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Consider Others Before Ourselves, Part 5 of 5, Dec 28, 2019

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You are happy because you know you are good, if you consider others before yourself, in any way. Deep in your heart, you know you do the right thing and that should make you happy. But it doesn’t mean the situation will be arranged because you are good, because you consider others, that it will make you happy.

Last night, we had a party, and then of course, when I came back home, I had to do paperwork. Until… I don’t know, what time was it? Four o’clock in the morning. Then of course, I had to wash myself and then go meditate. But I finished my work. The urgent work, I sent already, earlier. As soon as I come home, whatever’s urgent, I finish quick, I send it, so that they can fix it quick. Because they need to fix, whatever I corrected, they have to fix. And you know how many translations we need, how many languages. So it’s a big cooperation between many people. So, as soon as I finish, I send it. But when other things are not so urgent, like for today, I also tried to finish it already until four o’clock in the morning. Don’t feel sorry. It’s my usual stuff. I work like that until I finish. I cannot leave the work undone, unless it’s a long way later on, then I say, “OK, I can do it tomorrow morning.” So, I finished at four o’clock. I consider my helper, the one who comes and picks up my documents or brings new documents to me. I consider it’s four o’clock in the morning; I didn’t want to call them anymore. So, I threw it out of the window on the golf cart, so that they know where to pick it up.

They did not take it. So, I found it; it was still there. Of course, I’m not happy. Even though it’s not an urgent thing, but it should have been gone already, so that the people know which one to arrange on [Supreme Master] TV and what else they will have to do, so they’re not waiting. No, it was still there. Luckily it was not urgent, and luckily it was not much to correct. But still, it’s not right. They know already where to pick it up. They came to give me new documents. It’s not like they did not pass through that area. But they did not see it, didn’t look. So, considering others, because I consider them, often I have to take the pain instead. That is not pleasant, to discover something you worked hard for and hope they pick it up early in the morning when they exchange the new one, take the old one. They did not. It’s not a very good feeling at all. And you know me. I want to finish things faster, to move to the next project.

We don’t just have that. We have other things waiting and coming all the time. So, I wasn’t happy of course. So, considering others cannot always give you the satisfaction feeling. But still you have to do it. Of course, always I tell you that whatever you do for others, it makes you feel happy. It’s not the same all the time. Last night, they had a good party, red envelope for lucky money, everything. And Master made jokes and Master stayed around with them. Of course, they were too happy – holiday kind of spirit – and forgot to work. So, in the morning, they did not pick up my finished documents. Of course, I understand them, I understand very well. But that doesn’t mean it makes me happy.

So, I scolded them of course. It’s not like I say, “Oh good, go ahead, I understand you. Never mind, Master does everything, Master can do everything.” Of course, I do my job. I do everything already. They only have to pick up and give it to other people to continue working. Not that they have to go into my yard or inside the gate, so that they’re scared to, afraid to wake up Master, disturb Master. No, it’s outside! I threw it out of the window on the golf cart, so that it had the roof. And also on top has a roof; they put a roof on top, so that the car can park in there, like a car port. And then I put it inside the golf cart also. So, it’s double protection and surrounded by two walls, so the wind will not blow it away or the rain will not wet it. Of course, I put it in a bag, rainproof, and sealed it, tied it. That’s what we do all the time. So, in considering others, don’t ask for rewards.

I often consider them and have trouble myself. But I cannot help it. I don’t know myself. Old woman, stubborn. Continue doing my old way. They did that many times, like whenever I consider them, then I will have some trouble. But I cannot change it. I threatened them many times, “The next time, I will make trouble for you instead.” But I won’t do it. I never did. Always the same. So, don’t say that Master always teaches us, “Whatever you do for others, you will have benefit, you’ll feel happy.” Yes, normally, but not always.

You are happy because you know you are good, if you consider others before yourself, in any way. Deep in your heart, you know you do the right thing and that should make you happy. But it doesn’t mean the situation will be arranged because you are good, because you consider others, that it will make you happy. No. No.

