Supreme Master Ching Hai (Vegan) on the Harmful Effects of Meat, Part 15 - Abusing the Sacred Cows

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In many ancient cultures and religions, such as those of Egypt, Greece, India, China, and Âu Lạc (Vietnam), cows were revered as sacred beings. Even today, in Nepal and parts of India, it’s illegal to kill these gentle beings. In many of Her lectures, Supreme Master Ching Hai revealed the special qualities of cows and why they deserve to be treated with love and respect. “The cows have 38% PQ (Positive Quality), 0% EQ (Negative Quality), 40% SQ (Saintly Quality), 50% GQ (Goodness Quality). Cows are from almost the Fifth Level, border of Fourth and Fifth. Cows, all the cows are from there. And they eat them. You don't know whom you're dealing with all the time. You look down upon animals. You're not even there. Look at the cows. They eat just grass, and they give you milk, cheese, absolutely everything. And they still kill and eat them. The cows are like a mother of almost all the babies on the whole planet.” Many people grow up believing that milk is good for human health due to misunderstandings, misinformation and profit-driven advertisements. In reality, milk is not compatible with the human body and can cause many physical problems. “Milk products have also been linked to many forms of cancers as well as diseases that can be fatal such as Crohn's disease and listeriosis. And even though people often believe that milk contains a lot of calcium, the digestion of milk often requires more calcium than it contains. So, the calcium is actually removed from the body in order to digest the milk. In fact, countries that consume the most milk are the same ones that have the most osteoporosis and the weakest bones.” “Dairy is included together with meat because the cruelty and torture are the same, and the end result is a horrible death for the poor animals. After just a couple of years of nonstop pregnancy and milking, dairy cows are killed for meat as well. Their babies are sold also, and killed for veal. So, there is no mercy in the dairy industry either.” Words cannot describe the pain and anguish humans inflict on innocent animals, especially the gentle cows. As stewards of our fragile world, we must work together to ensure that all co-inhabitants, especially our more vulnerable animal friends, may live freely in peace and happiness as God intended.
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