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Between Master and Disciples

One-Year King, Part 9 of 9, Dec. 12, 2021

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Like when I was in India, I didn’t have luxurious food except chapati, cucumber, and peanut butter. Now and then, one samosa. Remember? (Yes, Master.) But it was a carefree life. I don’t remember when I lived a better life than that. Ever.

Like when I was in India, I didn’t have luxurious food except chapati, cucumber, and peanut butter. Now and then, one samosa. Remember? (Yes, Master.) But it was a carefree life. I don’t remember when I lived a better life than that. Ever. And I feel so sad. I just want to live that kind of life again. Or anywhere else with a carefree life, even though simple and not luxurious or anything, but so carefree, so happy. Nothing I wanted. Or samosa, more. But that is not a big deal, I can control. (Yes.)

What I mean is, such a life is so wonderful. Like the life Heidi has with her grandpa. (Yes.) Very simple, simple life. I like that simplicity, carefree and far away from it all. I was so sad for a while, a couple of days. But then, I’m too busy to continue thinking. Otherwise, if I had a choice, that’s the choice that I would make. In the physical realm. (Yes, Master.)

That’s for my physical, personal enjoyment and happiness. But I won’t choose that. Well not yet anyway. Because I have another kind of choice. The choice for others. For more people, for more beings to be happy. (Yes.) Even though it makes me happy, but it makes me sad, also, at the same time. (Yes, Master.) Makes me happy to serve to make other people happy, but it makes me also sad, like I’m so limited. I can’t live the way I want. (Yes, Master.) Not so carefree like when I was in the Himalayas with very little money, two pairs of Punjab clothing, and not much else. A sleeping bag, of course, that’s all. But I was so happy. Very, very happy. I don’t remember ever being so happy like that. When I was married, when I had a good job, when I had good food, or anything, or good house, nothing. Nothing compared to that. Nothing ever compared to that.

And so when I watched that film, simple life again, I felt so sad. Felt so sad that I could not concentrate for a while, working on Supreme Master TV. I could work, it’s just not so enthusiastically like I should be. (Yes, Master.) Did you watch that film ever? (Yes, Master.) You did? (Yes.) The more human film or the cartoon? (Human.) Human. (Yes.) Both are very, very enchanting. To make you feel very nostalgic for freedom, at least physical and mental in this world. That’s what I call freedom in this world, for me.

I was so sad for a while. And I could not feel the enthusiasm to work for the Supreme Master Television shows for a while. Just a couple of days. But I still did, didn’t I? (Yes, Master.) You didn’t miss anything, right? (No, Master.) I still did my job. But if I could, I would go immediately. Even now. If I could just forsake my work, my voluntary job, I would go to live that kind of life again. (Yes.) Within humans, but not attached to humans, not connected too much. (Yes, Master.) Not have anything to do with each other. They do their jobs, I live my life, things like that. I’m not like far away from it all, like Heidi and her grandpa, but I’m so detached. (Yes, Master.)

I lived on top of the hill, with a couple of next door mud houses. They’re all mud houses. And only three, four rooms together. I lived in one room. The other three, sometimes have people, sometimes not. And I was so happy. Even we lived with each other and we slept together on top of the roof, but we were so very… I didn’t even know them. I know them when I went up and saw them there and we slept on the roof. (Yes.) Each one with a sleeping bag in a corner somewhere. But never had any like real connection or needing chatty chitty, nothing. (Right.) (Yes, Master.) I didn’t even know their names, where they come from, I never asked. Never asked what for they came there, I never asked. I never even asked anything. That’s how simple life was for me. And I really loved that type of life. It doesn’t have to be the Himalayas, it could be somewhere else. Live a carefree life alone. I really miss that kind of life, those days.

Any other questions? No? (No, Master.) OK, OK then I say goodbye, God bless. (Thank You, Master. Thank You for the story.) Hope you enjoyed the story, (Yes, we do. Very happy.) and reflect on it. (Yes, Master.) I wish I could read it more fluently because I have to translate and think at the same time and I completely forgot the story, that’s another trouble. I don’t read very fluently but it should be OK. (Yes, Master.) It is the spirit, the moral of the story, it’s not how I read it. (Yes, Master.)

You guys OK, not too tired? (No, we are OK, Master. Thank You.) I mean by work? (No, Master. It’s OK.) OK. Manageable. (Yes, Master. Thank You.) Men, you are tough, you know. You don’t worry about testosterone. It does you good. On the contrary, if I’m too vexed, too taxed, it might make trouble for me. (Yes.) It might spell trouble for me. Otherwise you guys are tough, that’s why I call you more often than the girls. I let them sleep. Because they work a lot already. (Yes, Master.) Just spare them a little bit, like spoil them a little. (We understand.) Let them rest more.

Human bodies, the girls have weaker bodies than men. (Yes, Master.) You know that right? Physically. (Yes, Master.) I don’t know why, I guess men eat more when they were younger or something. Mother gives them more food or something? Or maybe the girls didn’t want to ruin their figure or something? Women are always weaker than men. (Yes.) We call them the weaker sex, the weaker gender. (Yes.) Except those trans or bi or something, they are stronger, some of them. (Yes.) That’s why in many countries they don’t let the people who are men but are women in physical form, no, men in physical form but are women, or sometimes they change their gender. (Yes.) They become women so they forbid them to compete with normal women because they will be too strong. (Yes, Master.) They will win and the normal women will lose. But I don’t know where they can compete then, they can’t compete with men either right? (Right.) Are they allowed to? (No.) Maybe not. In this world they classify two genders, men and women. And if somebody’s in between, they’re difficult to classify (Yes.) and to put them in some competitive group.

OK then. I need to continue my other work and you too. (Yes, Master.) I wish you all the best and God bless. (Thank you, Master.) (God protect Master.) Thank you, Ciao. (Bye, Master.)

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