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Begin the New Year with Positive Thinking, Part 2 of 12

Lecture Language:English,Vietnamese(Tiếng Âu Lạc (Tiếng Việt)),Chinese(中文)
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Only the Third Level people are more protected, and they only go when they have to go. When they finish their destiny here and they practice well, then they go up to a higher level. But mostly, Third Level people are well protected; you can see. Well, maybe you cannot see, but it’s like that. The cleaning cannot stop until all the beings on this planet are almost at a similar level. At least the Third Level and above.

Ah, Formosa (Taiwan)! Singapore! We are going! OK, Formosa (Taiwan). Oh, you know what? Wait, wait, wait. Wait, we talk in English first. Australia, Canberra and Perth. And then we move to another English-speaking country. (The two in Australia, Master, are Melbourne and Sydney. Only Melbourne and Sydney.)

Whatever you cross here, I don’t know. It’s different. OK. Good, good. Good. Singapore also speaks English, but we move up later. Melbourne and Sydney. Come on, move it. Otherwise, they get excited for nothing. They’re there? There, there.

(Hallo, is this Melbourne Center?) (Yes, it is.) (Hold on, brother, thank you.) Melbourne! Hallo! (Hallo!) Yes! How are you guys? (Good, good. Thank You, Master.) You’re smart. Can you see us? (Not now.) Not yet? (No, not yet, Master.) Alright, alright. Just want to wish you guys a Happy New Year. Now I can see you a little bit. Can you see me? No. Yes? (No, not yet. Master wishes us a Happy New Year.) Hi. Yeah, yeah, I think they can see me now. That’s why they are clapping. Lovely to see you, lovely! (Lovely to see You!) Lovely to see you! (Master can see us.)

Cannot see? (Yes, wave to Master.) Can you see or not? Yes, or no? (No, not yet, Master.) Not yet. How come you are clapping at the air? (No, no, I just tell them what You’ve said.) Ah, I see! That’s why. Before we called you, did you see any picture from us? (Yes, we can see Master’s picture very well. Master looks never changed.)

OK, so we switch it back so that you can see me. (OK, good.) Love, love to everybody. Kiss, kiss! Hug, hug! Ciao! (OK. Thank You Master.) Oh, I’m sorry. It is not too good when you don’t see me. So, we switch it back, OK? Say hallo, and love! (Yes, OK.) He is Aulacese (Vietnamese), I guess.

So now, what’s next? (Sydney.) Sydney. That’s why I don’t like the technics in this world. It’s so horrible. It’s not too much fun. Maybe one day it will be better. One day it will be better. One day we’ll have a UFO, and we’ll just flash by: “Hey, me! I am here!” Just flash by. Done? You guys are comfy there? (Yes.) Perfect, huh?

(Hallo, is this Sydney Center?) (Yes, this is Sydney Center.) (OK, hold on! We’re fine. Hold on, Sydney Center.) Hi! Hallo! How are you? Happy New Year in a few hours. (Hallo!) Yes! (Hallo, Master!) Hallo! (Hi!) Hi, kids! Hi, kiddos! How are you guys? You look so great. You look happy and beautiful. (Yes, we are fine. Thank You, Master. How are You?) I’m OK, I’m OK. (Thank You very much. We all love You.) I love you, too. Just a quick hallo. Any questions, baby? (We do have questions.)

(My friends keep telling me) Yes? (what it is like to be around You physically. As I have never met You physically, I can barely fathom the extent of what they talk about.) Understand. Understand. Well, then you have to ask somebody who has been around me physically, and then he’ll tell you. (I was wondering if in the near future, I would have that chance to meet You.) Maybe. (and be with You?) Maybe, maybe, maybe! (I’m at a constant end to know what it is to be with You and around You, Master.) You’re always around me. Forget about the physical, alright? (OK. Yes!) Thank you, anyway. (OK, thank You.)

