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Between Master and Disciples

Heaven Does Not Accept the Killing of the Unborn, Part 3 of 8, Oct. 22, 2021

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They’re just like angels without wings. (Yes.) The purest of all the pure are the babies. (Yes, Master.) And they just kill them, cold-blooded murder like that. And the pope, oh God, the highest of all the reverends in this world that people believe, just like condemning them, condoning the murdering of helpless babies.

How can I spare my words? (Yes.) I have to tell the direct truth, 100%. Nothing but the truth. (Yes, Master.) That’s what people say when they swear, (Swear on the Bible.) they put their words under oath. (Yes.) If they even believe in the Bible. If they even understand.

The Bible says many things that they don’t do. (Yes.) Only one even, “Thou shalt not kill,” and they partake in it. They encourage it, condone it. (Yes.) So what kind of Catholic is that? These are the antichrist. (Definitely.) These are the real antichrist, whoever is anti-God, is antichrist. Anti-God’s law. (Yes, Master.) They are the antichrist. Where do you look further? You can see it. Or not? (Yes, Master.)

And then, meanwhile, sometimes they oppress other real practitioners, the ones who abide by God’s law and the national law. (Yes.) Go and chase after them, hunt them down. And then putting the name, the title “cult” on them. (Yes.) Like people did to me before. (Yes.) What have I done to the world? (Nothing at all, only good.)

I teach according to the Bible exactly. (Yes, Master.) Nothing opposite. (Yes.) I am for Christ, for God. People don’t have to believe me but just know, I do no harm. (Yes.) Never! (No, You only do the best, the good for people.) Even if they don’t have to thank me or believe me but they should know, and they can see I do no harm at all. (Yes, Master.)

Even to little insects, if I can help it. (Yes.) But I have been harassed all these decades. And all kinds of things. All kinds of things I have to bear, for example. (Yes, Master.) Meanwhile, all these people who are against the Bible’s rules and for antichrist teachings are living in luxury and security and adoration. (It’s an upside down world.) I’ve been let go easily these few years only. (Yes, Master.) Before that, I keep having to run all the time. (Yes.) I still do, it’s just less obvious, that’s all. (Yes, Master.) All kinds of things they say.

And poor Trump also. (Yes.) He didn’t do any harm. He made peace. (Yes.) And maybe he’s vegan by now. I heard that he changed his diet. I don’t know what kind of diet.

I heard that Chairman Kim Jong Un also changed the diet and became thinner. That’s what they say in the press, (Yes.) say his suit became loose. (Must be vegan then, hopefully.) I suspected that and I hope that. (Yes.) Good for them. (Yes.) So they have less karma, easier to do their job, which is a very heavy burden for them. (Yes, Master.) Being a president, a Supreme Leader is no joke. (Oh, no, not at all.) Oh, man. And international pressure as well. (Yes.) And even their own party, so-called supporters, they are against them also. Some. (Yes.) Not all of them are loyal or understanding. (Yes.) It’s very, very difficult. (Always scheming against them.) Finding any opportunity to drag them down, so that they can go up. (Yes.) Step on them to go up. (Yes.)

So if they change to a vegan diet, it’s good for them. Not to talk about saving the world yet. (Once they turn vegan, maybe then they’ll affect the veganism with the people around them and then down to the country.) And then maybe it’s much better for the country and the world. (Yes, Master.) Not to talk about their own benefit from the vegan diet. (Yes.)

You see, when it comes to the happiness of the people, like the gay marriage situation, he (the pope) condemned it. He distanced himself from it. He rejected people who just wanted to be happy. Or would he like them to just sneak around, guiltily and then don’t dare to openly talk about it and then they get sick. The unhygienic situation that they have to be in, then they get sick physically, emotionally, mentally, psychologically. So, the marriage of the two people for love, it is also sacred at least to these two people. They’ll be happy. They will be loving to each other and that contributes to the better atmosphere of our planet. He kind of detested it.

But when it comes to the murdering, killing of the innocent, of the pain and suffering thereof, he condones it. He encourages it. This is not normal behavior, not to talk about the behavior of a priest, a high priest, the highest priest in the Catholicism. I have no more respect. I won’t pray for these people. I condemn them, all of them who support killing innocent babies by abortion. Oh, this is contrary to the way a compassionate pope that you thought should have said. (Yes. Exactly.)

The tenderness, compassion should be reserved for the babies! (Yes.) For the helpless ones, the children of God! (Yes. Exactly.) The creation of God that was given to humankind! Oh, I cannot talk anymore. God, what has become of this world? Oh God, it’s never been so terrible like this. Your representative, God, Your highest, so-called highest representative, he is condoning murdering! Your children! Your unborn children. Dear Lord, bless You, my God. You must feel very painful. My God.

