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Between Master and Disciples

Being Vegan Brings Out Our Love and Benevolence, Part 2 of 13, Dec. 16, 2021

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Alcohol is the worst thing that you can take for yourself. But they allow it, in abundance. They can drink any time. (Yes.) But Jesus did not drink. (Yes.) Forbid intoxicants, (Yes, Master.) all that. In Buddhism, in any case. In Catholicism the same, no? (Yes, Master.) And they know it. Alcohol will lead you to many other sins.

Any more? (Yes, Master.)

(“Until as recently as 1996, Canada’s residential school system separated indigenous children from their families and then sent them to those residential schools, where they were malnourished, beaten, sexually abused.” And even murdered.) Yeah. (And now, it seems like Canada is setting aside 40 billion Canadian dollars or US$31 billion) That’s big money. (to compensate for the indigenous children and their families. Do You think this is enough for that kind of compensation, Master?)

No, it’s never enough. But it’s about time that they did something. The judicial system or the court, requested that they make compensation a long time ago in 2016. So now it’s 2021. It’s over five years already. And they let it soaking, (Yes.) and only recently, they found all these tombs, unmarked graves of the children, (Yes.) dying without anybody even knowing, the family did not even know, nobody knows. Dying in the dark, in suffering, in pain, in anguish like that. And then they’re stirring a little bit.

“Media Report from WION News – July 2, 2021, Reporter (m): From late 1800s to late 1990s, more than 150,000 indigenous children were forced to attend residential schools. These schools were operated by the Catholic Church on behalf of the federal government. These schools were a front for a forced assimilation campaign. The children were barred from speaking their language. They suffered sexual and physical abuse at the hands of school authorities.”

“Media Report from CBS This Morning –June 4, 2021, Dr. Chrystal Gail Fraser, PHD, Reporter (f): University of Alberta professor Chrystal Gail Fraser says abuse was rampant.”

“Media Report from BBC – July 16, 2021, Isadore Poorman, School survivor (m): I got hit. I got hit like everybody else that spoke their language here. We got beaten. When one boy would start off a cry, it would make us all cry. It was a lonesome cry. And for that reason, that boy would get beaten up for making everybody else cry.”

“Media Report from CBS This Morning – June 4, 2021, Garry Gottfriedson: We were made to feel ugly because we were told we were ugly. We were made to feel like we were nothing but dirt. That has remained with me to this very day. I’ve never felt that I was good enough for anything.

Reporter (m): One survivor said indigenous people were labelled “heathens” by the Catholic Church and nuns told the children they didn’t have souls.

Garry Gottfriedson: Sometimes kids would not show up in the classroom. They would disappear for the next day and we knew that they were gone, but we didn’t know where they were gone.”

“Media Report from WION News – July 2, 2021, Reporter (m): Many students disappeared. They are now being found in unmarked graves. Indigenous leaders say school deaths were underreported and the actual number of children in unmarked graves across Canada could be in the tens of thousands.”

“Media Report from BBC – July 16, 2021, Leonard Ermine, School survivor (m): We never talk about it, no. Just kept silent. Because we were afraid. (A genocide that happened here.)”

I do hope they really give the money. It’s too late, but better than nothing. (Yes, Master.) And many already died so how can you compensate a life when it’s lost. (That’s right.) So at least they take care of the present and the future children. That’s the least they can do. (Yes, Master.) The least they should do. Never enough money to compensate for any life lost. Not just one life even. (Yes, Master.) And the way they died.

The Catholic system and all of them, make the world become hellish. (Yes, Master.) They will be responsible in hell. Because that is what they sow and they will reap it. If they did not reap already, they will. Believe me. (Yes, Master.) This is the Law of the Universe. Nobody can escape. Nobody can.

Even if the world ignores you or tries not to persecute you, because you are a big shot in the church or whatever. Oh, hell will not relent. (Yes, Master.) God is not mocked. God will not be mocked. These kinds of sins, in broad daylight, in the whole world, how can God or Heaven not see? (Yes, Master.) So it’s just a matter of time only. This evil will pay, and pay dearly.

