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Between Master and Disciples

Consider Others Before Ourselves, Part 2 of 5, Dec 28, 2019

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You are responsible for everything you do, for everything that you get out of what you do. I told you already. No one else to blame anymore. Be sincere, then you’ll get the rewards that you cannot imagine. And you’ll have good inner experience, your life improved, everything will be good.

(Several months ago, I was in SMC, helping to organize and remove some of Master’s items. I was in a tiny, low roofed room, across from Master’s cave, where Master’s washing machine, cooker, etc. were. After looking at the items, I was crawling back towards the entrance, when suddenly I noticed Master’s walking stick. I picked it up and began to brush off the dust that had gathered on the handle. As I did so, this immense energy and powerful feeling of love emanated through me. So great, so pure, but with feelings also of pain, sorrow and suffering: Master’s taking of the karma of our brothers and sisters, all humans and animals, dogs, cows, etc. The highest love for every co-inhabitant on planet Earth. I burst into tears for the profound suffering that Master has endured, and the ultimate real love Master has for us all. I asked the nun at Saint Martin Center if I could take Master’s walking stick. She said, “Yes. Take it to the SBL (Spiritual Blessing Line) in the UK, so all initiates can see, feel and experience the same.” This experience came back to me on Christmas Day, and I realized that Master is the original Santa Claus. Thank You, Master, for Your boundless love.) You’re welcome.

(And may I add to that, Master? Some of the items… from St. Martin I took back to London, I drove back to London.) The walking stick, you took it back there? (Yes, and some other of Your items, the sofa, and so forth, for brothers and sisters.) Yeah. (There’s a family of initiates in Norway, in Oslo and I said that I would drive from the UK to Oslo to take Your items for them. And it’s quite a long journey. It’s 24 hours.) Oh? From London to Norway? (Yeah, by driving. Because it was a sofa and some other items of Yours.) Oh dear. OK. (And so, after about 16 hours on my journey, it was about two, three o’clock in the morning. And I got pretty tired, so I stopped at a service station. And I went into the service station and asked for a black coffee. And I asked the person serving if she would be kind enough to read me the ingredients, because now I was in north Denmark, northern Denmark. And it’s in Danish. So I couldn’t understand.) You don’t know what is written. (Yes. I said, “Could you read this for me? Would you be kind enough to read the ingredients because I am vegan.” And she said, “Vegan? Well, why don’t you just have one of our vegan beef burgers?” And in the middle of nowhere. And she pointed to this corner, there’s a little shop in the service station. They’ve got not vegetarian, vegan sausages, vegan beef burgers. And I said, “Yeah! I’ll have one of those!” And so, I sat in the van afterwards, once I bought it,) Munching your (vegan) sandwich. (and I was just staring at this vegan burger and just couldn’t believe it. North of Denmark. In the middle of nowhere,) Yes. (Master’s love, and what Master’s mission is, to have a vegan beautiful world. I was holding it in my hand, and just everything that You’re doing. We want to thank You.)

It’s OK, my love. It’s OK. I thought you were going to munch it in happiness. You were just looking at it, what for did you buy it? You ate after a while, right? I hope you didn’t just keep staring at it. (It was the best vegan burger, seriously, that I’d ever had! It was just one of those moments.) OK. You drove alone? (Yes.) Wow! What devotion! Thank you (Thank You.) for your love and your faith in me. I am very proud of that. (Always.) OK. Wow!

Indian brother, come here. You go home and just give it to that rescue place. For now. I am sure they can make use of it. Be careful. You tell that… (Yes, I want to inform, she informed that they are starting a project of artificial intelligence to test drugs instead of dogs, that will save many lives. So, IBM has sponsored some scientists and the job will start in January 2020 in full swing.) They test the drug on dogs? (They are developing artificial intelligence. Currently, the drugs are being tested on dogs.) Now they don’t. (So they suffer and lots of lives are lost. So, once artificial intelligence is developed, all drugs will be tested on that software.) Wonderful! Wonderful! (That is all.) That’s what we should do. (Thank You. Thank You.) That’s what we should do. We are getting more and more high tech now, so they should never use animals for any purposes anymore, except just to love. To love them and to be loved in return. That’s all. Is it OK if you take all that back to India through customs? No?

(Sending through the bank will be better. If they wire it from here, can do, Master.) Can do, of course. (We already did $10,000 USD. Similarly, they can send to the same account.) How much can you take into the country? (Maximum $5,000 USD.) Five thousand only? (Yes.) OK, then take first (OK.) half of it, no, a quarter of it, (OK.) and then the rest will come. (OK. Thank You.) Take a quarter out of that. (Yes, I will.) Quarter of the sum, (OK, I will do that.) and it would be about $5,000 USD. (Thank You.) (OK.)

Let him take a quarter of that. Take a quarter of it. That would be equivalent to maybe $5,000 USD. Then they can use it immediately for whatever. Don’t worry about it. Just take some. If the customs take it, then just let them take it. It all stays in India. Don’t worry. Next one, please.

(Sao Paulo, Brazil. One time, during group meditation, I had an experience. There was a lot of white (inner Heavenly) Light; there were a lot of puppies also. Very beautiful. When I tried to look closely, a female voice told me not to stay at the same level. I should keep going up, and there will be more beautiful realms and Light.)

Correct. Yes. We should never stop at any beautiful scenery or beautiful places or beautiful experiences. There is more all the time. Just like me now, I don’t know how… I cannot count anymore how many Realms I pass every day, just to collect some more power. I don’t even have the brain memory to even write it down because the number is just so immense, so great. Before, I was happy if I passed in a day, maybe 20 different Realms; I was very happy already. Now, it’s not possible to even think in our language how much. But it’s very fast. Every time, it’s just about maybe a few – two, three seconds. Otherwise, I would have no time to come here or no time to do any other things. Sometimes, I have like a message inside and I try to gather the message, but half-way through I have to stop for a few seconds just because I’m ascending. And the message line has to be stopped for a while, and then I resume again. Just by the way.

