Supreme Master Ching Hai (Vegan) on the Harmful Effects of Meat, Part 5 - Cruelty to Our Animals

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In grocery stores and on restaurant tables, meat products are often well presented and nicely packaged, making people easily forget how they are produced. In our show today, we will take a closer look at the real picture of animal factories, as revealed in many of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s lectures. “We respect all lives in the creative plan of God. We can see ourselves, that all life resists suffering, resists death. Therefore, when we kill or see the animals killed, they are suffering and they try to run away. That means God empowers them with the instinct to want to live. So if we interfere and force their life away, we interfere with God's will. We should treat every being as we like to be treated. Then our life will be blessed with grace, with longevity, with wisdom.” “Nowadays they put them all in a factory, and force all kinds of medicine, sometimes poison, or antibiotics, etc., etc., or whatever they can do to force the cows to produce more milk than they should do. Sometimes they produce too much milk that they could not stand anymore. Their bones are rotten and brittle and broken. This is beyond cruelty. Just for the greed.” “When we think about how the animals suffer in such a situation, cramped factory, get kicked and electrically prodded, so that they stand up again so that they can be qualified for slaughter... And some veal (calves) just stand, weak, deprived of light and everything just so that their meat is tender and white, all their life like that, and they get slaughtered all the time. How do we have the heart to continue to support this kind of cruelty?” “Even if we do not directly partake in this killing, we are still responsible if we eat the meat or dairy products or even fish for that matter. Even eggs are being bred very cruelly. Milk, eggs, they’re all very cruelly bred. We cannot imagine what cruelty we humans inflict upon the innocent harmless animals. Even just a little chick like this, so puffy, so cute, so sweet. We have all this information on Supreme Master Television, if you care to look at how humans treat innocent, harmless and helpless animals. Even fish, since they are produced with the similar cruel practices as meat, we should not consume fish. If we engage on any level in the unspeakably inhumane practices of the animal industry, we also carry the burden of the animals’ murder – I’m sorry to say – indirectly. We carry the murders, the effect.”
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