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Singing Peace with Giles Bryant (vegan): Radiating Love for All Beings, Part 1 of 2

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Our special guest, Giles Bryant, is a celebrated musician, yoga teacher, planet healer, and vegan activist. He is the founder of the World Healing Project, a United Kingdom-based creative platform that seeks to bring about peace, love, and true happiness with yoga practice, works of healing, and music.

As a prominent singer, songwriter and music producer, Mr. Bryant has studied psychology, philosophy, environmental conservation, and various genres of music to serve the world. “Well, it said that in the ancient times, that man was governed not by law but by music. There are certain places, a choir, a perpetual choir – people took in turns to sing sacred songs and to resonate that vibration into the energy channels of the Earth, into the energy lines of the Earth. So, it seems it’s not necessarily the frequency though that is important, but it’s the effect that the sound, the vibration, and the frequency has upon the people there, has upon the consciousness of people there, that interact with the Earth.”

The most important, uplifting message and the enlivening vibration Giles Bryant (vegan) delivers to the world is peace in its broadest sense, peace for all beings, including animal-people. Last year, he wrote and produced the powerful World Peace Song to respond to the turbulent situation the world has been facing.

As an initiator, Mr. Bryant would sing continuously for 24 hours from midday of June 20th.“I thought, what is going on in the world? What can we do about it? And we thought, well, if we write a song, a really good song, and we get people from all around the world to join in and sing for peace. And we’re invoking peace, and then there’s the words of peace from traditions, from around the world. And we’ve got people from all around the world to sing on it. And we want them to unite in song, and they are doing.”

For Mr. Bryant, peace and the vegan lifestyle have always meant the same. This is made crystal clear in the song he wrote entitled, “When We Say Vegan. We Mean Peace.”
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