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Rain and Thunder Clear the Planet's Negativity and Supreme Master Television Is Similar, a Tool to Purify and Elevate Life on Earth

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My Beloved Ultimate Master and Supreme Master TV team, As I began to meditate before sleeping at about 1 a.m. on Saturday, June 11, 2022, a streak of lightning from outside my bedroom window suddenly burst into the room and connected with the brilliant white light emitting from my phone tablet that was playing Supreme Master TV live programs. The bedroom became engulfed with intense white light, as my room was dark except for Supreme Master TV, which is on 24/7. This amazing encounter repeated again a few minutes later. My bedroom had day curtains drawn. I could hear heavy rain with active thunder pounding and lightning streaking across the sky. I was amazed as I have not encountered this before, although I have enjoyed other experiences that my Beloved Ultimate Master has bestowed upon me. Continuing to leave Supreme Master TV on the 24/7 mode is important for our Ultimate Master to transmit Her Spiritual Blessings to all sentient beings far and wide on this planet Earth. Thank You once again, my Beloved Ultimate Master, for Your great Love and Blessings to all souls! Li-Jie from Singapore

Bright Li-Jie, It was a pleasure to read your heartline. We are so happy that Master’s radiating energy from Supreme Master Television benefits you and countless others, all day, every day. May you and the faithful Singaporean people find eternal peace and contentment in the Divine. In Celestial joy, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master sends Her loving reply: “Perceptive Li-Jie, thank you for reminding me how much I love the rain and the thunder too, as together they clear the planet’s negativity. The rain brings the Blessings from Heaven, and Supreme Master Television is similar – a tool to purify and elevate life on Earth. Much Love to you. May you and your dignified Singaporean co-citizens forever know Universal togetherness.” 

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