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The Undivided Attention and Devotion of Bhakti Practice, Part 5 of 6

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Supreme Master TV is the channel to bless the world and to educate people. There are two ways: One way is speaking and illustrating; another way is quietly inside, silently. And they are eating vegetarian (vegan). They do good deeds, they meditate; they are also working for Supreme Master TV. They do the invisible part, and they also do the visible part.


Today we celebrate, some steps to the future Vegan World, some steps, some big steps. Not 100%, not all the steps, but some big steps. It’s very good already, no? Are you not happy? (Yes.) OK. Just between me and you, I was going to tell that to Supreme Master Television, but then you won’t be able to hear it. You want to hear it? (Yes.) You don’t even know what. OK. I wrote it here just for Supreme Master Television, but OK, I’ll tell you. On the scale of 100%, if the world goes vegan, from all the results of the steps that we have up to now, 62% is from Supreme Master TV’s effort. And from you, all of the disciples, 9%.

You don’t know, for Supreme Master TV, I also work, day and night. And all the staff, they’re working, not caring what time, not caring what situation. They have two meals a day, snacks in between don’t count. And if they order (non-alcoholic) beer or other things, that doesn’t count. Never mind, I spoil them, but I love that, because they are all I have. No matter they’re bad or good, I love them and appreciate them very much, because they could earn better money outside. Here they have whatever they want, they just write it. But they don’t want a lot.

Of course, they want maybe one car each. It would be nice. Don’t have. Even my car, I borrow from the dogs. I bought a big car because of the dogs. And if the dogs are already going somewhere with that car, then I have to go with whomever; the worker outside, his car is full of tools. I said, “Never mind, I come with you.” Sometimes I don’t have people to drive. My car is gone with the dogs. Not gone with the wind, gone with the dogs. So, I have to go with any car. You know that, some of you would know that. Any car, sister’s car, brother’s car. And they apologize profusely, “Sorry, the car’s so dirty. We didn’t know You were coming.” I said, “Of course you did not know. I also did not. Even I did not know I am coming to your car. Never mind, as long as it rolls, and takes me back to where I want, then it’s fine.” And I even pay for it, a little bit. Sometimes I pay a lot, sometimes I pay a little bit, depends on what kind of loose money I have. It doesn’t matter, it’s all in the family. So not even I have my own car. So do not feel like I don’t treat them well. But they do have a company car. They can take themselves here and take themselves back. That’s for sure.

I treat them well inside also, but I also have to check on them sometimes. If their ego goes up, that’s difficult to work with. When the ego comes up because I spoil them or I praise them, things become chaotic. Very difficult, go all out of control, and things go wrong all the time. I love to praise them. That is the thing we should do when people do good things, but I am very sparing with that, because whenever I praise somebody, next day he does it wrong, or she messes it up. Truly like that all the time.


Why am I telling you all this stuff? Pet stuff, right? And then it goes calendar. Not only this dog, but maybe other dogs as well. Not just special for my case, but many other dogs do that, because the dog’s duty is to take care of the caretaker’s property, so if he sees some property running away, he’s going to fetch it back and return it to the caretaker. That is the problem. Make sure you do all the good things, because if you do bad, your dog, your cat may return it to you with all due respect and good intention. Do you understand? (Yes.) So I don’t have to do anything. Some animals will take care of it for me. Now you know why we have to do good. Einstein also said that very scientifically. He said that if you stay long enough in one place and you throw something out there, it will come back to you. So, in Christmas, sometimes you experience this kind of theory. You give somebody some present that you don’t really like very much, that person gives it to that person, and that person gives to that person, and maybe two, three years later it comes back to you, unwrapped even; still there. So, that proves that Einstein is correct. And the Buddha’s karma teaching is true. Christmas time, New Year time, you sometimes experience this law of karma very obviously.


(Master, my wife isn’t vegan. She’s not an initiate. I fell ill once. I had cancer. When it came time for the operation, four days before surgery, my wife said to me, “Honey, it’s very busy at the factory. You’re going under the knife, and I want to look after you, but I’m afraid to ask the supervisor for a leave. What should I do?” I said, “Only three days remain after tomorrow. If you still don’t ask for a leave, you will inconvenience others when the time comes. Hurry up and ask for a leave.” The next day, when she was at work, at ten o’clock, the general manager came in and said: “Mrs. so-and-so, you may take two weeks off.” My wife thought that I’d called her boss for a leave. But I didn’t. That evening when she came home from work, she asked me, “Darling! Did you call my boss this morning?” I said, “No, I didn’t.” I said, “I am preparing to retire after my surgery. So, I’ve been busy with my work for retirement. How would I have time to make the call? Besides, I don’t know the telephone number of your boss.” She said, “No? It is strange. Then why did he come to the office at around ten and tell me that I could take two weeks off?” I am very grateful to Master for taking care of us in every way. On another occasion, when I had colon cancer, Master helped me to find a doctor. When I was at the clinic, the doctor said, “Your X-ray is not clear. You need to go for an ultrasound again.” After getting the ultrasound, I waited another half hour for the result to come out. The doctor said, “Come here.” While we were looking at it, he suddenly saw a doctor coming out of the elevator. He told me, “This doctor is a gastrointestinal specialist. He’s very good in treating this. Do you mind if I ask him to look at your case? I said, “I don’t mind.”) How could you mind? (Since I knew nothing, of course, I said I don’t mind. He took a look and then explained to me. He said, “There is no gamma knife in this small hospital. When you need surgery, I’ll borrow one from the Veterans General Hospital.” This is a very big hospital in Taiwan (Formosa). He said he would borrow the gamma knife for me. The first doctor asked him, “Did you have something to do coming downstairs?” He said, “No.” Then I realized clearly that it’s Master helping me. Later, my surgery turned out to be very smooth in every aspect. I suffered from cancer two times, and I am grateful to Master for taking care of me.)


