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The Divine Blessings and Wisdom of the Most Holy One: Selections from the Kabbalistic Zohar, Part 2 of 2

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Macroprosopus is an aspect of Divine emanation in the Kabbalah, representing Divine will and the source of Divine compassion. Thus, in our readings today, there will be physical descriptions of various facial features of Macroprosopus along with discussions by Rabbi Schimeon and other holy sages regarding the Divine quality that each part represents, as well as supporting evidence from the Hebrew Bible.

CHAPTER 10 CONCERNING THE NOSE OF MACROPROSOPUS. “And come, behold, lo! it is written, Isaiah 41:4: ‘I, Tetragrammaton, (am) first and with the last. I am HE HIMSELF.’ All things are He Himself, and He Himself is hidden on every side. So also is His nose.

From the nose is the face known. This nose is as a mighty gallery, whence His spirit rushes forth, and they call it the Giver. And it is thus: The Spirit descends; and again the Spirit from hence proceeds through those nostrils. Like as it is written, Isaiah 11:2: ‘And the Spirit of Tetragrammaton shall rest upon him, the Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding, the Spirit of Counsel and Might, the Spirit of Knowledge, and of the Fear of Tetragrammaton.’

And when that comes forth, all the inferior spirits are aroused with Her. For thus is the tradition: It is written, 1 Kings 2:12: ‘And Solomon sat upon the throne of David.’ Also it is written, 1 Kings 10:19: ‘The throne had six steps.’ And King Messiach will be seated on those seven (steps). These are those six, and the Spirit of the Ancient of Days, Who is above them, is the seventh.’ Rabbi Schimeon said unto him: ‘Thy spirit shall rest in the world to come.’ Come –behold! It is written, Ezekiel 37:9: ‘Thus saith the Lord, Come from the four winds, O Spirit!’ But what have the four winds of the world to do with this? Nevertheless, the four winds are aroused; those three, namely, and the Spirit of the Concealed Ancient One; whence there are four. And thus is the matter; because when that one is produced, three others are produced with it, who in themselves comprehend three others.

This is the praise of the conformation of the nose. And this, and all forms of the Ancient of Days, are seen, and are not seen; they are seen by the lords of lords, namely, by pious men and they are not seen by any others.”
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