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Earthquake Relief in Taiwan (Formosa)

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Earthquake Relief in Taiwan (Formosa) September 19, 2022

Most Compassionate Master, A magnitude 6.4 earthquake struck southeastern Taitung County in Taiwan (Formosa) at 9:41 pm on Saturday, September 17. The following day, on September 18, another quake, this one 6.8 in magnitude, struck at 2:44 pm, causing damage in the seriously hit areas of neighboring Hualien and Taitung counties. The number of people injured is 169 so far, with one reported death. 

After receiving Master’s instructions, we checked if anyone required assistance and offered aid where needed. Below are reports from Hualien, Taitung, and Taoyuan centers.

Hualien. The quake on Sunday caused damage to buildings and infrastructure in Hualien; two bridges broke apart, three buildings collapsed, including one elementary school, and two roads collapsed. A train also derailed at Hualien Dongli Railway Station, but fortunately no one was injured. In the morning, around 7:30 am on September 19, our Hualien Association members contacted related personnel to determine the status of victims in the most affected area, Chunri village, as well as how they were taking care of displaced citizens in the Yuli Township shelter. We found out that four people trapped in a collapsed building were all rescued safely.

Next, we contacted the head of Chunri village, who provided us with a list of needed relief items and the affected households at 11 am. Four of our Association members purchased the needed items in a nearby shop and packed them quickly, then went to the Zhiluo tribe of Chunri village. The relief packages included rice, oil, salt, vegan soy sauce, sugar, soy milk, juice, vegan biscuits, water, etc. We gave them to 13 affected households, with a Supreme Master TV flyer, and Master’s book “From Crisis to Peace – The Organic Vegan Way is the Answer” in it, and conveyed Master’s loving concern and care to them. We also explained to them that being vegan has the most protection for all the people and the world.

According to the information from the Health Bureau in Hualien, 11 earthquake victims in total were hospitalized. A social worker told us that three who were injured were the most in need of help for now. Therefore, we provided each with TWD 5,000 (US$160) for their medical expense. The social worker also informed our Association members that the residents in the village use simple tap water, but unfortunately, the pipes in the water tower broke apart after the quakes. They now need plumbers to help repair them, but rarely can find plumbers in Yuli Township. Thus, they said they hoped our Association could give them a hand. Our Hualien members, with other centers’ assistance, will try to repair the broken pipes for them.

We also inquired about the household needs of the Zhuo Qing village. The village head replied that their roads had been blocked after the severe quakes, and the local government had started to clear them. We were also told that the central government will fully reimburse the funds spent on local repairs and renovations.

Taitung. Many public facilities in Guanshan and Chishang, Taitung were damaged, such as one ready-mix cement plant, two public grain warehouses, one brick factory, and a rice mill factory. Luckily, no one was reported as injured due to the quakes. Our Association member contacted the Zhenxing village head on Monday, September 19, and he replied that they did not need any relief items since there was no report of casualties for now; thank God. Some of our members went to Guanshan, Chishang, Zhenxing village, and Luye nearby, to investigate. We will continue to visit other places and check if any help is needed.

Taoyuan. One person was injured in an indoor badminton court in Taoyuan after the ceiling collapsed. In addition, one fatality was recorded to date, a worker at a ready-mix cement factory in Yuli, Hualien. According to the news report, he was from Taoyuan, so our Association members from Taoyuan will see if they can visit the injured and the victim’s family members to send Master’s care and condolences to them. All Formosan centers will work together to help the affected people in areas where it’s most needed. We are thankful for Master’s constant Love and concern for victims. We also pray for them and their families. From all Formosa Centers/ Contact Persons

Upon reading this report, our Beloved Master conveyed Her sadness and Love for all those affected: “Thank you for the report, though it doesn’t ease much of my sorrow. My tearful prayers are with Taiwan (Formosa) and all the victims especially. My heart is always with you and your beautiful country. Any more need, please let the accountant know to reimburse or/and provide. God Bless. May all Taiwanese (Formosans) realize the transient, fleeting nature of this physical life and turn completely vegan to go forward on the road to the Heavenly Realm. Omitofo (Amitābha). Amen. My Love to you all.” 

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