Supreme Master Ching Hai (Vegan) on the Harmful Effects of Meat, Part 17 - Exploiting the Helpless

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Meat is not the only exploitative product that humans derive out of the helpless animals. There are numerous other products from animals that people consume and wear, such as honey, swallow nest, bear bile, leather, and all kinds of fur. Sadly, humans have been exploiting almost all species of animals. Supreme Master Ching Hai has condemned these cruel practices in many of Her lectures. "(We know from documentaries that the fur industry causes some of the most extreme suffering to animals, and that animals can be killed specifically for leather products. We also see that collecting feathers from birds like geese and wool from sheep involves cruelty. What is the merit lost from making or selling these clothing related products of fur, feathers, wool and/or leather? Thank You, Master.) Why do we talk about merit lost when we don’t even have any merit anyway? I mean, we can only talk about sins accumulated. But 'merit loss' is a very kind way to put it. We lose immense amount of merits, if we have any. And if we don’t have, we’re going to pay for it dearly, dearly, dearly, dearly. Yes. Anything that causes suffering to animals – for fur, for meat, for wool, for leather, anything like that – will incur very, very bad, bad, bad karmic consequences, and we will have to pay dearly with our own suffering." "I don’t see any beauty in clubbing a seal or smashing the head of a fox in order to put it on your back. My God, we have so many things that we don’t need... Yes, many things we can wear without being so wicked to other less defensive beings. This is terrible. This is really below our dignity to even think about it." For many millennia, out of ignorance, humans have exploited countless innocent beings and caused immeasurable suffering, reaping disastrous karmic consequences for our planet that are now becoming more and more evident. It’s not too late to heed the warnings of our beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai and stop these inhuman practices once and for all. We need to U-turn now to save our Earth, to save our souls, and to ensure a beautiful, kind future for our children.
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Episod  17 / 20
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