Supreme Master Ching Hai (Vegan) on the Harmful Effects of Meat, Part 7 - The Circle of Violence

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“Looking back at the long history of humankind, there have been temporary peaceful periods in different times and places. However, despite the constant efforts and sincere prayers of many people, we have yet to find lasting peace on Earth. Why is that? Supreme Master Ching Hai has answered this question in many of Her illuminating lectures. If we take meat, we have to pay in meat. Therefore, our bodies suffer, or we die, or we get sickness, cancer, and all that kind of thing. That is because of the law of ‘an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth’; ‘meat for the belly and the belly for the meat, and God shall kill both meat and them.’ Because we eat meat, we have to pay by meat. Therefore, there are wars: because sometimes we kill so many animals, and we can’t just pay one life after another. So the caused war comes, and then many people are killed together. Therefore, the collective karma is erased quicker. So don’t blame war, or don’t blame anyone except ourselves.” “The animal diet is a diet of violence. It begins already from the way we raise them, the way we treat them, the way we force-feed them with antibiotics, and all kinds of tortures upon them and it ends with the way we violently kill them, massacre them en masse in order to satisfy our split seconds’ enjoyment. So we should stop being a part of this violent circle. This is a war with complete imprisonment, torture, executions with knives and guns and explosives even, extremely high financial and health cost for people as well, and destruction of all kinds, such as psychological damage and environmental devastation, and soon, maybe the destruction of the whole planet. If we continue to generate non-peaceful energy, be it through war between humans or war on animals, we will not beget peace because like begets like.” “We all want to have a peaceful world and we all talk about how we want peace and love. Well, I think we should start it now and let peace begin on our plates. Let love begin with our choice. When a person partakes in direct or indirect killing of any sentient being, be it human or animal, he or she enters the cycle of revenge and violence. And it will only end when one stops doing it.”
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Episod  7 / 20
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