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The Ultimate Life-saving Method: From “Coloring Our Lives” by Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan), Part 2 of 2

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Today, we continue to share with you the wise teachings of Supreme Master Ching Hai in excerpts from Her book, “Coloring Our Lives.”

“If you don’t think of these negative things, they won’t exist. That’s why I tell you not to watch all those bad movies. Don’t watch ghost movies, and don’t go to see all those mediums. So, try to concentrate all the time on the Buddha, not on ghosts.”

“Look at the mass killing that we do every day in order to keep this body for a hundred years. How many lives have to be sacrificed - all the fish-people, all the shrimp-people, all the chicken-people, all the pig-people, all the buffalo-people? Do you think all this energy will be dissolved without war, without suffering, without physical ailments? Everything we do is recorded in the air. Nothing is lost; it’s only diluted with a different energy. It’s only equalized by different actions, not lost.”

“So, if we’ve been killing, conducting mass massacres all the time, all these animal-people are suffering, and they also have consciousness, thoughts and hateful energy, all this hatred and fear condenses itself into a powerful energy and hangs around in the air. Too much of that will result in mass suffering. We have to pay for everything we use in this physical universe. Therefore, all the Masters emphasize following a vegan diet, which has the least cost to the various forms of existence.”

“As we all know, most sickness comes from eating meat because of the antibiotics fed to animal-people, because of the anxiety that produces toxins in animal-people’s meat. Because we eat all these antibiotics, our body loses its self-resistance to disease.”

“Now, most people think that if we pray to Jesus or Buddha, that’s enough. But I think we should add to it meditation and a virtuous, wholesome way of life. Then we speed up our wisdom and liberation. For example, if we practice together in our method, which we call the Quan Yin Method, just listen to the instructions of God within, see the wisdom of God with a Heavenly eye and keep a vegan diet and a virtuous way of life, then we fear no sickness.”
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