Tra Maestra e discepoli

Virtuous Vegan People Will Be Protected by God Power, Part 1 of 5, Nov. 16, 2022

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You asked me how I am, and I want to tell you many things. It’s not all that convenient to be alone, especially with so much work. But I feel good about myself. Sometimes I feel proud that I can overcome many difficulties, thanks to God’s help. And also when I am in a difficult situation, I can develop a different IQ to deal with it. And also, I have extra new talents, for example.

(Hallo, Master!) Hi, hi. I forgot your number. You keep changing. I keep calling the wrong number, I forgot which one. Too many things. Too many numbers, too many things for me to do.

Hey, how are you, guys? (We are fine, Master. We’re good, Master.) (How are You, Master?) Oh, I don’t like… I don’t like my life. Also, I prefer the LA Supreme Master TV system from before, because at that time I didn’t have any instruments to check – not too much, mostly just the scripts. And I didn’t connect with anybody, so I didn’t have a chance to offend any of you. (Oh.) The relationship was better somehow.

No, it’s OK. It’s just too much work with Supreme Master Television, with business, with residents, and non-residents, egos, competition, and whatever. Sometimes I just feel a little bit tired. (Right. Understand.) Upset. But, how are you guys? Handsome guys. (We are good, Master. Thank You, Master.) You changed places again and you feel better now? You’re settled down now? (Yes, Master.) Truly? (Yes, yes.) Then you still stay handsome.

The other day I felt like you guys are so lovely, lovely. Just one time. Like, if I’m around, I could hug each of you guys. That’s what I felt, one day. (Oh. Wow.) Anything special? Some days ago? (No, Master.) Maybe after you changed places or anything? (We are happy to come here.) Ah, OK. Good. That’s all? (Yes, Master.) If you are happy, why did I want to hug you guys? Is there a connection? I just felt like that but I wouldn’t do it.

Even if I’m around, I think I better keep a healthy distance. (Yes, Master.) If I hug you guys, you might want to be hugged again and again, and I don’t have time for all that. (Yes, understand. Yes, Master.) We are in the spirit together – we don’t have to be physical. (Yes, Master. That’s right.)

And when I say you are handsome, I don’t just look at your physical… I forgot how you look like already, it’s been a long time that I haven’t seen you. I mean, because your inside is good, so outside people would think you’re handsome. (Understand, Master. Yes, Master.) I don’t think you’re ugly anyway. Are you? No, you’re not. You are handsome. In my heart you are. Because the more selfless, the more contented you feel inside your heart, the more you want to help the world, help others, in any way you can, the more handsome you become. (Yes, Master.)

It’s abstract, of course, and spiritual. I like that, when you are handsome, because inside you are good, so you radiate this kind of very attractive atmosphere. (Yes, Master. Understand.) So, don’t go for it if any girl comes to you and says, “Oh, I’d like to be with you.” Don’t fall into their trap. They are just attracted to you because you have good energy, this so-called “handsome” energy. (Right, Master. Yes.)

And when I say you’re handsome, don’t have any illusion that I’m in love with you, or something like that. No. (Yes, Master. No, we don’t.) Because if you feel like that, then you become possessive. I don’t know. Men are funny sometimes.

I hope you’re not, but some men are funny. Even if a woman just looks at him, he thinks that she likes him already. I saw so many situations. It’s laughable. (Yes.) I don’t think you can be proud of yourself for feeling that you’re handsome, physically. Do you? (No, Master.) You don’t feel proud of your physical appearance. No? (No, Master. No.) Well, I hope not. It’s good for you not to.

Even if you are physically handsome, but beauty is not skin deep. There was a story before. A man had two wives, a long, long, time ago, in China, when they still allowed that. He had two wives. One was ugly and one was beautiful. But he loved the ugly one more than the beautiful one. (Oh. Right.) Yeah. Because the beautiful one thinks she’s beautiful. Knows that she’s beautiful. But the ugly one is more humble. (Yes, Master. Understand.) More like, less showy, less dominant, less arrogant. (Yes, Master.)

