Antara Guru dengan Anak Murid

Sentiasa Ingat Akan Hubungan Anda dengan Syurga, Bahagian 3 daripada 6

Lecture Language:Korean (한국어),English
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Thank you for all your support, okay? Continue promoting. Promoting veganism in Mainland China and in Formosa (Taiwan), promoting a benevolent lifestyle. Be good role models, etc. Also help me to aid the needy. Even though I give money, if you aren’t there, it’s not the same. If we just give money through other organizations, maybe they’ll give it to the needy, maybe they won’t. They’re not like us. To them it’s like a job. It’s voluntary, but also a job. When we give, we give with a loving heart, so people also receive some comfort. They receive comfort in their heart. They know that we are there because we genuinely care about them.

Some people asked me why we had provided relief aid to so many places but very few newspapers reported about our organization. I said, “Why should there be publicity?” If we publicize it, we will lose our spiritual merit. We only publicize when we can’t help it, right? We do things anonymously. Helping others is like helping ourselves, so why is there a need to publicize it? That was number one. Number two, I told you to go quietly. We arrived first, quietly and quickly. Usually we’re the first relief group that arrived on the scene of the disaster, and we left as soon as we finished the job. Even before the arrival of the media, we’re gone. That’s why most of our activities were not covered by newspapers or TV channels. We don’t care about these things either, right? I told you to come and go quickly. Leave after the work is done.

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Episod  3 / 6
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