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Sutta Nipāta: Dhaniya the Cattleman, Part 8 of 9, Dec 30, 2019

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People bring not just their physical strength to help you, they bring their stacks of karma. Oh, you have no idea. If you knew, you would be very scared. That’s why many rich people or the king and big politicians, they don’t fare very well, because they have too many helpers and they didn’t know about the karmic consequences.

There is one guy who wears nothing; no shirt, no clothes, but he’s always happy, happy, happy. And sometimes it rains, sometimes he’s scorched by the sun. Some people come and say, “You have hands, you have feet. You go out, do some work and then earn money, so that you can put some clothes on your back and have something in your possession, then you’ll be better.” He said, “No, I am happy now. I’m very happy.” They said, “Why are you happy? If you have some things, you will be happier.” He said “No, if I have anything, you think I’ll still be happy like now?” It means he knows whatever he has will cause another trouble. It’s true like that.

Even if we have our clothes, the more beautiful, the more trouble. You have to take good care of it. Luckily, I don’t have to because there are some experts in my company. I will send it to them and they help me to wash and then I put it on for, I don’t know what, advertisement. “Master wore that! You want to buy some?” For example. Otherwise, if I’m alone, I won’t be wearing this. Or if I have to wash them myself, I don’t think I would. It’s too much trouble. My mobile home now is small; they said it’s small. They told me it’s made from a container and very small, because I warned them already, I can’t have it too big. Still, it’s too big for me. They still tried to squeeze another room in front and another room on the left. The bedroom.

Of course, I appreciate their kindness. I paid. Don’t think I get it from them. I don’t want to. So, the mobile home even, they made it from a container. Cargo container from the ship? Some are bigger, some smaller. They told me a cargo container, I thought it was small. Immediately, one month, it’s all done. No, they made it bigger and then bigger and then it’s two months, two months and a half. So OK, fine. I accept it. Well, because they made a living room like a normal house, and attached to it is a little kitchenette. And in the front, there is a little coffee room, [with a] Japanese chair; sit on the floor drinking coffee. If I have time to even make a coffee.

They truly have no idea. All of you have no idea that I am munching a (vegan) sandwich, signing my documents at the same time. Meditating while petting my pets at the same time. And washing my teeth, while checking some Supreme Master Television clips at the same time. How have I even leisure to make a coffee? Sit there and sipping like a princess. So, that room is a waste, but I can’t take it off. It’s attached. Just like you cannot free yourself from your husband. You are attached to each other by some invisible cement. So, I don’t blame you. My house, I cannot detach that part. Of course, I can. I have to call experts to come in, pull away the wall, that piece of roof, and then seal it all back again. It would take another month, with all the mess to clean up and everything to fix back it again. Because they also made a balcony, and then you’d have to take the balcony away first and wrap it back again. Oh, my God! So, I said forget it, fine.

And they made a bedroom also. Bedroom with a… Ah! How to say? You call it queen size bed, maybe? Not a king size, but it must be a queen size. They think I’m a queen, so I deserve a queen size bed. I lied on it once. It’s truly comfortable. It’s the best bed you can have. Beautiful sheets and satin-like linen. When I came, it was still hot and you lie on this cool sheet, and cover yourself with this satin. I didn’t cover myself. I was worried I’d go to sleep, because it’s too comfortable.

I left it there for maybe a couple of weeks. I didn’t know what to do with it. I just lied on it once and it’s too comfortable, very comfortable. I’m worried [what] the Buddha said, “You don’t lie on high and wide bed.” And I was thinking, I have to study that “why” first, before I really sleep on that bed. It’s very comfortable how they made the bed. The room is small, but the bed is big, and even has a little small reading chair and a table. It looks very nice. Truly very nice, very simple, but nice.

And then, before I went to sleep, I immediately had to jump out of the bed. I have a lot of work to do. If I lied there, I would sleep, maybe forever and go to nirvana as well. So, after moving all my dresses and stuff into the new house, I was still thinking where to put it. First, I put them in the new cave. And then later, I said, it’s too far away from the main house. I can’t afford to keep running back and forth. Maybe I’ll forget a lipstick or I’ll just draw only one eyebrow and forget the other. Then, I have to run again to the cave to get a pencil. And if the pencil is broken, then I have to… etc.