(Yes, the pope is supposed to be the leader in guiding people to the right way, but he’s not.) Yeah, you thought like that. (Yes.) That’s what I thought.

I had so much respect for him. And when he came out as a pope, I was so happy. I did even write him a letter to congratulate him and tell him that he touched my heart with his humility according to all this PR beforehand. He’s supposed to be a very humble pope. (Yes, Master.)

Oh, and the power blinds him now. Everybody, gives him a salute and kowtows and now he became too big. I don’t know what became of him, with all this power. (Yes, Master.) He’s the worst politician, not to talk about anything else. And he says he doesn’t talk political. (Yes.) If don’t talk, then he should not side with the other politicians. (Yes.) Instead of siding with the babies, if he cannot side with the babies, then he shouldn’t call the other pastors politicians. They have compassion for children, (Exactly.) for babies.

He doesn’t have compassion for them, utters anything to discourage it, or talks to these politicians to tell them, “You should not do this, you’re Catholic. You’re a Catholic believer. You’re a God worshipper. You should not kill any of God’s created children.” The children are God’s children. (Yes.) They’re Hiers creation. God sent it to humans, for some reason, for some purposes. We didn’t know yet, we just kill them. I mean they just kill them. (Yes. Exactly.) This is terrible. This is worse than a nightmare. Worse than anything you can imagine.

The pope! Oh God! He lectures his own pastors not to be politicians. (Yes.) And he, himself, siding with the politicians. It’s the same stuff. Except the other pastors show compassion as a priest should be. (Yes. Exactly.)

And here, he’s siding with a bunch of these old and adult, and evil people and don’t talk anything for the babies. (Yes, Master. They’re creating hell on Earth here.) Yes, it is already hell, at least for these babies, it is hell. (Yes.) The day he comes out, she comes out, the world treats them brutally, wickedly.

They are just babies, man. What have they done to the world? What have they done to anybody, to the pope, to let him treat them like that? (Nothing, Master.) Not even defending one word for them.

“...Every Catholic knows that the killing of a defenseless creature in the mother’s womb is a horrendous crime; and that the most serious scandal is given to the faithful not only by Joe Biden as a convinced supporter of abortion, but also by Bergoglio (Pope Francis) himself, who is recognized as holding the authority of Supreme Pastor of the Church. His work of demolition knows no respite before the astonished silence of the Cardinals and Bishops...” ~ The Most Reverend Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò

My God. So you can see all these people are fake. (Yes, Master.) I don’t know what else to say. They’re fake! They are really political. (Yes.) Just for fame, (Yes.) gain and position. (Yes, Master.) My God! (No compassion at all.) No! Nothing. (All politically motivated.) Yes. (Without a heart.)

Oh God. I feel really compassionate for all these believers of the Catholic Church and believe in the pope, celebrating him and all that, instead of celebrating a new creation from God, the baby. (Yes.) They’re so beautiful.

Last night, I was working but then I saw some babies, and then afterwards I watched some of the headlines on the internet, I saw they’re talking something about the babies, and they show some beautiful babies. Oh, and I just wanted to hug them. Their hands are so lovely, lovely. So cute. (So cute. Yes.) And the way they smile and they laugh and … Oh, was so wonderful. They’re just like angels without wings. (Yes.)

The purest of all the pure are the babies. (Yes, Master.) And they just kill them, cold-blooded murder like that. And the pope, oh God, the highest of all the reverends in this world that people believe, just like condemning them, condoning the murdering of helpless babies. I cannot in one thousand years believe that. Millions of years. (Yes, Master.)

I take a breath. I was shaking. (Yes, it’s just really shocking and surprising.) Yes. (We revere someone) Yeah. (and then he can just be so two-faced like this.) They are too powerful, (Yes.) nobody dares say anything. You see the whole world kept silent. (Yes.) How long since he uttered this? (Middle of September.) Long time already. (Yes.) At least long enough. And nobody said anything. (Yes.)

The world’s gone crazy. It’s all under the influence of Satan, blind. They all sell their souls or something, sell their souls to Satan for richness, for fame, for consolidation of their position, their power. They have no soul, no heart in them. Maybe Satan has taken all their souls away. They’re just an empty shell possessed by the demons.

That’s why, otherwise it’s too obvious, how come they’re like that, they say like that, they talk like that, they act like that. (Yes.) And they’re murdering like that without remorse. (Yes, Master.)

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