Remember on the 1st of October, I invited some artists? And you remember the story she read about a dog who was trying so hard to help the horse, to free the horse? And the horse keeps kicking him, because he also doesn’t know why he (the dog) is making trouble. Maybe he knows, but he doesn’t want the dog to hurt himself. Maybe like that. They are both trying to protect each other. And finally, the dog is able to remove the rope that gets caught on the door. He jumps up and up all the time and bites the rope or moves the rope, until finally the rope moves, so the horse frees himself and runs out. But the dog was burnt all over and kicked in the ribs, broken ribs and stuff like that. But even then, he always continues to try to help the horse because they are together there. He considers the horse his friend or maybe his leader. Dogs or animals, mostly they are a kind of pack, pack beings. So, if they don’t have a leader, they choose another being to be their leader, or their protectee, to protect. Either the dog was the leader trying to help the horse, or the horse was considered by the dog as his leader of the group. “No matter what, we are the pack,” they are the pack. So, he has to help his pack members. That’s how animals act. We humans are not always the same.

So, what I mean is that the dog did everything to help the horse. He knew that he would have trouble. He is not that stupid. But he just had to do it because he considered the horse’s safety. He forgot himself. And many stories we heard on our Supreme Master Television from other dogs also. They sacrificed to help others, even at their own expense or life or pain or suffering. Even the dog in the White House tried to protect President Obama and he got shot many times already; he still did not give in. He still continued to protect and catch the intruder until the security men came. With bullets, all over his body already. Understand that?

Animals are like that. Therefore, I am working for animals. I respect them; I admire their courage, and loyalty, and nobility. That’s why I want to help the animals. They don’t deserve to suffer in dark corners of any slaughterhouse and being treated like dirt or any non-sentient beings. Like an object. I don’t feel they deserve all this treatment. I don’t feel they should suffer like that, being so good, so kind, so noble.

Not just dogs, all the animals, they are also helping each other. We show many clips on [Supreme Master] TV about that and that touches millions, or billions. At least it touches some people, seeing these clips of animals, so noble and so kind. They would be touched and think twice if they ever eat animal flesh again. That’s also helping the vegan planet. So, you learn. Learn.

Try to awaken your own nobility inside. You have it. Don’t let situations, don’t let any material things or even holy things stray you from your own nobility, your own lofty Holy Nature. Train yourself, re-train yourself. Remember yourself, that you’re not like that. You’re from Heaven and you’re going back to Heaven, so be prepared for your journey Home with gifts. With gifts, not for yourself, for others. That’s the gift you will carry with you to Heaven, carry Home. Whenever you go out somewhere faraway, you come back, you bring gifts to your family members, no? Or before you go away, maybe you don’t know if you’ll come back or not, or maybe you don’t come back, so you give something, “This is for you to remember me.”

Don’t just take! Give all the time! The reason I don’t want you to give to me also is because I’m not greedy, but also, I want you to know that we should not take; we practitioners should not take. We must give, if we have, or at least we happily support those who give. I don’t take and then you take, that is not the way you should learn from a teacher. You learn from example. Not even from my talk. You learn from example. Do that. Don’t make it so difficult that even if I want to give to others, you try to hinder me, or to make it feel bad to give. Don’t do that.

You should be happy that somebody receives something from anybody or from the Master. You should just be happy as if you are the one who receives it! That is the attitude. Remember. Remember.

Remember Buddha’s teaching. I don’t know how many religions you have here, just I am more familiar with Buddhist teaching. Because the Buddha, He talked a lot. He had a big calendar. For 40-some years He preached. He lived until the ripe age of 80-some. So, during all those years, He talked, and the people recorded His teachings. The Buddha said, that the one who gives has merit. If they give with purity and love, of course. Otherwise, you may also have merit, but little. Or your merit will turn into something not so favorable to you, even though you have it. So, the Buddha said, “If you give with purity and love, your merit is immense.” But the one who doesn’t give, but is happy, supportive, happy for the one who gives and happy for the one who receives also gets merit. Remember that. Just remember that.

I don’t ask you to give everything. I don’t expect you to give anything. I told you many times, even if you are supportive, heart or spirit, that’s also very good. I don’t really ask you to give anything to anyone. I’m just telling you and then you decide. You have to decide well, decide nobly. Make me proud. Make your parents proud. Make your ancestors looking down, proud. Make your children proud. Make your family proud. And I thank you for doing that.

