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Practicing well and following the precepts can keep you in the loving protection of the Divine: a story of inner Master’s help for one to elude a major motor accident

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Dearest Master, This “split second” event is another proof of Master’s Love and Protection for us all.

Early one recent morning, I was on my way to the hospital to be with my mother for her day surgery. My car charm, with Master’s picture, hanging from the rearview mirror, collided with my cellphone holder. The phone holder and phone both fell. When it was safe, I stopped my car for a split second to pick them up. The phone holder’s frame thickness is more than three times the car charm, and was very secured. As such, it felt very strange.

Then, 10 minutes into the highway, without any foreseeable signs, there was smoke coming out of one of the rear tires of a very huge transport truck to my right. Instantaneously, a loud sound preceded the explosion. Of the 16 tires, or more, and each is about half of my car’s size, it was the one closest to me that exploded. Pieces of the tire were flying in all directions, but the largest debris, almost a third of the tire, came shooting right at me. There were cars driving over 110 kilometers per hour all around me. As far as I was concerned, there were no possible safe maneuvers I could do. I was helplessly trapped.

Suddenly, a miracle happened. The whole thing fell in front of me, a split second away. This opened up a window of opportunity for me to steer slightly to the right, inside my own lane, to avoid hitting it. Other smaller pieces also landed a bit away and nothing touched my car. Moreover, the transport truck was able to safely stop on the shoulder of the highway.

When I was able to assimilate things, the most logical conclusion was that it was Master, who, through using the car charm, miraculously “delayed” my drive for a split second to help me and others elude a major motor accident and multi-vehicle collisions. In addition, it was thanks to Master’s Blessings and Loving Help that I could go through my day as planned, literally, untouched and unaffected.

Thank You, our Most Beloved Master. May Supreme Master Ching Hai be well loved, well cared for, and well protected 24/7! We all love You very much!! Let us all be vegan to save ourselves and the world. With God’s Love and thank You, Nora from Ontario, Canada

Insightful Nora, Thank you for sharing your miraculous story.

Master has a caring message for you: “Thankful Nora, the inner Master is always watching over you 24/7. As long as you practice well and follow the precepts, you keep yourself in the loving protection of the Divine. Your story shows how the inner Master can use any means available to assist us. When we sincerely wish to be one with God, God can direct our lives moment by moment and help us to be in the right place at the right time, not only to avoid harm but also to do good, help others and be an instrument of Hiers Divine will. May you and the upright Canadian people be forever embraced by God’s Love.” 

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