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YouCare: The “Good Deeds” Search Engine, Part 2 of 2

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YouCare is an innovative internet search engine that transforms users’ searches into good deeds. When users “surf the net” through the YouCare browser, revenue is generated from advertisers. After a specified number of searches, users can use this revenue for a “good deed,” such as providing meals for the animal-people in shelters, planting trees, drilling water wells in Africa, or cleaning up the ocean.

“In the humanitarian field, we offer drinking water to disadvantaged populations. We have already started in Benin with two wells which have already been inaugurated. We have two wells also in Benin, which are under construction and we will be able to publish the photos before the summer. When you bring a well with drinking water within a short distance, the children, instead of going back and forth all day to get water, will be able to go to school and thus increase the level of knowledge of the village, and therefore the wealth of the village.”

“We have launched a second one where we are helping the children's schooling. We have exceeded 4,000 hours of funded schooling for children in Kenya. Also, we will carry out several similar programs in various places in the world to help children in developing countries who need financial help to educate their population. As a last good deed, we have the coral. We finance the replanting of square centimeters of coral in coral reefs.”

Thomas frequently uses the YouCare platform to promote compassion towards the people of the animal kingdom. “Whenever a member of the team has a dog, they can bring their dog to the office. We're a dog-friendly company. Pets are welcome.”

Our most gracious Supreme Master Ching Hai explains that technology helps to improve our world in a spiritual way, too, because improved communications make it easier for people to meet an enlightened Master and thus to know God. “Due to God's grace, the spiritual atmosphere, the spiritual blessing, has been bestowed upon our planet, and we have become more and more advanced in all kinds of aspects of life, and our life has become more and more comfortable, more and more elevated.”
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