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Secrets of Flowers and Birds: Discourses from “Así Hablaba Quetzalcóatl (Thus Spoke Quetzalcóatl),” Part 1 of 2

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“Así Hablaba Quetzalcóatl (Thus Spoke Quetzalcóatl)” is a beautiful tale that offers upliftment to all Truth seekers yearning for spiritual understanding. In His offering of discourses to earnest seekers, we see that Quetzalcóatl highlights the importance of the inward journey. Transcending both time and space, this journey connects us with the inner Heavenly Light and Music. It is an honor to present some selections from ‘Así Hablaba Quetzalcóatl (Thus Spoke Quetzalcóatl)’ with inspiring insights into the enlightening wisdom of the Venerated Master through the world around us, and how we can apply this to our daily lives.

“One afternoon, a hand of wind came, and violently shook the garden, stripping the rose and the cempasuchil. The spirit of the rose suffered a lot noticing that it did not have a rose shape anymore, but on the contrary, the spirit of the cempasuchil was happy, since it was not attached to a cempasuchil’s shape anymore, and in this way, was able to fill all the atmosphere.”

“And he said: Man is unhappy because he asks more than what can be given to him. That is why the wise are not wise because they know a lot of things, but because they go deep and have a vast dominion of the knowledge which has been given to them.” “Certainly, you can give only what you have. If you know yourself, then you will know: what is it that I have to offer?”

“Indeed, what you sow you shall reap. But if your destiny is to be a merchant, may justice and love be in your hand, so your reaping will not be dishonor and greed. But rather... a noble ideal”

“The people of Tula asked one of His disciples to speak to them about his Master, who was not in the city at that time. What could I tell you about Him? He said: He made my wings clean with the balsam, of His words, and lengthened them with eagerness in search of the Light. What could I tell you about Him? When everything was darkness, dreaming and darkness in my soul, He came and put his hand on my head, and my heart opened up like a ripe fruit, and my eyes opened up to a New World.”

“And He looked at him with those eyes I could never describe, because they had all the peace, joy and sadness of the World at the same time. And quietly... very quietly, He whispered to him: Get up, because there are others who are also waiting for you on the roads. Give them what has been given to you today.”

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