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In today’s news, Uganda receives pandemic assistance from European Union, medical pod designed to limit disease exposure, New York, United States, invests in electric vehicle infrastructure, Spain reduces fossil fuel energy dependence, volunteer group strives to preserve coral reefs in Âu Lạc, also known as Vietnam, professional athlete shares benefits of vegan lifestyle, and selfless woman saves more than 1,000 homeless animals in Morocco.

European Union supports vulnerable individuals in Uganda amid COVID-19.

To especially help refugees and their host communities, the EU has agreed to contribute €24 million in humanitarian relief to Uganda for 2020. This funding will be used to provide refugees with clean water, food aid, health assistance, sanitation and education. In addition, EU-funded radio talk shows are increasing public awareness of the coronavirus and vital concerns such as child protection. Other EU-supported initiatives are focused on healthcare, epidemic control and prevention, as well as education programs benefitting more than 20,000 children. The EU is also donating €1 million to help organizations in the country that are working on pandemic preparedness and management. The European Union is a Shining World Leadership Award for Peace recipient, and a Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion, Unconditional World Care and True Caring laureate. Our gratitude, European Union, for your generous assistance. May all the fine people living in Uganda soon emerge through this trying period into brighter and more flourishing tomorrows, in Heaven’s boundless mercy.

Norwegian company develops safety pod transportation device.

Norwegian medical technology enterprise, EpiGuard, has developed a pod that can transport people infected with COVID-19 and other diseases, while safeguarding medical personnel. Called EpiShuttle, the reusable pod is clear and allows the person to lay down comfortably inside, while also allowing medical workers to treat the patient through glove ports, enabling intubation of the airways, injections and monitoring. The EpiShuttle can be used in ambulances, planes and helicopters, which will not require disinfection after use. Our accolades and appreciation, EpiGuard, and best wishes on your innovative EpiShuttle. May all the noble and brave medical personnel be shielded in God’s protection as they selflessly work to save others.

Up next, New York, United States, invests in electric vehicle infrastructure. We’d like to thank graphics programmers, who help to make animations and illustrations for medical image devices, virtual spacecraft testing, film productions and much more. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more visionary news.

Hey, optimistic friends, how are you doing? I’m Buffy the vegan Bubble Eye Goldfish. Be a gorgeous and radiant environmental hero. Be vegan! Swedish researchers found that covering a pram with a fine cloth like a muslin wrap causes the air circulation to decrease and can make the inside of the pram very warm. Ensure the pram is ventilated well when you are using it, as air needs to circulate in order to keep the baby cool, especially on warmer days. Do not cover the entire pram with a blanket or even a light cloth, and stay in shady areas as much as you can. Thank you for tuning in and much love for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet thus save the world! Now, the weather around our beautiful globe.

New York utilities to invest in electric vehicle charging infrastructure to reduce carbon emissions.

Investor-owned utility companies in New York in the United States will fund US$750 million in vehicle charging infrastructure, as the state moves towards carbon neutrality by 2040. As part of the program, 50,000 charging ports will be installed by 2025, while US$206 million of the funds will be invested in low income areas. A proportion of that amount will also support three innovative clean transportation prize competitions. It is estimated that US$2.6 billion worth of economic opportunities and benefits for people will be realized through the plan. Kudos, New York, on your forward-thinking efforts. May your endeavor help to realize your eco-friendly goals ahead of time, as we pray more cities and nations act to ensure a sustainable future on our planet, in Divine goodwill.

Spain shuts over half of their remaining coal power plants.

Due to lack of profitability and to abide by European industrial emissions laws, Spain has closed eight of its 15 coal power plants. Explaining the cost factor, Ana Barreira, Consultant-Director of the eco-protection organization, International Institute for Law and the Environment in Spain, said, “It is cheaper (today) to produce (energy) with renewables than with coal.” The remaining seven locations may be closed by 2025 according to a decision made by the four electric companies that own them. Last year coal only made up less than 5% of the nation’s power compared to 25% in 2007, as the green energy sector continues to expand. Good news, and thank you, Spain and electric companies involved, for your wise choice to move ever closer to becoming a fully clean-powered nation. In the grace of the Providence, may the Earth-caring steps of your joy-filled country be blessed.