They will regret the day they were born. They will never have time to even think of anything. They will forget all God’s angels, all the names of the Saints. They will not be allowed to remember anymore. They cannot call out for help. Even if people pray for him or for them, or if they repent, these sins never can be erased. They will be in hell forever.

When I talk about that, I feel pain again. Let me have a drink, a sip of water. (Yes, Master.)

You know, all these priests, because they have too much luxury, (Yes, Master.) more than a normal person even has. (Yes.) Alcohol is the worst thing that you can take for yourself. But they allow it, in abundance. They can drink any time. (Yes.) But Jesus did not drink. (Yes.) Forbid intoxicants, (Yes, Master.) all that. In Buddhism, in any case. In Catholicism the same, no? (Yes, Master.) And they know it. Alcohol will lead you to many other sins. Even though it seems harmless…. It doesn’t seem like it harms anybody, but it will.

You see, people drink alcohol, and they drink and drive, and they kill others, (Right, Master.) or they make a car crash and kill many at the same time. Or they brawl in the bar, and kill or wound each other. (Yes.) Or they go home and beat their wife and kids. It happens all the time. Everybody knows it, (Yes, Master.) the research. Violence because of being drunk. Drinking too badly and then go home, don’t understand anything anymore. They do many bad things including raping others as well.

So, all these Catholic priests, they don’t know anything about precepts, Commandments and virtuous life. All these people who abuse and rape children etc. or murder them. All those who work for them, same. Same system. (Yes, Master.) They abuse their position, their privilege.

In Buddhism, if you are a monk, you know all this, and you never touch alcohol anyway. (Yes, Master.) And they don’t touch meat, even. It’s only a small number of, they call it “Hinayana,” meaning “the smaller vehicle,” they eat meat. But mostly they go out begging, most of them, begging. So, whatever they are given, they eat. (Yes, Master.) It’s not like they’re so rich like the Catholic church.

All the priests can eat meat and drink wine every day. And if they go to visit any of the followers, they also offer them the same. It’s like a normal thing. All this forbidden stuff, it’s a normal daily practice, daily usage for the Catholic priests. You see that? (Yes, Master.) All this is taboo – meat, wine, and then come down to women or men. These things are taboo for priests. (Yes, Master.)

Normally, priests are not even married. Otherwise, what’s the difference between the normal taxi driver and them? (Yes, Master.) (Exactly.) The taxi drivers are even more honest. More morally good. And they are responsible for their family. You see what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) They don’t drink and drive, for example like that. And they take care of their family, they work hard. Not like these priests, have nothing to do, just repeat the Bible and live in luxury on the sweat and tears of their followers. Just because the followers are good, believing in Jesus and God. So, they cannot see God, they cannot see Jesus anymore, so they hold on to the priest. (Yes, Master.) And that’s how they can abuse them, they can take advantage of them and abuse their children, even. Not just taking their money and eat and live well, but even abuse their children.

And nobody did anything all these hundreds of years. How many people died? How many people bled? How many people were injured, and lost their lives in the hands of these pedo-priests? (Yes, Master.) My God! Normal thieves or burglars, they put them in jail and some even have their hands chopped. If your hands do something wrong, they chop your hands off. (Right, Master.) And these priests, they continue to live and live happily ever after all the time. (Yes.)

I don’t know why people give them immunity. I don’t know who are they to have immunity, as such. Because a criminal is a criminal, no matter who they are. If the president of the United States, for example, does this kind of thing, they will put him in jail, man. (Yes, Master.) Right? (That’s right. Yes.) Or they might kill him even, they may execute him. (Yes, Master.)

So I don’t understand why these pedo-priests are enjoying immunity. Nobody can enjoy immunity for killing, raping, molesting others, especially the children. (Yes, Master.) Even God doesn’t have this right. Even God cannot claim this right to do that. (Yes, Master.) I dare say that to God. And God knows I’m speaking the truth. A criminal is a criminal. (Yes, Master.)

