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The Ultimate Life-saving Method: From “Coloring Our Lives” by Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan), Part 1 of 2

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Supreme Master Ching Hai is a highly gifted, multi-talented and fully enlightened Master. She is also a world-renowned humanitarian, environmentalist, author, artist, designer, musician, and film director. Through all of Her endeavors, Supreme Master Ching Hai conveys Heaven’s infinite love and concern for all beings, as well as boundless encouragement for those who wish to progress spiritually. “Coloring Our Lives” is a collection of quotes and spiritual teachings of Supreme Master Ching Hai. In response to the questions of Truth seekers, Supreme Master Ching Hai provides insights that are both spiritual and practical. Her suggestions light the way to creating a balance between daily spiritual practice and being an intelligent, talented “artist of life.” Today, we share with you the wise teachings of Supreme Master Ching Hai in excerpts from Her book, “Coloring Our Lives.”

“Our meditation is the best way to cure illnesses, including our mental illnesses, karmic illnesses and physical illnesses. All can be healed.”

“Our original Self is never born, nor does it die, and it is neither filthy nor clean. Therefore, when we return to this original source of not living or dying, our body also becomes more inclined to not living or dying. However, because we do not meditate enough, naturally, we cannot make up for the causation of living and death. Otherwise, we can also become immortal and forever young.”

“Live a healthy, simple life - simple living and high thinking. Always think positively. Even just thinking changes your pattern of living, changes your day, and changes your fortune. So, always try to keep being positive. Then a lot of accidents, a lot of illnesses can be avoided.”

“The more we think about something, the more powerful the thing will become. So, let’s just think about ‘love.’ At all times, we should simply think about ‘love,’ the ‘love power,’ and always maintain positive thinking, then the Master Power will naturally take care of everything.”

“And all the time, His mind and His thinking were always set on the Buddha, on the highest ideal, on the noblest goal of humankind and of the universe. He never thought of anything else, and He never feared anything. So Maya, the so-called negative force, came and bowed to Him.”
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