Volunteers in Âu Lạc, also known as Vietnam, work to save coral reefs.

Diving four to five hours each day, the members of the Sasa Team Marine Animals Rescue are committed to repairing the damaged coral reefs in the coastal waters of the Sơn Trà Peninsula in central Âu Lạc (Vietnam). For two years, the group has been cleaning the area, especially of abandoned fishing nets, and collecting fragments that have become separated from healthy corals. These fragments, which are studied to ascertain appropriate restoration methods, are attached to artificial rocks and then placed back in the ocean to heal. When restored, they will be returned to the original reefs to support their healthy growth. At the present time, approximately 90% of rescued corals have recovered. Our admiration, members of Sasa Team Marine Animals Rescue, for your dedication and important work. May all coral reefs soon return to their original vibrancy and beauty, in the elation of the Heavens.

Coming up, professional athlete shares benefit of vegan lifestyle. It’s time for us to pray to have a pure heart and recognize more and more of our innate benevolence. More praiseworthy news coming up on Supreme Master Television. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Balanced News for a Stable World.

NFL star praises the health benefits of vegan diet.

American National Football League quarterback, Cam Newton, transitioned to a plant-based diet in March 2019 to help his body recuperate from a shoulder injury. In an interview with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) for the recent “Built Like a Vegan” campaign, he said: “I’ve seen such a remarkable change in the way my body responds to the food that I eat.” He shared his favorite meat-free burger recipe with pretzel bun, sauce and pickles. Mr. Newton is among the growing number of vegan pro athletes including, world number one tennis champion Novak Djokovic, NBA player Kyrie Irving, and many more. Congratulations on your vegan diet and all the positive effects it brings to your life and fitness, Cam Newton. In Celestial wisdom, may all people make the planet-saving and benevolent decision to adopt the compassionate lifestyle.

Selfless woman saves more than 1,000 homeless animals in Morocco.

Sunshine Animal Refuge Agadir (SARA), founded by Michèle Augsburger Clairet Doucet, has recently rescued over a hundred homeless canines from a pound in Agadir, a city on the nation’s southern Atlantic coast. In 2013, kindhearted Madam Doucet, who has been tending to over 100 dogs, 200 cats, several donkeys and horses from her house, started Association Le Coeur sur la Patte (CSP) to campaign for the welfare of homeless animals. When the local authorities ordered the removal of all dogs living on the streets in 2018, Madam Doucet quickly rented land two hours away from Agadir to shelter 750 of them. Currently, CSP continues to advance animal welfare, while SARA provides loving care to its over 1,000 animal residents. Our earnest gratefulness and Heaven’s immense blessings, Michèle Augsburger Clairet Doucet, Association Le Coeur sur la Patte, Sunshine Animal Refuge Agadir and team. As we safeguard the well-being of our treasured animal friends, may the loving light of the Divine shine in human hearts always. Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Gratefully present the Shining World Compassion Award to Ms. Michèle Augsburger Clairet Doucet, plus a US$15,000 humble contribution to her compassionate shelters, with all love and gratitude. May Heaven shower you and your team with love, strength, and happiness all your lives.”

Stay in a jolly state of mind with this original joke by our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai, entitled “Meritorious.”

“You know, the close followers of Master Young Heng treat Him like the Buddha!”

“Wow, how meritorious!”

“They make Him beg them for food.”


And now we have a heartline from Parinaz in Iran:

Hallo, honorable Supreme Master Ching Hai. My biggest wish is to come and see You and share some words with You in person. Master, except my father, all of my family members are initiates. Parinaz from Iran

Cherished Parinaz, Thank you for your lines.

Supreme Master Ching Hai has a message for you: “Aspiring Parinaz, I also wish that we all could spend time together and that it would be on a caring, sharing, and loving vegan Earth. Simply know that I am always with you, and you do truly communicate with me daily when you meditate and that it will always be so. We all pray that peace will soon reign over our cherished world, including special Iran, and I send my eternal Love to you and your family.”

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal clips. Please send them via SupremeMasterTV.com/heartline

We sure have enjoyed spending time with you on Noteworthy News. May God’s abundant gifts be your inner treasure.

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