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In today’s news, Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon establish harmonious relations, carbon pricing effective in reducing emissions, research finds migrants enhance Switzerland’s economy, green energy on the rise in United Arab Emirates, United States police officer saves baby in distress, pandemic prompts restaurant to veganize in Japan, and majority of Europeans surveyed agree that animal testing should be ended.

Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon sign deal for a peaceful and safe border.

Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon have signed an agreement that will see the end to the construction of a wall at their shared border, as well as the withdrawal of troops. Defense Minister of Cameroon, The Honorable Joseph Beti Assomo stated, “We have taken a firm commitment for our forces to work hand in hand to dispel the misunderstandings we had in the last months at our common border. I can assure you that the misunderstandings are now something of the past.” Three cheers, Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, The Honorable Joseph Beti Assomo and all involved, for helping to bring peace to your nations. God bless you. May your friendship continue to blossom as your nations walk side by side toward a brighter future.

Study by Australian economists shows carbon pricing reduces climate emissions.

Research published in the journal Environmental and Resource Economics by Australian National University and Macquarie University academics has found that emissions fell by around two percent every year since 2007 in countries with carbon pricing policies. Meanwhile, countries without a price on carbon pollution saw their emissions increase by three percent annually. Using data from 142 countries, 43 of which had carbon pricing in place, the large study showed that carbon pricing was responsible for around two-fifths of all emissions reductions since 2007, with the remainder being accredited to measures such as technology improvements and renewable energy policies. We sincerely appreciate your insightful study, Australian researchers. In Divine guidance, may all governments quickly adopt more green policies, the foremost being the vegan law, to safeguard our home planet and her inhabitants.

Up next on Noteworthy News, research finds migrants enhance Switzerland’s economy. We’ll take a moment to thank the cool astrobiologists, who study the exciting science of life beyond Earth, including its origin and evolution in the wondrous universe. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more assuring news.

Good day, radiant viewers! I’m Gabe the vegan Great Curassow. I don’t mean to brag, but I’m very cute and adorable. I love eating vegan foods as it fills my heart with love. Be more loving by being vegan, like me! I have a gardening tip to share with you: Picking herb leaves regularly encourages the plants to produce new growth and become bushy. Gently pick the more mature, larger leaves from the bottom first. If the top leaves are picked, it usually hinders the plants’ growth and they cannot be harvested continuously. Pick less than one-third of the leaves at a time to allow the plants time to recover. For most herbs, the best time to pick is in the early morning, when the dew evaporates but before the day gets warm. Happy gardening, and love you for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet thus save the world! Now the weather around the globe!

Report outlines the benefits of immigration in Switzerland.

Around 2.1 million foreign nationals were residing in Switzerland at the end of March 2020, and a recent report by Switzerland’s State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) highlighted that their high participation rate in the workforce helped to fill the needs of the Swiss economy. They provide more flexibility to the labor market by working seasonal jobs, longer hours and night-shifts. Of those who arrived in 2009, only 3.4% of them have relied on social help within eight years of their arrival time. Most of the country’s expatriates come from other European nations including Italy, Germany, Portugal, France, Norway, Iceland and Spain. Our gratitude, State Secretariat for Economic Affairs, for this illuminating report. May all nations realize the many advantages of immigration and welcome those who seek to enter their country with open arms, in God’s kind embrace.

Dubai installs largest concentrated solar plant in the world.

United Arab Emirates’ Dubai city recently installed the world’s largest concentrated solar power tower, standing at 262 meters high. The top of the tower contains molten salt that captures the sun’s heat from parabolic mirrors circling the site. Its molten salt tanks act as an energy reservoir, and with a capacity to provide power for up to 15 hours, it enables operation during the night and in cloudy weather. The US$4.3 billion project will power 320,000 homes, save 1.6 million metric tons of CO2 per year, and comes as part of Dubai’s objective to power 75% of its city with renewable sources by 2050. What an impressive achievement, Dubai! In the brilliance of Allah, may we continue to advance our technology forward in an earth-protecting way.