In the old times, even kings and queens, if they did something wrong, sooner or later the people will revolt against them and kill them. Snatch the throne from them and their possessions and their position from them. (Yes, Master.) So, I don’t know who are these pedo-priests that enjoy immunity. Immunity for what? From what? And why? Will anybody answer me? Will the so-called pope or the priests answer me this?

A criminal is a criminal. And more so a criminal if he/she is a priest, because they know the right thing, and they did the opposite. They did the wrong one, hurting others, hurting children. You understand me? (Yes, Master.) They don’t even pick on their own size. (Yes, Master.) They pick the little weak, defenseless and vulnerable children, whose parents are paying them lavishly so that they can live such a luxury life. (Yes, Master.) As a priest, a priest is supposed to live more modestly. (Yes, exactly Master.)

Many priests in Jesus’ time, they did not live like this. Many priests even after Jesus’ time, they sometimes even go into the desert, eating only bread and olives. It is recorded in books, (Yes.) in books that are left behind for us. (Yes, Master.) How the priests lived their life in a remote area or far away, they’re doing penance every day, praying every day and living an almost ascetic life. Same with the Buddhist monks and nuns. Not all of them, of course, but if they’re real monks and nuns, truly, they should live a more modest way of life. (Yes, Master.)

I don’t see any Catholics doing that. I don’t see any Catholic priests doing that. So, it is a very bad example for the society. And even foul-mouthed, saying everything is OK. All the sins are OK. But funny, why gay marriages are not OK. (Yes, Master. True.) We’ve talked about that before already. Isn’t that strange? (Yes. Very.)

And then the pope, Francis, when he wasn’t elected yet, he never saw the normal people who complained to him about their children being molested, when he was still in Argentina. And he did not see them. But then he saw all the famous people. It’s written; it’s reported on the news. (Yes, Master.) It’s not I who said it. These people are still alive and they tell the truth.

“The Church: Code of Silence (2017) Documentary Dreccted by Martin Boudot, Reporter(f): Father Karadima has been since proven guilty by the Vatican of sexual abuses. He’s here, still in the C9 (Council of Cardinals).

Priest(m): They will stay as long as the pope wants them there.

Reporter(f): Thank you very much. Thank you.

Narrator(m): It seems that only the pope has the power to punish his cardinals. So why doesn't he take stronger action? Maybe because he, too, faced accusations in his homeland of Argentina long before his election.

Man: Regarding pedophile priests, (Pope Francis) says there were no cases in his diocese. (He doesn’t want to admit that. It’s a lie.)

Man: Who here tried to contact Bergoglio (Pope Francis)? (Who tried?) Yes. (I tried! All of us!)

Man: And who received a reply? (Never. None of us.)

Woman3: He receives all the celebrities like Leonardo Di Caprio also went to show him the place, all of them, and opens his door to them. And for us, not even a quick letter to say he was sorry.

Woman: I don’t expect anything from him, I don’t believe in him.

Woman 4: I suffered a lot and I was very hurt because Bergoglio (the pope) did nothing. Everyone told me: “Write to him, he’s bound to reply.” I suffered a lot. And I’m very disappointed.

Narrator(m): In another case concerning other victims, some believe he willfully tried to divert the course of justice. It's the Father Grassi case, the biggest pedophilia scandal in the Argentinian church. In 2009, he was sentenced to 15 years in prison, but the Argentinian church did all in its power to have him acquitted. This 2,800-page counter-inquiry is a confidential, internal Argentinian church legal text. Inside, the children are accused of falsifications, lies, deceit and invention. The conclusion is clear. The court’s decision was wrong. Father Grassi had to be acquitted on appeal. This work was commissioned in 2010 by the Argentine Episcopal Conference and notably by its then president, Cardinal Bergoglio, now Pope Francis.

Reporter(f): In the Grassi case, did you try to influence Argentinean justice?

Francis: No, not at all.

Reporter(f): No? Then, why did you commission this counter-inquiry in the Grassi case?

Francis: I never did.

Reporter(f): Never?”

I told you already; the same right now. He will see the big shots, but he doesn’t care about the commoners. (Yes, Master.) The downtrodden. He just says, “Oh, help the poor, help the poor.” All this is just hypocrisy. (Yes.) Just for show.

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