(Hallo, Master.) Hallo. (I want to ask a question about my parents, who often treat me badly.) How badly? (I’d like to ask Master what I should do about it.)How badly do they treat you? Tell us. (They treat me as if I’m an animal.) Oh. How come? Then, don’t go home if you don’t have to. (OK.) Only when you miss them and feel love for them, then go and visit them, OK? (OK.) Be more filial, as you’re their child. But it’s difficult. Sometimes it’s due to the generation gap. (Yes.) The older generation has different thoughts and expectations, (Yes.) and the younger generation thinks in a different way. We are influenced by society. Sometimes we are in a bad mood. For example, when girls have their periods, sometimes they can become moody. It’s very difficult to live in society. You’re not to blame, and neither is your family. If you can’t get along with them, then it’s OK not to go home often. (Three months ago, I had a serious car accident and injured my left ribs.) Are you OK now? Are you better? (I rested for three months. Then I got the flu and have just recovered.) I feel sorry for you. I am sorry for your suffering and your trouble. I’m sorry. We all have our own karma. (I’ve been having nightmares since my childhood. My parents have treated me sometimes nicely, but other times badly. Master, I really feel very afraid.) Understand. Is your current job OK? (OK.) Do you need any money? Can I give you some money? Use it to buy medicine or supplements to nourish your body. (OK, thank You, Master. I love You, Master.) Thank you. I’m sorry for you. We can’t help with karma. Endure it and it’ll be erased when it is time. OK? (OK, thank You, Master.) Continue your practice and don’t stop practicing. (OK.) It’s good as long as you don’t drop out from practice. (OK, thank you.) Take good care of yourself. (OK, thank You, Master.) I’m sorry. I don’t know why sometimes the relationship between parents and children… A child should have immense gratitude for one who bears and raises him or her. Why has the affinity between you become like that? We have to bear our fixed karma, OK? (OK, thank You.) Master can only reduce it or make it smoother. It can’t be erased completely; otherwise you’d die. You’d not be able to live in the world. Understand? (Understand. Thank You.) You have to bear it, OK? (OK, thank You.) I’m sorry. (OK, it’s all right.) It’s very hard to endure so much suffering. So young, and have to experience so much fear. I understand it. I’m sorry. (It’s all right. Thank You, Master.)


(Master, thank You for sharing the news about Supreme Master TV,) Yeah. (the 62%, and then 9% from disciples. I wanted to ask if we can accelerate the change to a vegan world by more disciples doing Supreme Master TV work? So, more disciples actually get involved in doing Supreme Master TV…) They are all doing work for Supreme Master TV, indirectly. (OK.) But the 62% is not all Supreme Master TV; 53% is Master’s. (Wow!) So, even more people, it will be maybe just some percent more, (OK.) not a lot. But they are all doing Supreme Master TV. Supreme Master TV is the channel to bless the world and to educate people. There are two ways: One way is speaking and illustrating; another way is quietly inside, silently. And they are eating vegetarian (vegan). They do good deeds, they meditate; they are also working for Supreme Master TV. They do the invisible part, and they also do the visible part. They go out, give the flyers, and they introduce people to vegetarian, vegan restaurants. They talk to people, tell them to eat vegan, to do good. They’re also working for Supreme Master TV. All of the disciples, good disciples, are all working for Supreme Master TV in different ways. (OK, thank You.) So, no need that they jump in more. Because if more jump in, we must have work for them to do. Right now we are OK. Of course, we could have a couple of more people, but more people doesn’t mean better work, not necessarily. Sometimes more people come in, make more trouble for me only. (Understand.) Not unconditional. Understand? And not talented. Or not willing also. Just come in for the name of it and fear hard work, all kinds of unnatural things. So, some people came in and then they had to go out by themselves, or I have to ask them to go, because of different reasons – karma: the back, the front, the left, the right, the past, the present, and already making some for the future. So, more people doesn’t mean more smooth. Egos and with karma.

