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Be Attentive to the Presence of God in Everything that We Do, as Our Inner Master Is Our Best Guide

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Greetings to Beloved Master and the Supreme Master Television team. I would like to have Your permission to share my inner experiences before and after my initiation.

One week before initiation, in a dream, I met an initiated sister. I talked to her about Master and showed her Master’s picture. The sister said that my daughter had written some poetic verses using a very strange language. I thought to myself, “How could I understand it in order to translate it.” Suddenly, it translated by itself, and I understood and read it to the end. Master summarized it in one sentence: “Remember to return to the Source.” I woke up and cried.

And about two weeks after initiation, I was led by Master to pass by an area that was vibrating as if it was having an earthquake. My body was shaken. I recited the Five Holy Names and also asked everybody around me to concentrate and recite the Five Holy Names. Then, the earthquake disappeared, and I was no longer scared. This is like a message from God to warn us to practice diligently and keep absolute faith in God so we can be protected.

I promise to make an effort to practice so not to disappoint Master. I wish You to be healthy and peaceful. I sincerely thank Master. Greta from Germany

Determined Greta, It was nice to read your heartline. We are always touched by our benevolent Master’s affection for Her disciples. It is truly an unimaginable blessing to be able to meet a living Master in this lifetime, receive initiation and follow Her invaluable teachings to be free from the continuous cycle of birth and death. We pray that all those living in abundant Germany will soon experience spiritual awakening, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master sends Her loving thoughts to you: “Intuitive Greta, the Five Holy Names, charged with Master Power, are very powerful. One should repeatedly recite them till they become a subconscious habit. Be attentive to the presence of God in everything that you do, as your inner Master is your best guide. Thank you for your well wishes, my love. When you return to the Origin, I will be there waiting for you. May peace and joy shine upon you and the open-hearted people of Germany.”

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Berita Wajar Diberi Perhatian

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