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Visits to Hell, Part 9 – Relative liberated due to the merit of initiation & Witnessing the excruciating torture in hell of those who had killed animal-people

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“I’d like to share an experience I had related to transmigration and hell. One day, during meditation, I was informed by Master’s manifestation form within: ‘Your deceased fourth grand uncle has reincarnated onto this planet. In 20 years, she will meet your sister’ s son and become his girlfriend. You will recognize her by a conspicuous black mole at the corner of her mouth.’ At the time, we did not pay much attention to this incident, as my nephew was still little. 20 years later, however, my nephew had grown into a young adult and joined the workforce, making acquaintance with a female colleague. One day, he brought her home to meet us, and we noticed a conspicuous black mole at the corner of her mouth. We then remembered my Inner Master’s words 20 years ago. The female colleague’s disposition and inclinations paralleled those of my fourth grand uncle while he was alive. Uncannily, her birthplace is very close to our natal home. From that time on, she visited us for dinner every day and watched Master’s video discourses. It was not long before she was initiated. Whenever we met her, we would call her ‘Fourth Grand Uncle’ in jest.

One day, during meditation, I found myself revisiting hell. There, I came upon a heap of mutilated carcasses of chicken-people, duck-people, and geese-people. Strewn all around the carcasses were human heads, hands, feet, and other body parts. I was shaken to my core by the sight. It turns out that those humans had killed those animal-people, and are now subjected to the same excruciating torture, being dismembered continuously. It was a horrific scene. One of the heads opened its mouth and said: ‘We want to be like your fourth grand uncle, to meet Supreme Master Ching Hai and enjoy the blessings of initiation and be liberated from the endless suffering of hell.’ I learned then that even beings in hell long for the blessings of meeting a Master.

Supreme Master Ching Hai has said: ‘The merit of initiation is such that the kin of an initiate up to five generations will be liberated.’ That is absolutely true. From Taiwan (Formosa), Hua-Erh”

Vegan side effect: u have 2 give up that dream of living in hell.

Vegan side effect: ur ID is not valid in hell.

Each of Master’s disciples has similar, different or more inner spiritual experiences and/or outer world blessings; these are just some samples. Usually we keep them to ourselves, as per Master’s advice.

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