Next one. (Master, thank You so much for giving me the opportunity to be initiated for three months.) OK. I got it, I got it. (At the time of initiation, I think I saw the [inner Heavenly] Light of Level Four, and I heard the [inner Heavenly] Sound of the airplane. After two months, I heard the [inner Heavenly] Sound of the bell, and a week later, I heard the [inner Heavenly] Sound of music which is very amazing and peaceful.) Good. (I could hear that music only once, and now I go back to hearing the [inner Heavenly] Sound of the airplane again, which I don’t like as much as the [inner Heavenly] Sound of the music. Does that mean that my level has dropped?) No, no, no! It doesn’t mean that. (Please advise me the way to get back my [inner Heavenly] music Sound.) Oh, it will. It will come back. Just try.

Any more questions before the battery’s dead? Thank you all of you, and Happy New Year soon. (Same to You, Master.) Alright, ciao! Love, love! Kiss, kiss!

OK, baby. Now, Singapore. (Yes, Master.) Singapore speaks English, and then we move to the hardcore Chinese. I almost forget how to speak Chinese. I haven’t spoken for a long time. Woo! Strong! Singapore, you know. (Hallo, Singapore Center.) Hi! (We want to say hallo and ‘Happy New Year’ to You from everyone in Singapore.) Thank you! Same to you, same to you. Happy New Year! (And of course, it’s really good to be able to see You live. It makes us feel so good.) See! You are a very good Center. You have everything. That’s why; you deserve it! I’m very pleased. I’m pleased. (Thanks to You, Master, for leading us that way.) Well, I’m always leading, but not everybody follows. Twenty-first century already, and some are still crawling around. So, everyone is alright? (Yes!) (Did You get that?) Yeah! I heard that, very loud and clear. Everyone here heard it, too. We all heard you.

Any quick questions? Or you are all enlightened anyway, right? (I think everyone’s enlightened, but...) Wonderful! ... (of course, everyone still wants to ask questions.) OK, come on. You have?

(At this stage in the evolution of the Earth, we see a lot of natural disasters and such.) Yes. (And a lot of them are happening around Singapore, and Singapore seems to be very well protected. So, I guess what we want to ask is, is that part of Singapore’s role? And is that anchoring and that humanitarian side, is that part of Singapore’s destiny?) That it is well protected? (Yes, and that its role in the region is like a spiritual anchor, because of Your Grace and the practice, and the destiny, and the merit.) Well, you want me to praise you guys or something? Want some reward, or say, “Wow! Great!”? Be just happy and grateful! (Yes, we are very grateful for that.)

Yes, you know, I had told you before, and just between us, that anyone who has not elevated into at least the Second Level, they will be in trouble, or be eliminated, or they eliminate themselves, or they eliminate each other. (OK.) And no God or no Master, nobody can ever interfere, because they have to go somewhere else. (OK.)

And we know already that people don’t die; they just change rooms, change environment. So, the Astral people have to go somewhere else where it is full of Astral beings, and live together until they have a higher understanding of spiritual evolution. You get it? (Yes, we hear You loud and clear on that.) On one hand, we are very sad to see disasters around the world, and we have tried our best, as you guys know that – we try with financial, physical, spiritual, and emotional support. We do everything we can to help them, to help the living. And the dead, we cannot do anything.

Anyone under Third Level is still at risk. Do you understand me? (Yes, Master.) But the Astral people are more directly impacted by that. But the Second Level, they still hang around there doing some other job that they have not finished.

Only the Third Level people are more protected, and they only go when they have to go. When they finish their destiny here and they practice well, then they go up to a higher level. But mostly, Third Level people are well protected; you can see. Well, maybe you cannot see, but it’s like that. The cleaning cannot stop until all the beings on this planet are almost at a similar level. At least the Third Level and above. That’s the way it is right now. (Yes, thank You very much.) You’re welcome.

So, be happy that your country is still OK. (Yes, we are very happy, Master, and we are really happy to see You. And everyone here just wishes You many more years of healthy, happy life, and we’ll have a great time together.) OK, thank you. (Thank You.) Ciao! And I move on to the next Center. Happy New Year again, and nice to see you. (Thank You, Master. See You too. Happy New Year!) Ciao! Love, love. Forgot! Kiss, kiss!

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