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Quincy Davis – A Compassionate Vegan Athlete and Restaurant Owner, Part 1 of 2

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Quincy Davis is a successful vegan professional basketball player and vegan restaurant owner. Today, we are privileged to share Quincy’s perspective of how being vegan helped him on and off the court, and why people should adopt a vegan lifestyle. “I traveled around the world and a lot of times I would get sick and I couldn't figure out what was causing it. The medicine wasn't good enough, so I decided to try something different and try vegan, try not eating too much red meat or any pork or anything like that, and it actually made my body feel much better.” “I think my biggest challenge was first of all ignoring all the naysayers who say that, veganism is not the answer. And the second thing is vegan comes in a different form from vegetarian to vegan.”

On his vegan path, Quincy is often asked the same question about where he gets his protein from. His response is full of wisdom: “I tell them it is very simple, a lot of the animals around the world that make up this planet are all herbivores. So naturally, they're eating, fruits and vegetables, and they're some of the biggest and strongest of them all. So, I think there's some kind of truth to that.”

Quincy introduces us to his vegan diet that fuels his energy needs for 8 hours of high intensity sports activity every day: “For snacks during the day, I try to eat a lot of nuts and grains that gives me another source of protein and energy. And at night time, I try to have all my foods, I am consuming my vegetables during the night time.”

Being a vegan athlete, Quincy’s physical performance has had some positive influences on his teammates: “I think they're starting to retune their minds and think that there must be something to this vegan movement that's going and actually some of my teammates have gone vegan.”

In addition to physical benefits, Mr. Davis elaborated how the vegan lifestyle helps him mentally and emotionally: “The daily life is, it’s performing, obviously physically, but the mental and emotional, it's just as important, you still need to have a good attitude and feel good inside out. So, along with the physical, the mental, the spiritual, all needs to take place. And I think that having this vegan lifestyle is the only way to go.”

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