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Noteworthy News

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In today’s news, Saudi relief agency continues to assist displaced people in Africa, COVID-19 counts spike in America, water mapping satellite launched to measure world's water bodies, British academic discovers previously unknown Sanskrit grammar rule, medical team from Canada assists Ukrainians (Ureignians), Dutch company creates vegan Parmesan cheese, and drone technology from Israel saves bat-people.

I've got an energy-efficient tip for you today. If you need more warmth in your home this winter, try out this handy hack! Get some cardboard, wrap it up with tin foil, and set it behind the radiator. The foil keeps the heat from slipping away and reflects it back into the living space. The insulation from the cardboard and reflection from the foil will result in increased warmth.

Now, it's time to welcome some rejuvenating hilarity into your day as the joke of the day is here. It's entitled, “Mysteries of the Martial Arts.”

A karate student asks his teacher:

“Teacher, why am I not getting any better? I feel like I'm always being defeated.”

The teacher, forever patient, answered:

“My dear student, have you ever seen the gull-people flying by the setting sun, with their wings looking like flames?”

“Yes, teacher, I have.”

“And the waterfall, spilling mightily over stones without taking anything out of its proper place? Have you seen it?”

“Yes, teacher, I have.”

“And the Moon, when it touches the calm water, thus reflecting all of its enormous beauty… have you ever gazed upon such an event?”

“Yes, teacher, many times.”

“That is the problem. You keep watching all this stuff instead of training.”


And now we have a heartline from Uuriintuya in Mongolia:

Beloved Master, At the end of 2018, I saw Master Lao Tzu in my inner vision while meditating. I felt that He was You in His form. In the vision, Master Lao Tzu had two teams of followers. I and one other initiated brother, who at that time was doing Master’s work, were one team, and the other team also had one initiated brother and sister. I was bewildered to see black poisonous pipes stretching from the 1st floor to the 3rd floor. Not long after, the other team’s brother and sister started attacking You. I was shocked. Then, suddenly, the brother next to me also turned around to attack You. Both of you were fighting with an ancient martial art. Master gave me instructions and protected me from my former teammate brother and the other bad people. I went further for a while until I reached from the 3rd to 5th floors. Then, the inner vision ended.

What followed next, made me understand my vision. The pipes that were stretched from the 1st to 3rd floors were the period that You changed the Third Level gods. As for my teammate brother, he quit his job later that year. During the years when things were difficult for me at my work, I heard the Fifth Level Sound and always felt that You were next to me. Thank You very much for all You have done for us. Uuriintuya from Mongolia

Awakened Uuriintuya, Thank you for sharing your inner meditation vision and the realizations you gained from it.

Master has some words of wisdom for you: “Appreciative Uuriintuya, in the lower realms there are many forces at work to keep souls trapped in illusion. A Master’s work is to free all souls who come to them, and often that entails protecting souls from being harmed. It is good that you experienced this in an inner vision firsthand, so now you can understand the real situation beings in this world are in. Truly no one escapes without a Master. Please be diligent in your spiritual practice and keep the precepts so that the Master Power can always help you. Each disciple must do their part and walk the enlightened path to experience liberation. May the Buddhas forever guide and protect you and the wise Mongolian people.”

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