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Noteworthy News

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In today’s news, Taiwan, also known as Formosa, pledges support to Ukraine (Ureign), humanitarian crises to worsen due to climate change, green banks contribute to climate action in United States, scientists in Australia invent noninvasive method to detect malaria, landscape company rewards employees with generous year-end bonus, college friends quit jobs to make products from alternative leather, and rare bumblebees in United Kingdom thrive on conservation site.

Today, I'd like to offer a handy tip. If you need a warm place, and you live in natural and woodland surroundings, try constructing a wickiup — a cone shaped structure. It will not only help keep you warm, but also shield you against wind and rain. Start by assembling long poles or logs in a circle at a tilt, so they come together in the middle above you. Use rope to secure the logs or poles together at the peak of the wickiup. Ensure the tripod frame is solid by using rocks to keep the lower half in place or by digging into the ground. After your frame is complete, make the walls by using vegetation and branches from the outdoors. Leave one side open for the entryway and make a small fire near the entrance. Remember to be mindful and keep the fire small and manageable! Voilà, a cozy little hideout!

Life is so sweet with some giggles, so let's check out the joke of the day. It’s entitled, “Sold Out.”

A well-known writer visits a bookstore and is very happy and surprised to see it seems to only sell his books. Seeing one of the staff, he asks:

“Wow! Does your bookstore truly only sell my books?”

“Not actually. It's just that all the other books are all sold out.”


And now we have a heartline from Đức Tài in Âu Lạc, also known as Vietnam:

Dear Master and Supreme Master Television team, Our family is Christian, and we were blessed by God to be able to get initiated by You. We came to You with only faith and sincerity. In the depths of our hearts, we already felt that You are the manifestation of the Savior. In our spiritual practice, we try hard to overcome the obstacles, practice according to Your teachings, and our lives get better every day.

O Master! Words in this world can’t describe all of Your immense Grace, Your noble compassion towards all beings. You lead us to be elevated step by step on the spiritual path as well as in our daily life. I would like to share my inner experience regarding Your “incredible” Power, which blesses the world via Supreme Master Television.

Since Supreme Master Television relaunched, my family has always turned on two televisions, broadcasting it 24 hours a day. Recently, I felt it’s difficult to meditate and calm my mind after I come back from the outside, even though during this period, I have tried to meditate more, as You told us. One day, during my meditation, I heard a voice saying, “Turn on more televisions to broadcast Supreme Master Television.” Then I started turning on five televisions to broadcast Supreme Master Television at the same time.

Dear Master, the energy field is different, and a lot of animal-people come to our house and listen to Supreme Master Television, especially the bird-people, more than many dozens each time who come and sing, and I meditate better. We learned a lot of good things from Supreme Master Television, especially from the Between Master and Disciples program.

Sometimes my mind was questioning and thinking: turning on one television already blesses two to three kilometers, why should I turn on five televisions? Later on, during my meditation, the inner Master told me that many television sets can purify, bless, protect the energy field, because there are Saints working for the channel, and where there are many television sets broadcasting Supreme Master Television programs, natural disasters rarely occur (almost none) there.

We, disciples, are vegan, go green, do good deeds, and pray with Master every day. I wish that we, initiates, cherish the time during which the Heavens bestow Their Grace for Supreme Master Television to broadcast. Let’s turn on more television sets to air Supreme Master Television programs, share it with more people, so that they know killing animal-people for food is very cruel. They should eat vegan food, which is very good for their health and spirit. This way they spread the love and compassion which Master bestows to the world via meditation, via Supreme Master Television, to help our world be more and more elevated towards World Vegan, World Peace. May all families have vegan food, shelter and happiness.

I wish Master and the Supreme Master Television team to always have an abundance of health and peace in the protection of the mighty Heavens. Respectfully, Đức Tài from Âu Lạc (Vietnam)

Blessed Đức Tài, Thank you for your heartline. It is an honor and a Blessing for us to work for Supreme Master Television and assist Master, who is bringing humanity out of the darkness. We are glad to hear you are aware of the immense Blessing Power the channel provides. Please share Master’s teachings and about Supreme Master Television with as many people as you can, so more can benefit and the world can be elevated faster. May you and the helpful people of Âu Lạc (Vietnam) bask in infinite Divine Light, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master has this loving message for you: “Intelligent Đức Tài, it is wise of you to make full use of the Blessing Power of Supreme Master Television to uplift your home and the world around you. There is so much negative energy on this planet and Supreme Master Television is the best tool for Master Power to help Bless every household. The more people watch, the better Earth’s environment will become. Encourage others to tune-in as well, so the Blessing can be spread far and wide. Keep practicing diligently so that your inherent inner light shines bright in the world during this critical time on Earth. May you and the benevolent people of Âu Lạc (Vietnam) find peace in the guidance of the Buddhas.”

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