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Cruelty Free International: Paving the Way for Compassionate Shopping

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Every year, millions of beings suffer and die in laboratories all over the world from chemical, drug, food, and cosmetic testing. One of the leading organizations working with a singular focus to end animal-people experimentation worldwide, the UK-based Cruelty Free International, is helping to create a planet where no one considers that testing on persons of the animal kingdom is ever an option.

Cruelty Free International came to life in the United Kingdom on June 14, 1898, at a public meeting in Bristol, under the leadership of Frances Power Cobbe, who among other things, was a great champion for women’s rights, philanthropist, and caring supporter of people of the animal kingdom’s rights.

Let us take a look at some of the strategies this benevolent organization has used to help in ending the suffering of our animal friends. First, it has disclosed and publicized the real life and suffering of animal kingdom persons in laboratories by investigations and organized campaigns worldwide to end experimentation. Also, it has worked with governments around the world, prepared constructive proposals, and connected with politicians, decision-makers, and compassionate people to build support and gain public awareness to make policy changes on testing. In addition, Cruelty Free International has utilized legal challenges to enforce animal kingdom people’s rights laws. Lastly, through research and spreading the latest scientific knowledge, the group is promoting humane alternatives to replace animal tests, and supporting companies and retailers who have adopted a cruelty-free system in developing and selling their products.

Michelle Thew, chief executive of Cruelty Free International, has talked about why we should forever be against testing. “You don’t need the animal tests. We’ve replaced all of the really archaic cruel tests that we used to do on animals, and we can do them more effectively now without using animals.”

The Leaping Bunny logo of Cruelty Free International has become a trusted symbol of authentic cruelty-free products that consumers can rely on, and manufacturers can use, to show that their products have not been tested on animals. The Leaping Bunny program certifies cruelty-free cosmetics, personal care and household products and is regarded as the global gold standard.
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