Police officer’s quick actions save a baby’s life.

Police Officer Cameron Maciejewski from Michigan, United States arrived at a home after receiving an emergency call about a three-week-old baby girl who had choked and lost consciousness while drinking milk. The officer performed back thrusts to clear the baby’s airway, and thankfully she coughed up the obstruction and began to cry. Emergency services then arrived checked the baby and took her to the hospital for further evaluation. In a statement, the Sterling Heights Police Department praised Officer Maciejewski’s “quick, calm, lifesaving actions.” Since the incident, Officer Maciejewski has met with the grateful family, and received an invitation to their daughter’s first birthday party. A round of applause for your heroic deeds, Officer Maciejewski, and God bless you. Many thanks also, emergency services. May the beautiful baby girl and her family enjoy many joyous and safe years together, in Heaven’s immense love.

Coming up, pandemic prompted restaurant to veganize in Japan. We’ll pause now to appreciate the nourishing fruits that came from the rainforests, such as bananas, mangoes, avocadoes, coconuts, and many others. We’ll be right back with more forward-thinking news here on Supreme Master Television. Welcome back to Noteworthy News - Distinguished News for a Celebrated World.

Burger eatery switches to 100% vegan as a result of the pandemic.

John Penny, owner of burger joint Great Lakes Tokyo in Japan, explained the restaurant’s vegan transition on social media: “COVID-19 was caused by the exploitation of animals. I can’t see any other way to move forward given the devastation around the world.” The plant-based menu, including the restaurant’s signature Michigan Burger, made of a shiitake mushroom and brown rice patty with vegan cheese sauce, has been so popular that the eatery sold out twice in just one week. Bravo, John Penny and Great Lakes Tokyo! In Divine blessings, may your successful example help to encourage all businesses to make the same compassionate and peaceful change our world so urgently needs.

Majority of Europeans surveyed agree that animal testing should be ended.

A recent poll across 12 European countries by United Kingdom-based market research consultancy firm Savanta ComRes has revealed that 72% of people questioned want the European Union to set specific dates for the ending of animal testing. Also, over 70% agree that animal testing should be banned for household cleaning products and that it is not acceptable for cosmetics. Meanwhile, two-thirds of respondents want all animal testing ended immediately. Dr. Katy Taylor, Director of Science of Cruelty Free Europe, which commissioned the survey, stated, “Our polling shows the EU public wants animal testing to become a thing of the past. Now it’s up to leaders to listen and form a plan to end cruel and unnecessary animal suffering in European laboratories for good.” Our appreciation, Cruelty Free Europe and Savanta ComRes, for helping to highlight the European citizens’ care for animals. May their wishes to end animal testing soon be manifested as we build a world based on love for all beings, in Celestial benevolence.

If you get too tense, try to take a deep breath and find something to laugh at. We got one here for you. It’s entitled “Questioning.”

A policewoman came to Mr. Gilbert’s house and asked: “Where were you between 5 and 6?”

“Obviously, I was in kindergarten!”

And now we have a heartline from Price in the United States:

Dear Supreme Master Ching Hai, I respectfully write this heartline to You. I thank You for Your kind thoughtfulness in sending me a gift of Your ‘VEGANS ARE HEROES’ cap! This was so unexpected and I treasure it so much! I am so undeserving of this and hope I can make You proud by meditating well and working on my thoughts, words, and actions, and to one day be a true noble human. Price from the United States

Sweet Price, Thank you for your note.

Master has a reply for you: “Caring Price, please enjoy the small, humble token gift. Please tell all your friends and family to be hero vegans as well! May you and generous America enjoy endless peace and happiness, in Divine abundance.”

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal clips. Please send them via

Thank you for spending time with us on Noteworthy News. May you and your loved ones be blessed with joy and harmony.

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