Supreme Master Ching Hai (Vegan) on the Harmful Effects of Meat, Part 11 - Hindrance in Spiritual Practice

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Over the years, Supreme Master Ching Hai has shared Her insights about the harmful effects of meat on many different occasions. “All animals want to live; they fear death. If we force them to die by killing them, we incur tremendous bad karma, which can’t be cleansed easily even by the (Inner Heavenly) Sound Meditation. And we just practice occasionally; not to mention those who never practice. Therefore, eating meat isn’t safe and will hinder you from liberation.” The following is a testament from an Association member who struggled to keep the First Guideline at the beginning of his practice. “I wasn’t a vegan before. It was not easy for me to keep the vegan diet. I counted the days every day. ‘Today is the 10th day. Not bad, I’ve been a vegan for 10 days, 11, 12…’ I kept counting each day. When it was over 20 days, I couldn’t bear it anymore. I said to myself, ‘I am going to eat meat and quit spiritual practice. After tonight, I will quit for sure.’ So, that night, I didn’t meditate. I just took a shower, watched TV, and went to bed. While lying in bed, I had an inner vision. What was it? I was standing outside on a plain in the countryside on a plain in the countryside with a mountain in the front. I stood there alone. Suddenly a voice came from the sky. It sounded like the voice Master used to recite the Five Holy Names. Now I remembered. The very low voice said, ‘If you dare to eat meat, when you die, you will suffer more pain than now.’ Then, a flash of lightning struck me. My whole body jolted. Just one strike and I couldn’t bear it. The lightning was very strong. Normally, when we get an electric shock, our hand will feel numb for a while, but when the lightning struck me, my whole body was in pain! I jumped up and then fell down. I jumped up and then fell down. Another flash of lightning came, stronger, and I jumped even higher. ‘Ouch!’ I screamed. Then I woke up. (It’s to let you know that in hell, it’s more painful than that.) Yes! After waking up, I checked myself and said, ‘That was incredible! Looking at myself, I seemed to be fine. Since that day, I have not dared, nor mentioned eating meat. When I saw a piece of meat, I dared not even think about it, not at all!” “I can assure you, when you have reached a higher level, you wouldn’t dare to eat meat. Even without me telling you, you can see for yourself how the people who have just eaten a piece of meat have been punished. They are not punished by me; it is the law of causality. That is why some people have to come back as tigers, horses, cows, pigs or chickens to be slaughtered innumerable times before they can clear the karmic debt of their palate pleasure.” In Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Urgent Message to All Religious and Spiritual Leaders, She called on the reverent leaders of different faiths to remind people to change to the righteous and compassionate way of living. “As great spiritual leaders, You would also be aware of the devastation occurring on our planet, directly related to accelerated climate change caused by humans’ cruel behaviors and brutal habits, which is not so difficult to change once applying the principle of love. Please tell Your believers this truth. Please keep telling them, please keep reminding them. I know You did, but we could do more. Thank You.”
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