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The God power within us is infinitely powerful and responsive to our needs. We must use it continuously to survive in this world, especially now in these troubled times.

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My Dearest Master, Thank You for being in this world. I do not know what I would do without You here to guide us. I don’t know where I would be in life without You. Thank You for Your constant guidance, Wisdom, protection, and Love.

In Australia, some state governments have coerced many people to get vaccinated, by not letting people visit “non-essential” places if they don’t. The state of Victoria is getting even stricter with vaccine mandates. Non-government workers are being fired from work, threatened to be fired, and bullied at work. I’m very scared that COVID-19 vaccines will be made compulsory in my country. The government of Austria is now legalizing compulsory vaccination with fines if people don’t comply, and if they don’t pay the fines, they will likely face imprisonment.

I’ve seen interviews showing that vaccine-injured people are now fighting to be recognized by the medical industry and vaccine manufacturers who are ignoring them and denying that their injuries are due to the vaccine. Some of their lives seem to be ruined as they are damaged so badly.

None of the COVID vaccines I’ve researched seem to be vegan. I learned that horseshoe crab-people have the area around their heart pierced, and scientists drain their blood to use for making products that test the safety of COVID vaccines. Many of the crab-people later die due to this. Then, I realized that this could be a reason why so many people have developed heart issues after having the COVID-19 vaccine. This could be directly linked to karma as we are torturing these poor crab-people. There appear to be other non-vegan ingredients too, including aborted fetal cell lines used in vaccine development.

Many people are concerned about other ingredients in the vaccines too. It’s my understanding that vaccine manufacturers don’t have to disclose all ingredients due to trade secret laws. Many doctors don’t believe we should be injected with these vaccines at all. There is also no way to tell if the adjuvants which are designed to stimulate the immune system will cause harm.

Master, can You please tell us what we can do (other than lots of meditation) to protect our bodies if the government forces us to be vaccinated? My research shows that taking vegan NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) and glutathione is advised. Naturopaths have advised people to use natural therapies to boost up weak areas of their body as they say the vaccine will target any weak areas. Another sister said that she intuitively felt that Your cold and flu tea could help to detoxify graphene oxide from one’s body. Master, can You please advise if there is anything else that we can take or do physically to protect our bodies if we are forced to get vaccinated? Thank You.

I apologize for having so much worry and bringing up such a heavy topic. My fear is, what is to stop them from injecting us with all sorts of things in the future if they do mandate vaccination? And how might these affect us mentally, physically, and especially spiritually? I pray that vaccine mandates will not happen as then we give up autonomy and freedom over what we put into our bodies, and with more injections in the future, this could weaken us more and more.

Thank You, Master, for any advice that You can give about how to keep ourselves healthy if it turns out that we must be vaccinated. You are my world, Master, and I couldn’t survive here without You. Thank You with all of my heart and soul. Matilda from Australia

Kindhearted Matilda, Thank you for sharing your concerns about getting vaccinated and the vaccine mandate situation in your country.

Master has some comforting words for you: “Gentle Matilda, do not be afraid. Use your wisdom. You have already done some research into possible physical solutions, continue that and find out more. As you have researched, there are some helpful remedies. Use them accordingly, maybe to help detox the vaccine side effect. There is no one-size-fits-all solution (wish we had), since each person is different, karmically, physically, spiritually, etc... All this forced vaccine mandate, for example, is the karmic retribution of countless lab tests, which tortured, maimed, force-injected, poisoned, force-fed innocent, helpless, kidnapped animal-people over centuries with untold suffering for them. (Just to think of this, my heart pains soo much and tears streaming!!!) Through using related products thereof, humans partake in the consequence. It saddens one to imagine all the horror in this world. It is hell-like! To survive here is a big miracle! The main solution, however, is always spiritual. The God power within us is infinitely powerful and responsive to our needs. We must use it continuously to survive in this world, especially now in these troubled times. Pray ceaselessly, meditate, and ask for guidance on what to do on all levels. Remember to recite the Five Holy Names all the time. Now is the time to choose God wholeheartedly. May you and sun-bright Australia be forever blessed and protected in God’s Magnificent Light.” 

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