good! Congratulations! Congratulations! Congratulations! It’s kind of sudden. I should have told you to guess around, and it’s more fun, no? Oh, dear! Oh, we missed the game! It’s rare. It’s rare!

Even though you meditated all these days and I gave you the Gift and all that, none of you have come up. But those, they’re already at the border, almost there, or no, at the highest Fourth Level, so when they come here, I just lift them up, easy! No problem! Just one hand, “tsak!” But they have come here! If they didn’t come here, they wouldn’t have had it. It’s good!

Anyway, even though the graduate Buddhas are so rare, and the high-level Saint is hard, that hard, but they still have a little fault. You know, like a diamond, the flawless is difficult to find, all right? Because, it was a bad time for the planet, and everything was going downhill. And then, so, the beings were also under big pressure, we didn’t have that many Buddhas. Of course, it wasn’t a Golden Age on Earth. Now it is! So, we have five Buddhas... six Buddhas in Europe. It’s very good already! Twenty years’ hard work, six Buddhas! It’s not a very lucrative business, is it? All right, never mind. Congratulations, you two!

Did you understand what I was saying? (I’ll have a think later.) Think it later, I know. You’re still thinking, huh? Yeah, yeah! It’s good! It’s good! You have to think. I know that. You still don’t understand what it is. You don’t understand yet. You have become Buddhas, Fifth Level, both of you! And not all of them are. But never mind, you don’t understand. Understand later. Later on, they will make you understand. All of these people, they will.

We can celebrate a little bit. There, there. Can you give it to them? (Yes, Master.) Everybody takes one. The front first. (Take some.) Over there, the front first, and then the front passes to the back; and run around. And be quiet, OK? Just take a little bit and run around. Oh, it takes so long. Let me do it. Come. It’s quicker! It’s quicker like this. Takes too long. There! There, the ones inside there. OK? There! Yeah! There! There! Voila! There! See it’s quicker. There, Buddha! France! There you are, the “organic” Buddha! This is more fun. You are like dogs. I give things to my dog, he hides it somewhere and then comes back for more. And then I thought he doesn’t have any! OK, later he eats all, and then goes over there, digs, and eats after. Smart dog!

What shall we do now? You were done, right? Can I have a question? (Yes.) Do these clothes make me fat? (No!) No? (No!) Not fat? (No!) (Very beautiful.) Hungarian tradition. Traditional. Traditional Hungarian. Huh? (Like a princess.) Oh, really? Princess. (Yes.) Oh, it’s too simple to be a princess! A few dollars, and then you have a princess. Thank you very much. I am just kidding. I imitate Mulan. The big guy, chubby guy, he wears women’s clothes to go inside the palace, pretends to be a concubine. He said, “Do these clothes make me fat?” Just kidding. Kidding, kidding, kidding. Doesn’t matter. Doesn’t matter.

You know, this city, this country is funny. One side “Buddha”, one side “Pest.” You know that. How do they know the pests always follow the Buddhas? And besides, many people in Budapest, they make themselves look like Buddha! I saw many yesterday. You know, they shave their head a lot. The chef in one of the kitchens, he shaves his head, and he came out and looked at me: I said, “Oh, you look like a Buddha!” Perhaps because he lives in Budapest. A lot of people shave their head! And when we drove home, I saw many drivers or non-drivers passing by, they’re all bald heads, you know, like the Buddhist monk. It’s very funny! Maybe it’s a fashion now? Fashion in Europe or in Hungary? (In Europe. All over.) All over Europe now? Fashion? That saves us a lot of problems.

Where are we? The Buddha is easy to train, the mind is not. So, it’s not every practitioner that is picked by Heaven to be a Master. Suppose I am not on Earth, and some human or some practitioner from the Third World upward is picked to be a Master for this planet, then he also should have a good character, you know, charming personality, and above all, an iron stamina to work, work, work, work, work, work, work, and endure all kinds of hardship and pressure.