It is not easy to work with people. And I am the one who doesn’t like to work with anybody. I am the one who really hates to tell everybody what to do. It’s not my pleasure at all. I like to keep to myself, do whatever I can privately. Or just sit and drink tea, watch TV like all the people in the world. But I have to do many things. I don’t just have Supreme Master TV to work. I have business and I have staff moods and concurrences and all kinds of stuff: backbone karma, past karma, present karma. And I have dogs who I need to take care of also. They cannot just live without emotional love and closeness. Every time I have to sacrifice them because I need to go on retreat for days or weeks on end. And I feel sorry for them. But they understand, they are good dogs. Still, I feel like I’m not a very good caretaker to be with. I am sorry for them. I said, “You could have a better one.” But they said, “No, no. We love You. It’s OK. Your love we feel, good enough,” and all that. They are so good. Even if I have a dog’s caretaker, I have to also take care of them too. Make sure they are in a good mood, make sure they feel that I noticed. Make sure they feel that I love them, and I appreciate them. So, all the (vegan) cakes, all the drinks the kitchen gives me, they go somewhere. They’re rarely going into my stomach. I don’t have time to eat (vegan) cakes, so sometimes it goes dry because I forgot about them. Like if they give me (vegan) cakes, I put them there; I give to people already and still have leftover, maybe for me or for later on, and I forgot all about it.

I don’t have time to even eat sometimes. They bring me food on time, but I am never on time to eat. Because maybe I am still in meditation, checking something or doing something. My inside work is more important than outside. But outside is supporting inside as well. Inside nourishes outside. I cannot do just one. So Supreme Master TV is the outside of the inside. The inside is for the Supreme Master TV outside, for the world. So then I don’t eat. And then when I get out, I want to eat, then there is work coming. So I have to do the work first because of time. So sometimes, I jump out of my bath, in the middle, because of the telephone or because of the work coming. And the time, like airing tonight, then the earlier I do it the better, in case of some changes and they have time to change because we have translations. Many languages to change. If I change one in English, they have to change all 23, 26 languages. It’s a big teamwork and organization. So, it’s not all that simple like you watch TV. Wow! Supreme Master TV. Wow! Man! Good job! Beautiful, colorful, smooth. We work like, sorry, dogs. We work like oxen behind the scene. And I am one of them only. They work very hard. Most of them work very hard, and very dedicated, and very talented. And I thank God every day for that. And I thank them also. Sometimes I write, “Good job. Thank you very much. Bless you,” something like that. Or “Love you” or put just a heart. And that makes them feel happy.


But every little thing takes time. Just like to play with this dog and then go play with that dog. Everything takes time; it’s two hours long with snacks and then clean their mouths, change their water and clean the floor after they eat. Otherwise the ants will come in. Or the insects come in. Or they will walk on it and then print it on my bed or blanket, whatever. They print their paws on it. If I don’t clean quickly, then the water and the sticky food, snacks, whatever, will print on my bed. And I don’t want that because then my helper has to wash it, to clean it. We don’t always want to wash things and clean things because of the environment as well. So, I work very hard too. And even in retreats, I’m not always able to stay alone quietly, because sometimes there’s urgent work I have to take care of. Even during retreats, you don’t do this, any work, but I have to. Therefore, some of my retreats only 50% success, 30% success, because I have to take my attention out to take care of the outside work, Supreme Master Television urgent. There’s always work to do. There’s never no work.

What do you think? I look pretty, sit pretty all day at home like this? Smiling from ear to ear, or play with dogs, or take photos of the flowers? Oh, how romantic! Master, just takes photos, works only on Sundays. I take photos just by the way, I’m telling you. Like they’re taking me here for example, if I saw some beautiful photo or tree, “Stop! Stop! Stop! Quickly.” Or maybe take it from the window of the car. It depends on how bad traffic is or what kind of street we are on, or highway. Sometimes on the highway, oh, so beautiful I cannot resist. Please, one sits next to the driver and one to drive; both of them sit on both sides to guard me until I take the photos. People who run back between the time, they go “Peep! Peep! Peep! Peep! Aghh! Aghh!” They point at their head, “Aghh! Aghh!” Yeah, they think I’m crazy. So, one time, I went together with the Supreme Master Television team, at the same time. And I said to the one that was guarding me while I took photos. “Sister,” I said, “now, all your brothers, sisters in Supreme Master Television inside circle, they are sure I’m crazy now. Before, they only suspected. And now they have no more doubts that their Master is crazy.” They saw it first-hand with their own eyes. Stopping on the highway, take what photo? How can it be so important? But I can’t resist it.

Some people like my photos and it makes them happy. Somebody said, even just to see Master’s photograph, just a few seconds every time, it makes her happy. I know it makes her happy, because it makes me happy. Every time, if I happen to have time or I glance at Supreme Master Television, if it’s BMD (Between Master and Disciples,) I wait to look for the photo that I took. I don’t care about the rest of the lecture. After I look at the photo, that’s it. OK. Sayonara! I might not remember what I said in the lecture, or I may remember, I don’t care. I just look at the photo, “Whoa! Beautiful! I like that.” Really, I love art.

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