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Showing Thankfulness for the Great Power of the Five Holy Names and the Gift to Guide My Father to be Liberated from Suffering

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The Great Power of the Five Holy Names and the Gift.

Thank You, Master, for endowing me with the Five Holy Names and the Gift. My father passed away because of a cerebral stroke. Though he was very kindhearted while living, he was often lazy and just wanted to be reborn into Paradise quickly. After his passing, I had a dream in which I felt that Master told me to use the great Power of the Five Holy Names and the Gift to guide my father to be liberated from suffering.

I found where my father was, which was a lower realm, and he was waiting to be sorted and arranged regarding where to go. I began to silently recite the Five Holy Names and the Gift. In the middle of my reciting, my father suddenly appeared from a room where he had been sorted and began reciting the Five Holy Names and the Gift with me. His astral body was originally dark and burned, with scars and residue of charcoal, and his head had traces of being hit by bullets. After reciting the Five Holy Names, his soul began to shine, freed from the shackle of the dark astral body, and flew upward to exit the jail. I saw that his astral body became very bright, not looking dark and burnt anymore.

Through my wisdom eye, I searched for the new place where my father went, while being awed by the Power of the Five Holy Names and the Gift that Master endowed us with. I flew to a beautiful realm where all the males looked very much like my father. There were many people, and I realized that they were my nine generations of ancestors. While some of them were playing basketball and some were in military uniforms, everybody was very happy, young, and beautiful. The place was surrounded by beautiful mountain villas that looked like Chinese courtyard houses, just as in a movie. My father happily told me that he had gotten a job, which was to help those soldiers, and he hoped I wouldn’t cry anymore. He was very happy, blissful, young, and healthy. I truly am very grateful to Master for imparting the great Power of the Five Holy Names and the Gift to us. Master has promised us that She’ll bring our five generations of ancestors to liberation. But actually, it’s not only five generations. It could be the ancestors of all our previous lives as well as relatives who are about to depart.

I am grateful to Master. During the time I worked for Supreme Master TV, Master gave me immense Grace by taking care of my father and animal friends, and also a more stable job, so that I could work for Master with peace of mind. Thank You, Master, for staying with us in this agonizing physical world and being there for us to rely on. May Master always be in good health and stay with us for a long, long time. May all fellow initiates strive to work together to help Master to usher in a glorious vegan world. Chih-Yuan from Taiwan (Formosa)

Caring Chih-Yuan, Our condolences on the loss of your father. We appreciate learning of how you were guided by Master to help your father to reach a place where he could be happy after he passed. It is comforting to know our loved ones are well cared for. Indeed, it is an immense Blessing to be entrusted with the Five Holy Names and Gift by our most Precious Master. May Heaven’s Light endlessly uplift you and splendid Taiwan (Formosa). In Universal Love, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. We joyfully relay Master’s reply to you: “Diligent Chih-Yuan, your father was very fortunate to have such a loving son who practices well and listens to his Master! Thus, these earned spiritual merits can be transformed and multiplied with added Master Power and Grace to help more of his loved ones, not just nine generations, but even friends, workmates and pets, etc... My loving thanks for your thoughtful good wishes. May the wisdom of the Buddhas help all beings find their true purpose in life, including your spirited Taiwanese (Formosan) co-citizens, so they too can be liberated from the suffering of the karmic transmigration cycle.”

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