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Thanks for Master‘s flu tea recipe which helps many people revive their lives

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Master’s Tea Really Works! My Ayurvedic Doctor, Dr. Patel, texted me: “I’m not feeling well. Suffering from fever. Fever is 103.6 Fahrenheit (39.7 degrees Celsius).” Even though he has scores of Ayurvedic medicines at his disposal, I asked permission to send him Master’s recipe for Cocktail Tea (Tea for Curing the Flu) from the “Supreme Kitchen” cookbook, (free for download at which I emailed along with the video for the full regimen. I also invited him to pray for his safety and protection.

The next day, his text read: “Feeling much better. Home remedy of Guru worked so well. The fever subsided in three-four hours. Feeling freshness and lightness. Big relief from uneasiness gone in 30 minutes. Thank you so much. Can I share with others if they are suffering from the same?” Of course, I replied, “Yes.”

A few days later, he wrote: “It helped so many people. All my family members have been treated with this amazing formula with Blessings from Guru.” Here are more stories from my clients who drank the Tea. One lady was so sick, she could barely get off the couch. The next day, she was up and about. Two others had quite severe COVID symptoms. One even lost all taste and smell. Having taken the Flu Tea for seven days in a row, they are feeling so much better.

Thank You, Master, for providing this life-saving Tea for all beings, including doctors! Of course, I know that the Flu Tea regimen comes with Your Immense Blessing Power. That is why it works so well. Please continue to guide us. We love You beyond words. Emberlyn from Canada

Kind Emberlyn, It was enjoyable to read your heartline. Thanks for making a difference in many people’s lives by sharing Master’s flu tea recipe. In this difficult time of our planet, Master’s Grace comes in so many forms to heal and uplift the world! It is truly remarkable. Wishing you and praiseworthy Canada the Providence’s abundant care, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master has something to share with you that will touch your soul: “Generous Emberlyn, thank you for being a good instrument and sharing the beneficial flu tea recipe with your doctor. I use every means available to reach the hearts and minds of all humans. Without good disciples like you, I could not reach as many people. So I thank God for initiates that help me to aid the world. We never know what may come from sharing love with others. It could inspire someone to awaken spiritually or transform their lives in some positive way. Keep up the good work! May God’s boundless Love bless you and the broadminded Canadian people forever.” 

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