And the bathroom is in the middle. And so, if I go in and out and if I wear this kind of beautiful dress, the rain will rain in. I cannot say, “Go ahead and rain, god! I am going to the meditation hall now. Just rain.” So, very inconvenient. Because my time is really very tight. So, I took out the bed, with some little regret, I have to confess. Because I tried once, a few minutes, and it’s really comfortable. For a long time I didn’t have this kind of comfortable, physical feeling, especially when you’re older and your bones kind of don’t stay where they’re supposed to stay. So, in such a bed, it’s really regulated, very comfortable. So, I was also afraid that I would be too comfortable. Because if I’m too comfortable, I might not to be able to remember other people who don’t have enough comfort. So, out it went. Out, out!

And then I put all my dresses and everything in there, next to my working office, so it’s convenient. Because I work sometime, and then I take a little break or something, then in those few minutes, I can go and arrange my things. Because it was not arranged; when it first came, it was all in suitcases and bags. So, it was very convenient. They moved all the things in, a long time ago, but because it’s in the cave far away, and when I work, and in just a few minutes, I can just go there and come back again to work. But if it’s next to my little office room… The office is about two by two, about the size of this platform.

And next to it is a room, a little bit bigger, and I put all my dresses and things I need there. Very convenient. And in no time, I fixed it, I arranged everything. Before, it’d been laying there too long, because out of sight, out of mind. Too lazy to go. Originally, I wanted to live in the cave. That’s why I brought all the things there. But then the dogs are with me. In the cave, there’s less room with all the dresses and table, makeup table, hats, and shoes. It’s not enough room for dogs and me. So, I thought, OK, I have to sacrifice the cave. The mobile home is good. It’s just that they made it too big.

I mean, it’s not big. It’s good. Actually, it’s not very big. Just it is good for dogs to also be in there. In the beginning, when I came, it was all empty. Even the small room looked very big. And the Japanese room is also about this big. The desk here, the platform here, about that big. It’s a nice house actually, truly. It’s just that I really feel like I should just live in a small cave or room somewhere. They cheated me. They told me, “Just a small mobile home, a container, Master, just a container.” So, I thought, like the container we had before, small and simple.

But they made it into a house. It looks like a country house, very nice! They put a roof on top of it, so it makes it like a real house. The container is only square or maybe rectangular. But they put a roof on it, and they cut the wall to make a house, and windows. And inside, they made some padding or some kind of, looks like columns, Roman columns, Italian, half (columns), and patched it on it. It looks like a very good house. Not quite rich, but very decent, well decorated. Now you know my secret. So, the rain god can rain.

Did you eat already? (Yes.) Oh, you did, right? Oh, I came late, right? (Thank You, Master.) You enjoyed? (Yes.) (You spoil us.) Oh, spoil you. Oh, never mind, we have money. Food I can afford. Food and simple clothes.

Even in my house, I have only the… So, the dressing room, I reserve it for the dogs anyway. So, my bedroom is out, my bed is out. So, I just have a little corridor to walk in and out to choose a dress. That’s all. I feel very happy, very compact. The dogs are there, dresses are there, the kitchen is there. Sofa, I just have a small sofa. You can put it up like a sofa, or you can open it and it becomes like a little bed. But that bed, you have to be careful, because the four legs are on one side, and the one that opens out has no legs. If you’re not careful, the sofa will be on top of you, instead of you on top of the sofa.

My dog had that happen. And he was sandwiched in between. He was so scared. The big dog, he’s too heavy. He just turned around. If you sleep on this stable side with the four legs, you may just put an arm on the other side, or a leg on the other side, or lean a little bit. But if you completely roll over to the other side, then the sofa will sandwich you. It claps back. Or you’ll be under the sofa instead of you on top. But I am skillful. I have skillful means. All right, guys. Everything is good now, huh? (Yes.) So, I say, “The dresses are there, the dogs are there, food comes every day, so rain god, if you want, go ahead and rain.”

I feel a little bit more settled now. When I first came, so many bags, so many suitcases, and I had to do it myself. I don’t want anybody else to do it for me, because then I might not be able to find what I want. Number one. Number two, I prefer to do things myself. Before, I would be happy to have helpers. Nowadays, I know the truth. People bring not just their physical strength to help you, they bring their stacks of karma. Oh, you have no idea. If you knew, you would be very scared. That’s why many rich people or the king and big politicians, they don’t fare very well, because they have too many helpers and they didn’t know about the karmic consequences. You truly don’t know. Some people bring you marital problems. Some people bring you gossiping problems, your reputation problems. Some people bring you any other misfortune that you don’t even know.

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