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Să vă aduceţi aminte de Maestră cu credinţă şi devotament absolut, partea 1 din 2

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I had a message from Heaven, and I checked it out, from the Original Heavens. I checked it out. I was also curious myself, which group has more enlightened disciples. Guess which group?

Who is going? How many? Stand up. Whoever go today, stand up. Come here. For fun, OK? Come come come, quick quick quick. Yeah. (Thank You.) Welcome, welcome.

Whoever just lent me money, come back here. Here, return to you. With interest. Interest. One. One is for interest. Interest. How to say “interest” in Chinese. I forget again. Interest. Interest! One, and one more as interest. You do good; it benefits yourself. All right. Thank you very much. Anyone who has not…

Anyone who has not, yesterday or the day before, has not the red envelope? All of you have? (Yes, Master.) (I haven’t received it.) Haven’t you? Lucky that I’ve come. Otherwise, what kind of New Year is it without getting a red envelope. She said she did not have it. Some people were working, you know, and they did not come on time, or busy in the kitchen or busy guarding. Yesterday I called all the guards.

The so-called working staff yesterday, are they all here? All of them. (Yes.) Those at the entrance are also here? (Yes, everyone.) OK, right, very good. It’s New Year. Never mind. Let’s close the gate. (Yes. It is closed.) All can join the celebration.

I just asked him whether or not yesterday everybody came, even the big gate door guardian. It’s New Year; don’t have to work so hard. Taiwan (Formosa) is very safe. Mostly safe. Because the government takes good care. Poor people also have subsidies. And it’s not difficult to find a job in Taiwan (Formosa), and the payment is good.

When I pass by the street and, like yesterday, I went into the shop to see what I could buy to give it to the big group. I bought these happy fruits. But it’s a small shop, on the side, a very small shop; only that. Normally, I don’t go anywhere. If I don’t have to, I don’t go. I minimize flying, now that I can stay here. I don’t fly that much anymore. Minimize CO2, minimize environmental, unfavorable effect. I don’t like to go anywhere, normally. I’m very homey. Just because of for the world that I traveled a lot before, to do lectures and seeing people and all that. Otherwise, nowadays, I’m retired from traveling. It’s good for me.

Where is your husband? Oh, here, yeah? Thank you for taking care of my two hard heads. But they have very good hearts inside. Heads may be a little hard, because I’m not nearby. But they’re very, very good people, very faithful. My family is all like that. My oldest sister, same, younger sister, same. My niece is the same. And my other niece, they’re all the same. Good family lineage.

Why are you crying? Why are you crying? (Miss my mom.) What? You miss your mom? (Seeing Master, I miss my mother.) It’s OK, my love. I’m sorry about that. Still miss your mom? Here. You also need? Don’t cry too much; your mascara will run down, ruining your makeup. Makeup all running away. If you make me cry, I cannot stay here: camera. Here I cannot cry a lot. I cry at home, if I need to cry. Mostly, I control it in public. I cry at home. Because the mascara runs out and the video is not good-looking. And then you go home and say, “Is that my Master? It doesn’t look like. Normally She looks very… all beautiful makeup, well kept. Why today is all black line running down, lipstick goes to the nose, why?”

All right. Whoever is going, I wish you a nice, smooth trip, and God always be with you wherever you go. And whoever stays, you’re welcome; it’s your home. You stay as long as your visa permits. Here we can accommodate maybe around 1,000, more or less. So, you may stay as long as you can afford. But the reason I made the New Year earlier, was so the Taiwanese (Formosan) or Chinese could go home, the Aulacese (Vietnamese) could go home, to reunite with their families, because New Year for them is important.

Just for other people, maybe not your New Year, then you can stay as long as you like. Or if you don’t have a lot of obligations at home like work, time, children, kids, family, you can stay. Do not make trouble for yourself, because if you stay long without considering your family, then you might have trouble when you go back, that’s all. But you can always come back, anytime; it’s open now. We fixed some of the systems, and at least 1,000 can be here. It’s not because of the space, because the space we can put up a tent. It’s just the hygiene system; it’s too old. And now we have to repair them all, in order to use safely so that the neighbors will not be affected and the land will not be affected. That is all. Otherwise, it’s your home. You come, go, come, go.

Any questions before you go? (No. No questions.) Wow! Good! No questions. That means you’re enlightened, more enlightened than the day before or last year. Yes, I guess you are, many of you are.

You relax, brother. You work all year already. It’s OK. It’s only me, your Master, your family member.

Yesterday, no, the day before, I was in Hsihu because of the New Year. We cannot accommodate so many thousands here, so we had to still use it. So, I went there and I checked it out by the way. I had a message from Heaven, and I checked it out, from the Original Heavens. I checked it out. I was also curious myself, which group has more enlightened disciples. Guess which group? Which group? I don’t hear nothing. Which group? (This group.) (Quan Yin.) (Mongolia.) (New Zealand.) No! I don’t mean in our group. I mean different schools in the world. (Our group.) Your group? Wow! Who else? Which group? (Master’s group.) Master’s group? (Yeah!) There are many Masters in the world. Tell me. (Quan Yin family.) She said it’s our group. Anyone else has idea? (Supreme Master TV.) Anyone else? No. OK.

Yeah, it’s our group. Yes. Yeah, I was surprised too, because in many other countries, they have different groups that also practice Light and Sound, Inner Heavenly Light and Sound, and they’re older than our group. I’m new in the market. But our group surpassed all of them in numbers of Fifth Level Saints. One thousand something. (Wow!) About 1,200 something. I wish it could be more, not “wow.” That’s very little for my liking. You know your Master, very big. (Yes.) She likes things big, a lot, a lot, a lot.

And the next runner up is the eldest one. I think it’s the eldest one that we know of, that’s most well-known. Runner up. It has 909. So, we are about a few hundred above that eldest and most trusted and most crowded group. The most crowded group does not necessarily mean it has the most enlightened disciples. But I was also surprised because the more people means more choice, right? But, I’m surprised it’s less. And other groups are younger, not young like our group, but younger. Also, more or less 900, a little less, and then 800, and 600, and 500, 400. I’m very surprised. These are older than our group, more established. More well-known, more kind of trusted. I was surprised for myself. I don’t want to name these groups. I don’t want to name it, of course. It’s just for your info.

And we have a lot of Fourth Level. I did not count; too many. And then, Third Level there’re also a lot. Second Level, some. Astral Level, some. hell level, also some, regretfully. Still did not climb up yet. It’s very difficult, when you are from the hell level. It’s very difficult to get up, but it’s OK; they will. At least they will not go back to hell. That is if they did not do anything bad against people, or against Master, or against you guys. Then they surely will never go back to hell. It’s not because the Master or anybody judges you or Heaven punishes you; it’s just the law of the Universe.

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