In Âu Lạc (Vietnam) we say, “Cái nết đánh chết cái đẹp.” Meaning, your personality, your behavior, your real nature will beat up the beauty, the outward beauty. You understand that, right? (Yes. Yes, Master.) Meaning, your good personality will beat any beautiful outward appearance. So, that story that I told you now, it just demonstrates it. (Yes.)

Sometimes, people may look beautiful or handsome, but they are not all that lovely. (Understand, Master. Yes, understand.) Not lovable. Not amicable. (Yes, Master.) So, it depends on how you feel like inside. And then that’s how people react towards you outside. If you have less ego, then you are more beautiful, more handsome. That is the trick.

I don’t think you have a lot of ego right now, the way I trim you. You should thank me. (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) Moreover, more recently, we had to work very closely because no one else is around you. And no one around me anyway. That’s the thing. So, I had to really trim you a lot. And I’m sorry if it hurt you in any way. I mean your ego. I’m sorry. (Understand, Master. Thanks, Master.)

But it’s good for you. The way I trim you, even hell would stay away. Hell stays away from you because the devil is scared to be connected, or have a bilateral problem. (Yes.) If they’re near you, they might get a bilateral problem. (Yes, Master.) So, that means hell will spare you. They’re too scared. Maybe you’re not scared because you know I won’t harm you in anyway. I’m just trimming you, trimming your ego. You should thank me. (Yes. Thank You, Master.) Even the devils are scared of that. Anyway, you don’t see any devils around you? Do you? (We can’t see. We can’t see them. No, Master.)

You asked me how I am, and I want to tell you many things. It’s not all that convenient to be alone, especially with so much work. But I feel good about myself. Sometimes I feel proud that I can overcome many difficulties, thanks to God’s help. And also when I am in a difficult situation, I can develop a different IQ to deal with it. And also, I have extra new talents, for example.

(Wow. What’s that, Master? Please tell us.) For example, I don’t have to wash dishes every day. I hate washing dishes. (Oh.) I put them all in one bucket or something, cover it, and then I wash them when it’s full. At one time, like every three days. Because if I live alone, I don’t have a lot of dishes to wash. Why wash every day? What for? (Yes, true.) It saves time. I’m thinking all the time how to save time, how to be more effective, how to be happier in my unfavorable situation and difficulty. (Ah.)

Like, for example, I just use any wood pieces to make a table. (Oh.) Yeah, I can put a couple of buckets underneath a piece of wood, and that becomes a table, when I don’t have any. (Oh, yes.) And of course, it is not high. So, I can use a lower bucket to sit, like a seat. And in some other place, I use like two boxes that are already there, somewhere. (Yes. Wow.) And put some towel on it, or something, (Right.) for softness, and then I can work well. (Wow. Yes, Master.)

Don’t you feel proud of me? (Yes, Master. Well done. Very ingenious. Very creative.) I’m a genius, right? (Yes, Master. Super Master. Yes.) I can invent a table and a seat. (Wonderful.) A chair to sit with the toolbox. (Wow.) A table with a piece of wood and a bucket. Anything you can make if you have a piece of old wood, and you go wash it. And if you don’t have a bucket, you can ask to buy one.

Nowadays, you can have even delivery for anything you need. (Yes, Master.) Just open the door, put the money there, and then, take your thing inside. You can ask in advance how much and then you leave the money outside. And then, they will just put it there for you, or whatever you want. (Yes, Master.) Very simple. You just hide the money under something, so only they will know. They go get it, and you get your things.

And I don’t need to order a table or anything. It’s too much trouble. I don’t know if I can stay somewhere very long anyway, due to some risk or some protection for security. Because I don’t have any bodyguards. (Understand.) So, if you are together, it’s easy. Nobody really bothers you too much. You can buy anything you need. Don’t listen to me and then go buy buckets and look in the garbage area for some discarded pieces of wood. No need. You buy what you need. We have enough money for all that. (Yes, Master.)

I’m not a billionaire as I thought. I thought I was a multi-billionaire. No. But the money is all in the work and taken care of by different people, not taken care of by me. I can have some if I need it. But I need very little.

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