Whatever we think or feel inside, the whole universe knows it. So do not try to cheat anybody or don't tell me anything, lies or anything. Useless. Because Heavens also sometimes report to me. They said, “All Your disciples love You,” today, for example. And the day before, They passed the message to the workers of the Supreme Master Television to say that They really love and respect what they are doing. So, last night, I think I passed it on already. Right? Yes? (Yes.) Yeah, I did. Something like that.

So, we are transparent, actually. It's just that Heavens, higher Heavens, do not nose into our business. But if They want to, if They want to convey something, They see through all of us. So, if you come here for true spiritual elevation, They know; if you’re coming here just for fun or just have nowhere else to go or nothing else to do, then you might be in for some surprise. Maybe you'll even be kicked out of here for some reason or for no reason or for some very little reason. It's not my fault.

You are responsible for everything you do, for everything that you get out of what you do. I told you already. No one else to blame anymore. Be sincere, then you’ll get the rewards that you cannot imagine. And you’ll have good inner experience, your life improved, everything will be good. But if you come for some mundane reasons, then maybe that’s all you get or maybe you don’t get that. And you don’t improve spiritually, then you will blame even the Master. “You don’t bless me. I want a girlfriend, why don’t You give me a girlfriend?” Or, “I want a boyfriend, why doesn’t it happen?” I am not here to give you a boyfriend or a girlfriend.

I told you from the very beginning of my mission: Only to find God, to find your Self-Greatness, to find your Buddha Nature inside, become enlightened, be good to yourself, then to the society, and to the world. I have never promised you to come to me and you will have girlfriend, boyfriend, richness, health or whatever mundane things that you wanted to have. Could be that you came in for some very mundane reasons. Fine. But after a while, after listening to more of my teachings, you should know that’s not the goal. That might be just the catalyst for you to come in, to get initiation. Fine, fine. Whatever reason is good. That’s why I gave everybody a chance. But change. Change as you immerse yourself more and more into spiritual energy and wisdom. You change.

(From Vancouver, Canada.) Thank you. (Whenever I listen to the story about Lord Mahavira, I am very touched and feel purified. In the past, I used to easily lose my temper and get angry with others. Since Master told us about Lord Mahavira, I feel very calm and peaceful.) Good for you! (Has Lord Mahavira reincarnated on Earth to help Master? And when I meditate, I often think of Lord Mahavira. Does this conflict with following Master?)

I thought you knew. He is standing before you. Originally, I said that, but then I said no, we delete that part. So that whatever I read or explain is more objective, more neutral. I didn’t want you or anyone to feel like I was praising my past incarnation. If the story helps you, then it’s good. But it’s not just the story, it’s the Master who reads it. It’s my energy that goes through it as well. So, in a way, Lord Mahavira did help you or helped me. Good for you. I’m glad, I’m glad. Good for you. Anything else?

(From Los Angeles, California, USA. I live in the USA, but I am from Madagascar. I visited Madagascar in May this year. Before I went, I could meditate four hours a day with no problem. But now, I am struggling to do two and a half hours a day. I would like to help my country, but don’t know how to do it. Why did it affect my meditation?)

Why does it affect your meditation? Because you wanted to help your country, so you share your merits, your spiritual treasure with them, with your country, so you have to lose something. That’s the price to pay. Join the club. Join my club. Welcome to my world. It happens to me all the time. But you will recover. You will recover. Just meditate more diligently. Pray to all the Heavens to help you, Master Power to help you. But it’s very noble that you want to help your country. It’s very good, but it doesn’t mean that you lose nothing. For example, I just gave some brother some money, that means I lost some money. How can I give him and then I gain more? Or the same amount stays in my pocket? No. What you give – gone. Sorry. That’s the way the karma working. That’s the way it is.

(From Missouri, USA. Beloved Master, thank You for this chance to see You for the first time. I am feeling very blessed.) Oh really? Come here. See me more. Sit for a while. So, you can see me more, first time. All right. (When I meditate, I see the Sun and it changes colors many times. It looks blue, purple…) I thought you wanted to see me. You’re looking down and crying, how can you see me when you’re all blurry like that? You see the Sun and then? (Yes. It changes color many times. It looks blue/purple around it sometimes.) Yeah! (Is there any spiritual meaning to these different colors?)

No. It’s just, the Sun has many colors. It’s just we don’t see it like that mostly. Even when I see the Sun with the naked eye, it has blue color around it, just to protect my eyes. The Sun is very kind… Sometimes, I look at the Sun admiringly and I thank him, whenever I see the Sun by chance. I don’t often see the Sun; you believe it or not. I just bury myself in some meditation or in front of the computer. And now they have a mobile home for me where there’s no Sun, very little Sun, and I have no chance to see much. Whenever I can see the Sun, always, not just now, I always thank Him. I always thank this great being: Thank You for being with us. Thank You for cheering us up every day and blessing our planet with an abundance of varieties of beings, of living beings and non-sentient beings, that You help us to grow and to nourish us and to cheer us up.

When you see the Sun on a sunny day, you feel more cheerful. So, I thank the Sun whenever I can remember, whenever I see the Sun. The Sun has rainbow colors surrounding it and within it. The Sun is a Fifth Level being, so there cannot be just one golden colored ray that we see every day. There are more. So, you are blessed to see one, or two of it or some of it. Just say, “Thank You” to the Universe. Thank the Sun for revealing it to you.

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