One more thing. I just remember one more story before I go. Is it OK? (Yes.) One more story? Because it’s your mealtime. Don’t worry, your meals won’t run away. Your meals, you have every day. But me, you don’t always have. So, forgive me if I’m late sometimes, or if I don’t come on time. I have many other works to do. I already forsake my dogs for now, even though I miss them and they miss me, but I don’t see them these days, so that I can concentrate on you. Because I have other work also. If on you and dogs, I cannot always think of how to perfect the Supreme Master Television work. So, I cannot just have everything. Whatever I can forsake. And my poor dogs, of course, they cannot protest, so I forsake them for now. I will try to make it up later if I have time. I don’t know anymore.

There’s one more story about giving. There was one layperson who always made offerings to a monk who was in retreat and in isolation all the time, to make everything comfortable, gives him anything he needs. And then the more he gives, the more his business prospers, and luck and happiness, and everything. So, he continued to give more. But then one day he thinks, “If I just give to a disciple of a master, so much merit and luck; if I give to the master himself,” master of this monk, “I will have much more.” So, from then on, he gives a donation, I mean an offering, to the master instead. And his business did not go any better, it’s even coming down. So then one day, he felt very bad. He went to the one that he always made offering to before, the disciple monk, not the master, but the disciple monk. And he asked, “Before, I made offerings to you. The more I took care of you every day, every day my business was better, and my life, better, everything… family, better. And then after, I made offerings to your master, because I think the master must be greater, more merit for me, and then my business has gone haywire. How come?”

So, the monk said, “Because you gave before with the purity of the heart, just to take care of me, and you did not want anything. And you did not discriminate, as I am just a normal monk. Then God gives you indiscriminately. Just like the way you indiscriminately, unconditionally gave to me, God gives you the same. But after you discriminate, you calculate, you think the master is better than me and you begin to offer to the master, so God also will recalculate. God will also discriminate, thinking whether or not you are worthy to be given anything, any luck or any merit.” You understand now? (Yes.) So, unconditional is the way. Where did I read all this story just on time to tell you. Understand? (Yes.)

Be happy if somebody else gets some credit, or some merits, or some gifts, or whatever. Be good. Be noble. Be Buddha. I’m telling you what, if you think you have Buddha inside, wake Him up. If you are just a future Buddha even, be prepared from now already. Because the prince, the crown prince, since he was young, he had to prepare himself already to be king. He knows he’s going to be king, but he must prepare from now already, from a young age already. Prepare yourself to be a Master, be the Supreme Master, be the Buddha. Be the Christ. Be prepared all the time.

Don’t walk here. Don’t walk in front of the monk. Thank you. Amitabha Buddha. This is all you have? How many are not Taiwanese (Formosan), not Chinese, not Aulacese (Vietnamese)? Raise hands. OK, good. All of you come to the kitchen. Today I’ll treat the Mongolians, the Thai, the Koreans, the Burmese, Japanese... The Asians, but non-Taiwanese (Formosan), non-Chinese, non-Aulacese (Vietnamese). Come. Also, the monks and nuns. All right. Let’s go. You’re welcome, old monk. Very good. (Thank You, Master.) I repeat again. Today, only for the Asians, the non-Taiwanese (Formosan), the non-Chinese, the non-Aulacese (Vietnamese). They are a minority but it doesn’t mean they are not important to me. They are important to me. They’re very, very, very devoted people. Singapore, also fine. If you have not been with me in the kitchen to eat with me any time at all, please come.

OK, I’m going now. Sorry, I must go. I will see you another time, another day. I don’t forget. I don’t forget you, the Westerners. I don’t forget. (Thank You, Master.) Just I take care of the hard cases first. Love you. Love you guys. (I love You.) See you later. See you later or tomorrow, special, OK? Special. That’s why I tell them to let you sit on both sides, so easy to see me. (Thank You, Master.) (Hallo, Master.) Love you. Hallo. Ta-da! Master is coming! Look busy! Love you guys. (Hallo, Master.) (Hallo Master.) (I love You, Master.) (Hallo, Master.) Love you. (I love You, Master.) Love you too. (I love You, Master.) Love you, thank you. (I love You, Master.)

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