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Between Master and Disciples

Beings Full of Kindness and Love (Part 1 of 2) September 10, 2017

Lecture Language:Mandarin Chinese(中文)
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Oh, let me remind you by the way. When you see the villagers, be courteous to them, OK? (OK.) Be courteous, understand? Be grateful and friendly to them. When we come to the ashram, they don’t complain about anything. They welcome us. So it’s important, OK? Of course, when they welcome virtuous people, they benefit too. Of course it brings blessings to them, but we have to be grateful to them, too. We should respect others like they’re honorable guests. I’m truly grateful to them too. It’s been three times already! If there weren’t the villagers … They have helped me three times. Without them, I wouldn’t have been able to get home.

I truly have respect for them. Over here, people have very high moral standards. You can learn more from them. Sometimes when I tell you stories, it’s not for your entertainment. It’s for you to contemplate, OK? Think, “Is this the correct way to do things?” If you’re doing something, and you aren’t sure if it’s the right way, ask yourself, “Would Master do the same thing under such circumstances?” If Master wouldn’t do it that way, you shouldn’t, either, OK? This way, you’ll have no doubts about yourself. Sometimes, I myself also confirm with Heaven whether I’m doing the right thing. I’m afraid that I’ve gotten affected by people or by the initiates’ karma, or by people’s minds or moods, so sometimes when I have doubts, I ask Heaven. I often ask, “Did I commit any sins? Starting from the time when I became a Master, have I ever done anything that harmed people or caused any known or unknown harm?” Heaven answers, “No, no, no. The Master is completely without sin.” That’s why the heavenly beings are so supportive of me, those beings in the Original Universe. There are realms even further up than the Original Universe.

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