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Begin the New Year with Positive Thinking, Part 4 of 12

Lecture Language:English,Vietnamese(Tiếng Âu Lạc (Tiếng Việt)),Chinese(中文)
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Stay out there and make a shining example. (Yes, thank You.) If everybody comes follow me and all hide in the mountains, then nobody knows anything else. You have to be my eyes, my ears, my hands, my blessings extended, my love. Understand? (Yes.) My example. (Yes.) If people see you, they see me. (We will.) And they follow you. (Yes. Thank You, Master.) That's the way we bless the world. That's why we practice.

Did you eat yet? What? (I’m going to eat now.) (No, I’m from Brazil.) From Brazil. (Yes.) But you stay here for holiday? (I live in London.) Ah, that's good. (Yes.) It’s good. Brazilian? (Yes.) Wow, it’s a long way. (Yes, it is.) A good country. (It needs a lot of blessings.) Everywhere. (Yes, thank You, Master.) You’re welcome.

How are you? Why? Why are you clapping at him? (He is a good boy.) He is a good boy? (Yes, a very good boy.) (He gave me the teachings in the beginning about You.) (He's the first contact person, that's why.) Ah! Your disciple! Wow! You look younger every day. (He worked hard for You in the beginning, Master.) Yeah? (Yes, he did all the hard work.) It’s OK, he earns his merit. (Yes.) It's good for him. (Thank You.) Don't keep praising too much, you’ll take some.

Wow, we have enough room for a lot of people. How are you? Laos? Cambodia? (Chinese.) Chinese. OK. How are you? Do you live here? (Yes.) Good. (Thank You.) You are welcome. So many people.

(Nice to see You again, Master.) How are you, love? (I have some Irish jokes here.) Some jokes! (Yes.) Thanks. (OK, take.) We will read it later to everybody. They are good jokes, huh? (Yes.) Not the bedroom jokes, right? (No!)

Yeah? (Three more.) What? What? Yes! Anybody else complains about anything? (Just me.) Only you. That's the last one, right? (Yes.) (Hallo, Master.) Hi, sweetheart! (Thanks for coming. Very happy to see You.) Welcome. I’m glad to see you, too.

Where from? Singapore? Korea, huh? Hey, you look very nice. What happened? Why are you crying? Getting married or something? Did you learn English? (Yes.) Yeah? You stay here now? (Yes.) Good. You look good. Is there any problem? Why crying? Happy or sad? (Very happy.) Happy, OK! That’s good. Thank you.

Oh, everybody keeps coming now. Hi, love. Anybody? You can sit there, you can sit there, love, there’s a place, come on. (Hallo Master, how are You?) Oh, so cold! Why? Cold? (I've been washing.) Ah, you've been washing dishes, right? Everybody has enough food? (I think so, yes.) Thanks to you. Did you eat? (I managed to get something.) OK, please! Just for fun.

(Master.) What? What? What? (How are You? I want to tell You a small miracle that happened to me.) Yeah? (Yes. Actually, I was working this morning...) Wait, wait, wait. Here, everybody wants to hear it. (Actually, I think it's really a miracle. I didn't know that You were going to be here until my sister called my workplace. And I was supposed to finish at six o'clock, but my manager, she used to be very difficult, but suddenly in the morning, she said, "Oh, I have good news for you: If it's quiet, I'll let you go at one o'clock.") Oh!

(So I thought, "OK, that's very strange." And then a few minutes later, my sister called: "You know what? The event will be..." I thought it was canceled already. And then my sister said the event will still be continued. So, I mean if my manager didn't allow me to leave early, I would have to quit the job just to... But now, I can still see You, and still...) Still have the job. (...still have the job.)

Is that a good news? (Yes, it is. Because my manager is very difficult, but suddenly this morning, she just said like...) Volunteered. (Yes, just like, "I have good news to tell you. I can let you go at one o'clock if it's quiet." So definitely I know that it's Your arrangement.) So it was quiet. (Yes, it was like not too quiet, but she still let me go. I know that... I mean, deep inside, I know it's Your arrangement.)

Alright, love. You're welcome. (Thank You very much, Master.) You're welcome. (Thank You.) Right, you deserve it. (Thanks.) Like the cosmetics, they say, "Because you're worth it."

(Dear Master.) Yes? (Thank You for forgiving me. I just somehow feel that I still have so much bad qualities but You still let me come and see You.) It's OK, baby. (I feel so blessed.) You’re so young, (Thank You so much.) you can afford to make mistakes. That's how we grow. Everybody makes a mess up, even the big ones. (I promise I will learn, and I will improve.) Don't worry. If you want, I'll point them all out... It's OK. (Thank You, Master, for forgiving me and loving me.)

No big deal! Whatever you do, any of you, it is not a big deal. Because the big deal, I've already stopped. Like, you don't kill anyone. You don't hurt people on purpose. See? Instead, you're helping people, when you see something needs help, you do help. So, the big deal is already eliminated. You see? You don't kill anyone. You don't steal anything. You try to keep to yourself. And you meditate and clean up yourself. So, a little mistake here and there, it's OK. Don't be too hard on yourself. Otherwise, I'll cry too. You're OK. You're good boys, good girls.

(Master, can I ask You something else?) Sure, sure. (How can I be motivated and be happy to live in this society? Because inside of me, I just want to run away and just focus on You.) Oh, man! (But then I tell myself that I have to be like You: to be strong and to survive in this society, but also maintain my spiritual practice.) Yeah, that's right. That'll make you strong. (Yes, that's what I thought. I just need to...)

How old are you? (I’m 22.) Only 22. You have a lot to do. Don't worry. Just keep going. (Thank You for Your blessing. I know that You're with me.) You look so young and beautiful. Stay out there and make a shining example. (Yes, thank You.) If everybody comes follow me and all hide in the mountains, then nobody knows anything else. You have to be my eyes, my ears, my hands, my blessings extended, my love. Understand? (Yes.) My example. (Yes.) If people see you, they see me. (We will.) And they follow you. (Yes. Thank You, Master.) That's the way we bless the world. That's why we practice. (Thank You.) You're welcome.

I'm not running away anywhere. It's just sometimes, there are times when Heaven says, "No." There are times I have to do something else, spiritually. It sometimes looks material, but it's also spiritual. Different times, I do different things. We're not running around anywhere, running anywhere at all. If we run, then we run upstairs, to Heaven, at the last minute. OK? (Yes.) We are not running anywhere, we stay here. See. (Yes and be strong.)

Yeah, be strong. Because all this work, all this challenge makes you more intelligent. (Yes, agree.) And all the suffering sometimes makes you more compassionate. Everything is good for us. Alright. If not, then at least we clean the karma, our karma. I mean your karma. OK, our karma, we're together in it. Accomplice, right? Yeah, yeah, accomplice.

Alright, love! Don't worry. (I love You.) You're doing fine. I love you, too. (Thank You. I love You.) I’m so proud of you guys, especially the young ones. It's very difficult in this society, with so many temptations. You’re young and vulnerable to all kinds of attack and all kinds of seduction, and you still can go on: Vegan, non-violence, keep Precepts, meditate as much as possible. And that is very fantastic. I’m very proud of you. Don't worry, you're fine.

(I am very proud to have You as my Master.) Yeah, many things I do, you'll be very proud. But I don't tell you. Because mostly I do it quietly, similar to the things that you’re doing.

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