So, it’s easy to become a Buddha; it’s not easy to stay like one. But I do hope, and I think, these five will stay, and keep developing, not coming down to a lower level. And other people, please, please, hurry up! All right? Anything that you are attached to, and you know it’s not good for you, try to “ka-cha, ka-cha, ka-cha!” By big scissors, you know? If it is a small scissors and cannot cut, then buy a big, you know, the gardener’s scissors - long, long blade. And you can cut from here, even! You saw the gardener’s scissors? Long, from there to there! You stay here, and you cut, cut, cut, cut. And then some even longer, so they can cut branches up there. They just pull a string, “cha” and then a branch comes down. Maybe a lot of you need those. Big ones! The big scissors, they could cut branches, trees. Right!

I am the one who would like all the people to come the most, but I cannot, OK? Not at the moment. Maybe in the future. Maybe when they’re higher a little bit, then they will not throw dirt on everybody when they come here and they will not cause trouble, then they can come. No need to force things to happen. When the child cannot walk yet, then don’t force him to run. It will cause trouble, and it will hurt him and hurt the family members who have to take care of him afterward if he breaks (his) legs or something. Do you understand? (Yes!) Really? (Yes!)

Otherwise, this time, only the Third-Level persons can come. Minimum is the border of Third Level, Second Level. But higher border, next to the Third. Not next to the Second Level border. The border is here, here, and then he stays there, next to the Second border. That is still low, and the negative can still hook him a little bit here and there, poke him here and there, or the feet, still can connect, and they might make trouble, understand now?

We can wait, you know? Yeah, we can wait. Like this day we take some fruits which are already ripe, and the next day we take another batch of fruit, already ripe. And the day after, we take another batch of fruit. If we’re forced to take the green fruit down, we cannot eat it anyway. And it’s bad for the harvest, no? We take all the green, and then nothing ripens later on, and we can’t even use it! And it takes up space in the barn and in the farm, and nothing is good for anybody. Never mind about that.

It’s very difficult for a person who has grown up, became a Buddha, and also be obedient at the same time. Because, he’s not used to it! He became already a family man, and everybody in the family already listens to him. He is used to just telling everybody what to do, and then he doesn’t know what it’s like to listen. Always: “Da, da, da, da, da!” You know, talk back, and doesn’t listen very well. And even if he listens well, he doesn’t do it. It’s very difficult to train your mind.

I don’t care if you are a Buddha or not. It’s easier for me sometimes to use a non-Buddha. That’s why. You would think that I keep all the high-level Buddhas next to me. No, it’s not necessary! If you have humility and an obedient quality, that’s enough for me. No need IQ, no need Buddha, nothing! Because, I can use it. Easier if you just do what I tell you. Very easy! And I don’t ask for world peace. I just ask, for example, keep a walkie-talkie next to you, all the time, 24 hours, in case I call. Really, I don’t ask you anything more. Very, very small things! And I really am happy if you do it. Just a very small thing like that, just keep a walkie-talkie with you. And I even bought the walkie-talkie. I bought it on the airplane because I didn’t have time to shop. I bought it because I knew we are going to use it here, and I gave one to each, and one for me. You don’t even do much! Just one thing! It hurts me to have to take care of all these small things. And besides, I have a thousand other things to do.

Once you do one little thing wrong, everything else is like a chain. One thing leads to another, and then you mess up the whole world because of that. And it is like a circle like that. So, everything you do in life, do not think that it is a small thing. You just do your small things perfectly, and the world is perfect. Because, the world is made up of all these small particles of things. Your body is made of very tiny, little, invisible cells, invisible to the naked eye. And if one or two of them are kaput, the whole body is in trouble. You know that? These eyes of yours, the pupils, so small, but if you don’t have those, your whole life is jeopardized. You know that or not? (Yes.) Don’t say it is a small thing. Or your eardrums, it’s about this much. But if you don’t have those, oh, your whole life is different, your whole world is falling apart.

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