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In Times of Crisis, Remember Your Inner Master, and Arm Yourself with the Five Holy Names and Diligent Meditation

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Greetings, the only and eternal Master, Supreme Master Ching Hai and dear Supreme Master TV team.

O, Master! In the evening of August 22, 2021, while walking down a hill with my husband and our dog companion, I was hit by an electric vehicle which failed to brake on time due to its high speed. Thrown into the air upside down, I thought I was going to die. At that moment, I felt there was a hand that lifted up my head a little bit, so that what hit the ground was not my head but the left side of my body. My whole body hurt a lot and my waist couldn’t move. I was taken to the hospital by an ambulance and received a general check-up in the emergency department. The doctor then said, “That’s strange. How come you don’t have any internal injuries or broken bones? It’s really a miracle in a car accident like this.” My husband answered him, “It’s all because her Master had come to save her.”

Thank You, Master! Since my initiation in 1998, with Your Blessings and protection, I, a person with heavy karma, have been able to clear my karmic debts while experiencing the sweetness of Master’s Grace.

I remember one summer night, not long after my initiation, my son had a high fever and my husband was away working on night shift. I was in a panic. Suddenly, I heard knocking on the door. I opened it but saw no one there. When I turned around, I found that Master’s manifestation body, in the same white dress as on the statue of Quan Yin Bodhisattva, was in my house with two other people standing behind Her. Overwhelmed with surprise, I asked, “Why are You here, Master?” Master said, “I have come to take a look since your family is having some trouble.” I said, “My son has a high fever and I cannot take him to the hospital.” Master said, “Let me have a look.” Master touched my son’s forehead with Her hand and said, “He has no fever. There is no problem now and I have to go.” I quickly said, “Please, Master, have a cup of tea before leaving.” The one behind Master said, “Master was on Her way to another place. She dropped in only because you had a problem in your family. Master has to go somewhere else.” I sent Master off and saw the three of them slowly ascending to the sky. I pinched my cheek with force to check that it was not a dream! It was real! Master came to my home for sure! I was so excited! Thank Master for saving my son. Thank You for Your grace!

There was one time when my husband suffered a great loss in business which incurred a heavy debt. Unable to face that, I kneeled before Master’s picture, crying and saying that I wanted to divorce him. Master appeared to me again, that night, telling me not to divorce. She showed me all the related karma in our transmigrations, just like a movie. Master said that I must repay the debt from my previous lives before I can go back to Master’s Home above!

Another time, it was in summer, and I was doing the laundry on the riverbank beside a shipyard. As the rainy season had just passed, the river water was very deep and the steps were slippery. I had only washed three pieces of clothing and then carelessly slipped into the water. Just before I was about to drown, I urgently called Master for help. Immediately, I was afloat and was able to crawl out of the water.

Oh, Master! Thank You for saving my life! Though I am not a very good practitioner, You still love and look after me in every possible way. No worldly language can express my gratitude to You! I’ll truly practice diligently and glorify You with my speech and deeds!

From Supreme Master TV programs, I know that You’re leading the Supreme Master TV team to work very hard and sacrifice everything to show sentient beings how to get out of the pandemic and to usher in a vegan and peaceful world. I implore You and the Supreme Master TV team to take good care of your health! You’re relied upon by all disciples and are the fortune of all beings! With You, we are fearless! With You, sentient beings have a future! I respectfully wish Ultimate Master and the Supreme Master TV team the best! Respectfully, Xiu-Ping from China

Bright Xiu-Ping, While we regret to hear of the adversities you have encountered, we could not help but be happy to read of all the good fortune you have received from our Beloved Master. We pray that Master is always loved and protected as She so selflessly looks after us all. May the radiance of the Heavens guide you and the joyful Chinese people. In Celestial Light, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master has some guidance for you: “Dearest Xiu-Ping, I trust daily living is becoming more peaceful for you and your loved ones as this life’s karma is cleared. Make sure not to create new karmas. In times of crisis, remember your inner Master, and arm yourself with the Five Holy Names and diligent meditation. Practice as much as you are able to, and yes, I am always here for you as well. I send my Love and prayers that you, and your peace-motivated Chinese co-citizens, may forever remain safe in the Light of the Buddhas.” 

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